US & Dutch Usenet Providers

US based Newsgroup Services we can recommend:

- Newshosting 5/5 - Newshosting review
- UsenetServer 5/5 - UsenetServer review
- Easynews 5/5 - Easynews review
- Astraweb 4/5 - Astraweb Review
- Newsgroupdirect 4/5 - Newsgroupdirect review
- Newsdemon 4/5 - Newsdemon review
- UsenetNow 3/5 - UsenetNow Review
- BlockNews 3/5
- FastUsenet 3/5
- TheCubeNet 3/5
- Usenet-News 3/5 - Usenet-News Review
- 3/5 - review
- UsenetLink 3/5
- Thundernews 3/5 - Thundernews review

European (Dutch) based Newsgroup Services we can recommend:

- Eweka Usenet 5/5 - Eweka review
- ExtremeUsenet 5/5 - ExtremeUsenet Review
- UsenetBucket 4/5 - UsenetBucket review
- PureUsenet 4/5 - PureUsenet review
- Usenet.Farm 4/5

Usenet Newsgroup special Offer. Latest usenet Deals

Discounts and Coupon Codes and special offers. Latest usenet deals. Usenet special offer ONLY available through NGProvider.
Here is our Usenet Special Offers page

- UsenetServer $10 for every month or Only $95.40 per year (Comes to $7.95 per month !)
- NewsHosting $9.99 for every month as long as your subscription remains active or Only $99.99 per year
- Newsdemon $10 for first month (Unlimited Pro) - $13 for first month, then $18/month (Unlimited Platinum)
- Astraweb $15 every 2 months as long as your subscription remains active or Only $96 per year
- Ngroups $9.99 for every month as long as your subscription remains active
- UsenetNow $10.39 for every month as long as your subscription remains active
- Newsgroupdirect Only $96 per year Use this coupon code: ngd100086

Usenet Suscription

Yearly unlimited package. By choosing an annual subscription, you can save up to 20%

- UsenetServer Only $95.40 per year (Comes to $7.95 per month !) => Best Usenet Unlimited Annual Offers
- NewsHosting Unlimited $99.99
- Astraweb Unlimited $96
- Newsgroupdirect Yearly unlimited package:$96 per year Use this coupon code: ngd100086

6 Month term

- NewsHosting XL Powerpack $99.95

3 Month term: Quarterly

- Ngroups.Net 3 Month Term Unlimited Extra $54.97
- UsenetNow 3 Month $30.49

2 Month term

- Astraweb $15 every 2 months

1 Month

- Newshosting $9.99
- UsenetServer $10
- Easynews $9.95
- Newsdemon $10
- Astraweb $11
- Ngroups $9.99
- UsenetNow $10.39
- Maximumusenet $8

7 days and 3 days: To discover Usenet

- UsenetNow $5.29
- UsenetServer 3 Day High-Speed SSL $5
- UsenetServer 3 Day High-Speed $3

Usenet offers: Only-usenet Access or Usenet Bundles - Usenet Packages

Just unlimited Usenet: Usenet access with SSL connections (High Speed and Privacy of your Usenet traffic), High Retention (over 1200 Days for binaries), Multiple server locations (Usenet Servers in N. America & Europe). No extra features (Newsreaders or extra options sometimes unrelated to Usenet itself: VPN - Online Storage).
Just Usenet Plan !!! Still interesting for those that do not want options

- UsenetServer Unlimited Usenet Access $10
- Easynews Unlimited Usenet Access $9.95
- Astraweb Unlimited Usenet Access $11
- UsenetNow Unlimited Usenet Access $10.39
- Maximumusenet $8

Usenet Bundles: Usenet providers are beginning to add to their accounts some additionnal features like VPN, Newsreader or Storage Online

Usenet Packages: Usenet package is is an all-in-one solution for convenience use of newsgroups. It combines Encrypted Usenet access with easy to use Newsreader

- Newshosting Unlimited Usenet + Newsreader $9.99 Usenet Package
- Newshosting Unlimited Usenet + Newsteader + Free Easynews account with 10 GB of monthly web Usenet access $19.95 Usenet Package
- UsenetServerUnlimited Usenet + Global Search $10 Usenet Package
- EasyNews Unlimited NNTP access + Webinterface + Easyboost + Easynews 3rd Party Mobile Apps $29.94 Usenet Package
- Newsdemon Unlimited Usenet + Online Storage + newsreader $10 Usenet Bundle
- Newsdemon Unlimited Usenet + VPN + Online Storage + newsreader $18 Usenet Bundle
- Ngroups Unlimited Usenet + Online Storage + VPN $9.99 Usenet Bundle
- Newsgroupdirect Unlimited Usenet +Online Storage $96 per year Use this coupon code: ngd100086Usenet Bundle

Others Usenet Server Account Types

List of the best Speedcapped usenet access. Best speedcapped newsgroup access with SSL encryption. Renewal Term: Monthly Term

- Eweka 100 Mbit/s: 7.50 €
- ExtremeUsenet 4 Mbit/s: 4 € // 8 Mbit/s: 5 € // 12 Mbit/s: 6 € // 20 Mbit/s: 6.5 € // 30 Mbit/s: 7 € // 60 Mbit/s: 8 € // 120 Mbit/s: $16.50 + Discount Packages
- UsenetBucket 10 Mbit/s: 2.95 € // 40 Mbit/s: 4.95 € // 400 Mbit/s: 12.95 €
- PureUsenet 4 Mbit/s: 2.29 € // 8 Mbit/s: 3.29 € // 20 Mbit/s: 4.29 € // 30 Mbit/s: 5.29 € // 60 Mbit/s: 6.29 € // Unlimited Mbit/s: 8.29 €
- Astraweb Rate Limit 10 Mbit/s: 10 €

Paid Usenet accounts shareable. It's allowed in many ToS, Eweka, ExtremeUsenet, Usenet-News, XSNews and SSL-News all allow sharing, you just have to share the available connections.

- Eweka 50 Mbit/s: 7.50 €
- ExtremeUsenet 4 Mbit/s: 4 € // 8 Mbit/s: 5 € // 12 Mbit/s: 6 € // 20 Mbit/s: 6.5 € // 30 Mbit/s: 7 € // 60 Mbit/s: 8 € // 120 Mbit/s: $16.50

List of the best non-expiring block accounts. Here are a few Usenet services that offer non-expiring Usenet block accounts (with SSL Encryption)

- Blocknews 3,072 GB => $239.99 - Expiration: None - 0.089 USD/GB
- NewsgroupDirect 2000 GB => $200 - Expiration: None - 0.10 USD/GB
- Blocknews 1024 GB => $91.39 - Expiration: None - 0.089 USD/GB
- Newsdemon 500 GB => $49 - Expiration: None - 0.098 USD/GB
- Newsdemon 200 GB => $21 - Expiration: None - 0.105 USD/GB
- Usenet-News 100 GB => $15 - Expiration: None - 0.15 USD/GB
- Usenet-News 50 GB => $12 - Expiration: None - 0.24 USD/GB
- Newsdemon 25 GB => $7 - Expiration: None - 0.25 USD/GB

List of the best limited (metered) usenet access. Best metered newsgroup access with SSL encryption (except Newsdemon). Renewal Term: Monthly Term

- Newsdemon 50 GB => $3.75 // 100 GB => $4.50 // 200 GB => $7 (No SSL)
- Newshosting 50 GB => $10
- Newsgroupdirect 20 GB => $8 // 40 GB => $12 // 60 GB => $15
- Ngroups.Net 10 GB => $5.99

Web-Based Binary Usenet Client (Web-Based NZB Downloader) offer a web interface to download files from the Usenet. Just grab an NZB index file and start downloading the content you like. Download any files from the Usenet without the need to configure a separate newsreader client.

- NzbLord $14.95/month - Unlimited Download (No SSL) - Speed: 10 Mb/s

Usenet provider free Trials

Complete listing of all available Usenet trial accounts. Sign up for a free trial and don't forget to read the terms and conditions on website.

- Eweka 7 days of free service
- PureUsenet 7 days of free service (Trial is a special package for customers from The Netherlands)
- Newshosting 14 days of free service (up to 30 GB total transfer)
- UsenetServer 14 days of free service (up to 10 GB total transfer)
- Newsdemon 15GB over 7 days
- Newsgroupdirect 15GB over 7 days
- Easynews 14 days of free service (up to 10 GB total transfer)
- Ngroups.Net 3 continuous days of access with 5GB of usage

Usenet Service provider : reviews by retention

Retention means the time the Usenet server keeps articles around before expiring them.

- Giganews days
- UsenetServer days
- Newshosting days
- Eweka 2120 days
- Easynews 2120 days
- Newsdemon 2120 days
- Astraweb 2120 days
- Thundernews 2120 days
- Newsgroupdirect 2120 days
- UsenetNow 2000 days
- BlockNews 2000 days
- 1500 days
- Usenet-News 1500 days
- UsenetBucket 1100 days
- PureUsenet 1100 days
- ExtremeUsenet 900 days

Usenet Providers : List of Newsgroup Server Company

This is a list of Usenet providers, in alphabetical order.
* = NGProvider Recommends - Top Usenet Servers

- 123Usenet
- 4UX
- Aeton
- Airnews
- Alibis
- AltBinaries
- Altopia
- AnarQy
- Agent Usenet Service
- Astinews
- Astraweb *
- Atlantis News
- BinaryBoy Usenet
- BinTube
- BlockNews *
- BudgetNews
- Cheapnews.Eu
- Disputo
- Dreamload
- Easynews *
- EasyUsenet
- ENSnews
- Eurofeeds
- Eweka *
- ExtremeUsenet *
- FastUsenet
- FirstLoad
- FlashNewsgroups
- FrugalUsenet
- Gebruikhet
- Giganews
- Hitnews
- Itchycats
- Illiminews
- Iload
- Ixinews
- Just4today
- MaximumUsenet
- Megabitz
- MijnUsenet
- Netfeeds
- Newscene
- Newsconnection
- NewsDemon *
- Newsgrabber
- NewsgroupDirect *
- Newsgroups-Binaries
- Newsgroups-Download
- NewsFusion
- Newsguy
- Newshosting *
- NewsLeecher
- NewsRazor
- NewsSurfer
- Newsville
- NewsXS
- Ngroups.Net *
- NNTPjunkie
- PayLessUsenet
- PowerNews
- PowerUsenet
- Prepaid-Usenet
- PureUsenet *
- RedOrbNews
- RhinoNewsGroups
- SecretUsenet
- Shemes
- Simonews
- SimplyUsenet
- SLL-News
- SMS-Usenet
- Sonic News
- SunnyUsenet
- Supernews
- Surfino
- Teranews
- Tigerusenet
- TheCubenet
- TheNewsgroups
- ThunderNews *
- TigerUsenet
- TitanNews
- TweakNews
- Uncensored Newsfeed
- United-Newsserver
- Usebits
- Usenet4U
- Usenet.NL
- Usenet.Net
- Usenet.Pro
- Usenet-Access
- Usenetbucket
- UsenetBinaries
- UsenetCentral
- Usenet-News *
- UsenetNewsServer
- UseNetNow *
- UsenetRocket
- UsenetServer *
- UsenetToGo
- UsenetXL
- Voordeligusenet
- Wondernews
- Xennews
- XLned
- XLUsenet
- XS-News
- XSUsenet
- YabNews
- YottaNews
- Z51

Finding Content in Usenet

Searching for content on Usenet is easy. You can find hundreds of terabytes of content on Usenet. How To Find Content In Usenet?

- Usenet Indexing Sites
- Finding Newsgroups and Browsing Bookmarks with NewsHosting
- Newshosting Client Automatic Search

Usenet search engine - Usenet indexing website - Nzb Sites -

NZB is an XML-based file format for retrieving posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers. NZB is effective when used with search-capable websites. These websites create NZB files out of what is needed to be downloaded.

- Binsearch Binary usenet indexer
- Binary usenet indexer
- NzbClub Binary usenet indexer
- NzbGrabit Forum based NZB site
- The Hive Forum based NZB site
- Town.Ag Forum based NZB site
- OzNZB NewzNab based NZB indexing site
- HomeOfNZB NewzNab based NZB indexing site
- AutoNZB NewzNab based NZB indexing site

Binary Newsreaders

List of Newsreaders available. Designed specifically for easy and efficient downloading of multi-part binary post attachments. Most support NZBs, and SSL
Complete list of Newsreaders

- NH Usenet Browser Newsreader for Newshosting Members => Newshosting Newsreader review
- SABnzbd Free => Usenet related tutorials
- Newsleecher Client license $2.99 a month Newsleecher Usenet tutorials
- Grabit Free => Usenet related tutorials
- Altbinz Free
- Newsbin Pro US$ 35/one time fee
- Newsrover US$ 29.95/yr
- NZBVortex Full version $20 -
- Ultraleecher US$ 19.95/one time fee
- Binbot US$ 29.95/one time fee
- Newsreactor US$ 15/one time fee

Usenet - newsgroups Tools

Utilities for Newsgroups and access to Uncensored Newsgroups: Find, Download, Post, Repair and extract your downloads binaries and burn them.
Complete list of Usenet tools

- JBinUP JBinUp is a free and easy to use, simple client for uploading binary files to the Usenet network => Upload Binary Files to Usenet with JBinUp
- Camel System PowerPost Camel PowerPost System is an application that you can easily posts in binary newsgroups => Upload Binary Files to Usenet with Camel Powerpost
- NZB Completion Checker NZB Completion Checker lets you check if a file is completely available on a usenet/newsgroup server(s)
- Quickpar Verify and repair or create PAR2 files
- Multipar A new QuickPar alternative
- Macpar MacPAR OS X is a utility for PAR archives
- Parchive A tool that helps data recovery of multi-part archives on Usenet
- Hj-Split It splits files of any types and sizes
- XtremSplit Xtremsplit serves for cutting big files in small fragments of size defined by the user
- AJoiner AJoiner is a small, lightweight application for joining split files
- Split&Concat Utility to split or recombine large files
- Winrar Decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Usenet
- 7-Zip Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives
- UnRarX UnRarX is a Mac OS X Cocoa application that allows you to expand rar archives and restore corrupted or missing archives using par2
- VlC Free cross-platform media player
- Freemake Video Converter Free Video Converter
- Codec Pack DirectShow filter pack
- NERO Kwik Burn Powerful CD and DVD Burning Package
- CDBurnerXP Free CD, DVD, ISO, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray burning software
- AVIRA Free antivirus
- CCleaner Freeware system optimisation and privacy tool that erases Internet history and other unused files, and cleans up orphaned registry entries

USENET Related Review Sites and Forums

Below is a mixed list of independent and informational sites that offers reviews and a community focused on USENET and newsgroups.

- Newsdemon Blog:
USENET news and information
- Discussion about the binary newsgroups:
Slyck Usenet Newsgroup Forum
- Dslreports Forum: Dedicated forum on FileSharing Software and Usenet
- Nieuwsgroep: Pagina's dedicated to Usenet
- Usenet Link Pagina's dedicated to Usenet
- Reddit Usenet Discussion
- FileSharingTalk Forum: Usenet provider forum

Usenet Resource List

Below is a list of Usenet related sites we find useful

- NewsDemon Ultimate Dashboard: A lot of excellent educational material on Usenet
- Wikipedia Usenet page: Usenet newsgroup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
- Dmoz: Usenet information at the Open Directory Project

Usenet History

History of usenet. how the USENET began and the people that helped create the foundation of what USENET is today

- Read about the history of usenet newsgroups at
- Giganews' Usenet History

Video Usenet Tutorial Series

Tutorial for Using Usenet to Anonymously Get Any FileYou Want

- NewsHosting Videos
- Giganews Usenet University
- Slyck Video Guide

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- Bintube on Twitter
- Cheapnews on Twitter
- Easynews on Twitter
- FastUsenet on Twitter
- Giganews on Twitter
- HitNews on Twitter
- Newsdemon on Twitter
- Newsgroupdirect on Twitter
- NewsHosting on Twitter
- SunnyUsenet on Twitter
- Supernews on Twitter
- TheCubeNet on Twitter
- Thundernews on Twitter
- UsenetBucket on Twitter
- UsenetNow on Twitter
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- Xennews on Twitter
- XsUsenet on Twitter

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Bitcoin Usenet payments

Usenet is easily one of the best networks in the world, one of the most reliable and one of the most secure networks. It can be said to have 3 functions:

  • First social network in the world with its thousands of Newsgroups where any and every subject is discussed without censorship. Along with the IRC, Usenet is the last, truly free space.

  • Download space for binary files, with maximum usage of bandwidth

  • Free storage space, 100% reliable. Consider Usenet’s vast capacity and sign up for uBackup.

Despite its roots and its vintage (it dates from 1979) Usenet has not been left behind when it comes to technological advances. That is why USPs (Usenet Service Providers) adopted SSL to make Usenet access safer for its clients. This technical improvement corresponds to a new desire by users to secure their data and keep all exchanges anonymous.

Bitcoin has the same advantages as an ultra-secure payment method that is both simple and confidential, keeping the identity of its users a secret. So several USPs now allow Bitcoin as payment for a Usenet account.

What is Bitcoin ? => Getting Started with Bitcoin

Which Usenet Providers accept it? => Usenet provider that takes bitcoin

A clear example of paying with Bitcoin at UsenetBucket, the best USP that accepts Bitcoin => Reliable Usenet service for bitcoin

Getting Started with Bitcoin

Bitcoin or BTC is a remarkable new development, an amazing, virtual currency created and defined in 2008 by someone who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Before him, no one had imagined such a stable system.

It is a controversial subject, inciting as many supporters as it does detractors.

How does it work ?

  • The Bitcoin currency is based on a peer to peer network (P2P) and free programmes.

  • One Bitcoin can be divided into fractions up to 1/100 000 000.

  • The number of Bitcoins is fixed and so will never exceed 21 million.

  • The currency is not dependent on any bank or centralised authority; it offers total transparency.

  • Everything is in the public eye : the basic protocols, the encryption algorithms used, the programmes that mine them and the data for all accounts. At any moment, anyone can find out how many Bitcoins are in each existing account and participate in the verification of new transactions. All Bitcoin transfers are public and yet the system allows the users total personal anonymity in a way that no other system could.

  • Owning Bitcoins means knowing a series of numbers and letters that make up an account. Of course it is possible to have multiple accounts. Each account has a public key (Bitcoin address) that can be shared (here is an example address: 2FxugJQMJTWpW9QbxGT6oF43ZH159ns8Cz) and a private key (wallet ID) that must remain secret, allowing the user to prove he owns his Bitcoins.

What are the advantages of these Bitcoins ?

  • Bitcoin transactions are fast, perfectly secure and irreversible. The absence of any central authority and the anonymous nature of Bitcoin accounts means of course that you have to be careful: the exchange is fast and free, but once done it is almost impossible to contest an account that received your Bitcoins.

  • No transaction or user fees, or if they do exist they are minimal.

  • Anonymity is key. Bitcoin users are guaranteed anonymity since the identity of buyers or sellers is not needed for any transaction, and account holders never need to declare themselves. However it doesn’t provide total anonymity, since it is a complex affair and absolute anonymity is impossible. For example, you can follow the path of the Bitcoins themselves from one account to another as Transactions in the account history, the Blockchain. You can also find out the balance of any account on And if you want to exchange Bitcoins for Euros or another currency, then you do lose some of that anonymity. Bitcoins are 100% anonymous ?

How do you manage your account ?

  • You can manage your account with an programme called a “wallet.” The official one is Bitcoin-Qt, though there are others like Multibit or Armory

  • You can also use a trustworthy website for your accounts: we like Coinbase and BlockChain.Info

How do you get Bitcoins ?

To get Bitcoins in an account:

  • A Bitcoin owner needs to send them to you, in exchange for goods or services.

  • Or you can use an exchange platform that converts traditional currency into Bitcoins, like BTC-e - - -

  • Or lastly : you can earn them by participating in various collective operations for verifying the currency. The account file (technical name Blockchain) is completed progressively as new transaction pages (blocks) are added, about every 10 minutes. Each page added is confirmed by those that participate in the organisation and decentralised surveillance of the accounts. A random selection (impossible to predict) every 10 minutes chooses which participants add the new page to the account file, for a reward of 25 Bitcoins, created from scratch. Your chances of being randomly selected are proportionate to your calculation power. So the more resources you are willing to dedicate to calculation, the more likely you are to receive Bitcoins. The work done by your computer is called “mining” since it is analogous to real-world mining for gold.
    These days, participating in the random selection (and therefore in general verification of accounts) is very tempting since 25 Bitcoins is valued at a large amount in dollars. Bitcoin miners have perfected their tools along the way in order to increase the chances of a pay-off. At first, miners programmed their graphics cards to do the mining calculations as fast as possible. Then hardware developers (ButterflyLabs) started making cards and specialist machines just for mining Bitcoins. But the number of miners multiplied (which strengthens the system of general verification) and so did the power necessary for mining increased. Today with only one computer to mine Bitcoins it is very unlikely to achieve any reward. Which leads to the current situation of “mining pools.” A group of miners decide to share any profits in direct proportion to the mining power they contribute to the pool. So they offer a more substantial chance of regular earnings since the pool (if powerful) will quite often receive the 25 Bitcoins, which are then shared amongst its members. Comparison of mining pools

    => This is the only way of creating Bitcoins and all existing Bitcoins have come from this method.

Alternate cryptocurrencies

The success of Bitcoins has inspired all kinds of crypto-currencies, like Nakamoto and dozens of others: recently Litecoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin and WorldCoin appeared, following the same model. There are a lot of them. Discussion forums include CryptoCoinTalk - Bitcoin alternatives and CryptoCurrency

Usenet provider that takes bitcoin

UsenetBucket, PureUsenet, XLNed, TheCubenet, BitUsenet, iUseThe, HitNews, XSUsenet, SunnyUsenet, Chundle, BudGetNews, Xennews

Faire , dire que certains sont meilleurs en anonymous. dire que c'est bon un USP qui offre plusieurs dont dash

  1. A large number of USPs now propose Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies

  2. The price proposed on payment will only be valid for a short period due to the wide fluctuations in BTC.

  3. Some USPs use payment platfoms like Bitpay

  4. Make sure that you check the terms and conditions if you want to post from an account paid by Bitcoin since a lot of them do not allow posts from a Bitcoin account.
USP Backbone Provider Price – changes according to the current rate of BTC Binary Retention Other accepted crypto-currencies Our advice


Corporate offices are based in Holland 

Back-end Usenet Provider: XSNews

Flatrate Usenet accounts:
10 Mbps 2.95 €/Mo
40 Mbps 4.95 €/Mo
400 Mbps 12.95 €/Mo
1100 + days retention
TOP Usenet Service Accepting Bitcoins

UsenetBucket is already in our TOP 3 Best Servers for European Newsgroups. Especially as they also accept Bitcoin, we have a high opinion of them!

But UsenetBucket has one major difference from ExtremeUsenet, Eweka and in that it now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.

As virtual money, Bitcoin is very appropriate for the spirit of the Usenet network which is also decentralised (with no central authority), also secured by SSL and lets the user remain anonymous!


Corporate offices are based in Curaçao

Back-end Usenet Provider: EuroAccess Flatrate Usenet accounts:
4 Mbps 2.29 €
8 Mbps 3.29 €
20 Mbps 4.29 €
30 Mbps 5.29 €
60 Mbps 6.29 €
Unlimited Mbps 8.29 €
1100 + days retention

They have their own servers with 30 days retention, and then they fill from XS News, and if not found there they fill from Highwinds.

Their own servers have 30 days retention. Anything not found there is looked for on XE News, which has 877+ days retention. If still not found, it looks it up at Highwinds, which is over 2000 days (tried to look it up but only found their resellers, who seem to set their own limits).

Because they're in the Netherlands, DMCA doesn't apply. They have NOTD ("Notice Of Take Down"), which is the equivalent, but it's not automated - someone actually looks at the request and decides whether it's valid, then complies manually, and that process takes several days. So if the file you're looking for has been DMCA'd, it will be taken down from US servers, but not for several days later (if at all - it would have to be noticed and requested via a separate request) from Dutch servers. So with these guys you have a much better chance of completion before it even looks at Highwinds. It will likley only fall over to Highwinds (or even XE News for that matter) for old, obscure files that nobody has any interest in taking down.

But if you automate with SABnzbd etc. you'll usually grab your files before takedown is even an issue. operates by filling posts they don't have from xsnews 

And don't forget: if any of your providers have both US and EU servers, set your SABnzbd/etc. to use both, and split your connections between them.



Corporate offices are based in Curaçao

Back-end Usenet Provider: EuroAccess Flatrate Usenet accounts:
2,5 Mbps 2.99 €
5 Mbps 4.99 €
10 Mbps 5.99 €
20 Mbps 6.99 €
120 Mbps 9.99 €
900 + days retention  


Corporate offices are based in USA

Back-end Usenet Provider: UNS Holdings

Unlimited Usenet accounts:
Unlimited 10 $11.99/Mo
Unlimited 30 $12.99/Mo
Unlimited 50 $9.99/Mo

Flatrate Usenet accounts:
12 Mbps

Metered Usenet accounts :
Metered 30 $4.99/Mo
Metered 60 $5.99/Mo
Metered 125 $7.99/Mo
Metered 250 $9.99/Mo

Block Usenet Accounts (One time fee):
5 GB $2.99
25 GB $6.99
50 GB $10.99
75 GB $12.99
100 GB $14.99
200 GB $19.99
500 GB $39.99
750 GB $59.99

2000 + days retention




TheCubenet is the only service to offer four types of packages: Unlimited- Flatrate - metered - Block.

As well as BTC, TheCubenet accepts LiteCoin - FeatherCoin and WorldCoin


Corporate offices are based in ?

Back-end Usenet Provider: Readnews Unlimited Usenet account:
Unlimited Mbps 0.012 BTC
1200 + days retention

One rate, one payment method !

Very simple, no user identification necessary!


Corporate offices are based in Holland 

Back-end Usenet Provider: XSNews

Flatrate Usenet accounts:
5 Mbps 0.018 BTC 
20 Mbps 0.026 BTC 
50 Mbps 0.036 BTC 
100 Mbps 0.044 BTC

Block Usenet account (One time fee):
20 GB 0.011 BTC 
50 GB 0.015 BTC 
100 GB 0.026 BTC 
250 GB 0.058 BTC 
500 GB 0.109 BTC 
1 TB 0.182 BTC

1000 + days retention

Same principle as for BitUsenet except that:

  • It isn’t the same reseller.
  • Block accounts offered.



Corporate offices are based in USA

Back-end Usenet Provider: UNS Holdings

Flatrate Usenet accounts:
2.5 Mbps 2.95 €/Mo
5 Mbps 4.95 €/Mo
10 Mbps 5.95 €/Mo
25 Mbps 6.95 €/Mo
50 Mbps 7.50 €/Mo
80 Mbps 7.95 €/Mo
120 Mbps 9.95 €/Mo

Nighttime Packages *
Unlimited Mbps 4.75 €/Mo
Unlimited Mbps 52.50 €/Year

* You can download at full speed during: Monday through Friday from 12AM - 4PM CET and Saturday and sunday from 12AM - 10AM CET - Outside these hours you can download at 1 mbit

850 + days retention  


Corporate offices are based in Holland 

Back-end Usenet Provider: Cambrium


Flatrate Usenet accounts:
3 Mbps 3.19 €
10 Mbps 5.19 €
100 Mbps 8.99 €
120 Mbps 9.99 €

1100 + days retention  


Corporate offices are based in Curaçao

Back-end Usenet Provider: EuroAccess Flatrate Usenet accounts:
5 Mbps 1.79 €
10 Mbps 2.79 €
20 Mbps 3.79 €
30 Mbps 4.79 €
60 Mbps 5.79 €
90 Mbps 6.79 €
Unlimited Mbps 7.79 €
900 + days retention  


Corporate offices are based in Panama

Back-end Usenet Provider: Readnews Unlimited Usenet account:
Unlimited Mbps 0.01 BTC
800 + days retention Chundle Downloader (Newsreader) comes with the package


Corporate offices are based in USA

Back-end Usenet Provider: UNS Holdings Unlimited Usenet account:
Unlimited Mbps 5 €/Mo
Unlimited Mbps 25 €/Year
40 + days retention  


Corporate offices are based in USA

Back-end Usenet Provider:UNS Holdings

Unlimited Usenet account:
Unlimited Mbps $9.99

Block Usenet account (One time fee):
5 GB $4.19
10 GB $6.99
25 GB $13.99
100 GB $27.99 
500 GB $104.99
1000 GB $174.99
5000 GB $699.99

1385 + days retention  

UsenetBucket: Reliable Usenet service for bitcoin

Creating a Bitcoin account is very simple. In our example we set one up on Coinbase, a digital wallet. All you need is an email address and password.

Then create your Bitcoin address: Account Settings => Bitcoin Addresses => Create New Address

You can even avoid giving an email address to a Bitcoin wallet: see BlockChain.Info

We do advise an email address though because you will receive:

  • The private key = your wallet username
  • The public key = the Bitcoin address you will use to send and receive money.
  • Saving your wallet: wallet.aes.json

The differences between Coinbase and BlockChain.Info are minimal. We prefer to use BlockChain (our favourite identification process, by wallet ID) but Coinbase seems to be simpler for buying and selling Bitcoin.

Nothing simpler than buying a Usenet package on UsenetBucket

Choose the package you want and follow these steps.

The payment platform is supported by BitPay – payment must be made in 15 minutes.

Just add the information for your wallet (here it is BlockChain)

Once the payment has been made,

you will receive two emails:

  • Account details - Control Panel

  • UsenetBucket Platform Details:
Reader / Hostname:
Connections: 25
Ports: 80, 119, (SSL: 563, 443)