US & Dutch Usenet Providers

US based Newsgroup Services we can recommend:

- Newshosting 5/5 - Newshosting review
- UsenetServer 5/5 - UsenetServer review
- Easynews 5/5 - Easynews review
- Astraweb 4/5 - Astraweb Review
- Newsgroupdirect 4/5 - Newsgroupdirect review
- Newsdemon 4/5 - Newsdemon review
- UsenetNow 3/5 - UsenetNow Review
- BlockNews 3/5
- FastUsenet 3/5
- TheCubeNet 3/5
- Usenet-News 3/5 - Usenet-News Review
- 3/5 - review
- UsenetLink 3/5
- Thundernews 3/5 - Thundernews review

European (Dutch) based Newsgroup Services we can recommend:

- Eweka Usenet 5/5 - Eweka review
- ExtremeUsenet 5/5 - ExtremeUsenet Review
- UsenetBucket 4/5 - UsenetBucket review
- PureUsenet 4/5 - PureUsenet review
- Usenet.Farm 4/5

Usenet Newsgroup special Offer. Latest usenet Deals

Discounts and Coupon Codes and special offers. Latest usenet deals. Usenet special offer ONLY available through NGProvider.
Here is our Usenet Special Offers page

- UsenetServer $10 for every month or Only $95.40 per year (Comes to $7.95 per month !)
- NewsHosting $9.99 for every month as long as your subscription remains active or Only $99.99 per year
- Newsdemon $10 for first month (Unlimited Pro) - $13 for first month, then $18/month (Unlimited Platinum)
- Astraweb $15 every 2 months as long as your subscription remains active or Only $96 per year
- Ngroups $9.99 for every month as long as your subscription remains active
- UsenetNow $10.39 for every month as long as your subscription remains active
- Newsgroupdirect Only $96 per year Use this coupon code: ngd100086

Usenet Suscription

Yearly unlimited package. By choosing an annual subscription, you can save up to 20%

- UsenetServer Only $95.40 per year (Comes to $7.95 per month !) => Best Usenet Unlimited Annual Offers
- NewsHosting Unlimited $99.99
- Astraweb Unlimited $96
- Newsgroupdirect Yearly unlimited package:$96 per year Use this coupon code: ngd100086

6 Month term

- NewsHosting XL Powerpack $99.95

3 Month term: Quarterly

- Ngroups.Net 3 Month Term Unlimited Extra $54.97
- UsenetNow 3 Month $30.49

2 Month term

- Astraweb $15 every 2 months

1 Month

- Newshosting $9.99
- UsenetServer $10
- Easynews $9.95
- Newsdemon $10
- Astraweb $11
- Ngroups $9.99
- UsenetNow $10.39
- Maximumusenet $8

7 days and 3 days: To discover Usenet

- UsenetNow $5.29
- UsenetServer 3 Day High-Speed SSL $5
- UsenetServer 3 Day High-Speed $3

Usenet offers: Only-usenet Access or Usenet Bundles - Usenet Packages

Just unlimited Usenet: Usenet access with SSL connections (High Speed and Privacy of your Usenet traffic), High Retention (over 1200 Days for binaries), Multiple server locations (Usenet Servers in N. America & Europe). No extra features (Newsreaders or extra options sometimes unrelated to Usenet itself: VPN - Online Storage).
Just Usenet Plan !!! Still interesting for those that do not want options

- UsenetServer Unlimited Usenet Access $10
- Easynews Unlimited Usenet Access $9.95
- Astraweb Unlimited Usenet Access $11
- UsenetNow Unlimited Usenet Access $10.39
- Maximumusenet $8

Usenet Bundles: Usenet providers are beginning to add to their accounts some additionnal features like VPN, Newsreader or Storage Online

Usenet Packages: Usenet package is is an all-in-one solution for convenience use of newsgroups. It combines Encrypted Usenet access with easy to use Newsreader

- Newshosting Unlimited Usenet + Newsreader $9.99 Usenet Package
- Newshosting Unlimited Usenet + Newsteader + Free Easynews account with 10 GB of monthly web Usenet access $19.95 Usenet Package
- UsenetServerUnlimited Usenet + Global Search $10 Usenet Package
- EasyNews Unlimited NNTP access + Webinterface + Easyboost + Easynews 3rd Party Mobile Apps $29.94 Usenet Package
- Newsdemon Unlimited Usenet + Online Storage + newsreader $10 Usenet Bundle
- Newsdemon Unlimited Usenet + VPN + Online Storage + newsreader $18 Usenet Bundle
- Ngroups Unlimited Usenet + Online Storage + VPN $9.99 Usenet Bundle
- Newsgroupdirect Unlimited Usenet +Online Storage $96 per year Use this coupon code: ngd100086Usenet Bundle

Others Usenet Server Account Types

List of the best Speedcapped usenet access. Best speedcapped newsgroup access with SSL encryption. Renewal Term: Monthly Term

- Eweka 100 Mbit/s: 7.50 €
- ExtremeUsenet 4 Mbit/s: 4 € // 8 Mbit/s: 5 € // 12 Mbit/s: 6 € // 20 Mbit/s: 6.5 € // 30 Mbit/s: 7 € // 60 Mbit/s: 8 € // 120 Mbit/s: $16.50 + Discount Packages
- UsenetBucket 10 Mbit/s: 2.95 € // 40 Mbit/s: 4.95 € // 400 Mbit/s: 12.95 €
- PureUsenet 4 Mbit/s: 2.29 € // 8 Mbit/s: 3.29 € // 20 Mbit/s: 4.29 € // 30 Mbit/s: 5.29 € // 60 Mbit/s: 6.29 € // Unlimited Mbit/s: 8.29 €
- Astraweb Rate Limit 10 Mbit/s: 10 €

Paid Usenet accounts shareable. It's allowed in many ToS, Eweka, ExtremeUsenet, Usenet-News, XSNews and SSL-News all allow sharing, you just have to share the available connections.

- Eweka 50 Mbit/s: 7.50 €
- ExtremeUsenet 4 Mbit/s: 4 € // 8 Mbit/s: 5 € // 12 Mbit/s: 6 € // 20 Mbit/s: 6.5 € // 30 Mbit/s: 7 € // 60 Mbit/s: 8 € // 120 Mbit/s: $16.50

List of the best non-expiring block accounts. Here are a few Usenet services that offer non-expiring Usenet block accounts (with SSL Encryption)

- Blocknews 3,072 GB => $239.99 - Expiration: None - 0.089 USD/GB
- NewsgroupDirect 2000 GB => $200 - Expiration: None - 0.10 USD/GB
- Blocknews 1024 GB => $91.39 - Expiration: None - 0.089 USD/GB
- Newsdemon 500 GB => $49 - Expiration: None - 0.098 USD/GB
- Newsdemon 200 GB => $21 - Expiration: None - 0.105 USD/GB
- Usenet-News 100 GB => $15 - Expiration: None - 0.15 USD/GB
- Usenet-News 50 GB => $12 - Expiration: None - 0.24 USD/GB
- Newsdemon 25 GB => $7 - Expiration: None - 0.25 USD/GB

List of the best limited (metered) usenet access. Best metered newsgroup access with SSL encryption (except Newsdemon). Renewal Term: Monthly Term

- Newsdemon 50 GB => $3.75 // 100 GB => $4.50 // 200 GB => $7 (No SSL)
- Newshosting 50 GB => $10
- Newsgroupdirect 20 GB => $8 // 40 GB => $12 // 60 GB => $15
- Ngroups.Net 10 GB => $5.99

Web-Based Binary Usenet Client (Web-Based NZB Downloader) offer a web interface to download files from the Usenet. Just grab an NZB index file and start downloading the content you like. Download any files from the Usenet without the need to configure a separate newsreader client.

- NzbLord $14.95/month - Unlimited Download (No SSL) - Speed: 10 Mb/s

Usenet provider free Trials

Complete listing of all available Usenet trial accounts. Sign up for a free trial and don't forget to read the terms and conditions on website.

- Eweka 7 days of free service
- PureUsenet 7 days of free service (Trial is a special package for customers from The Netherlands)
- Newshosting 14 days of free service (up to 30 GB total transfer)
- UsenetServer 14 days of free service (up to 10 GB total transfer)
- Newsdemon 15GB over 7 days
- Newsgroupdirect 15GB over 7 days
- Easynews 14 days of free service (up to 10 GB total transfer)
- Ngroups.Net 3 continuous days of access with 5GB of usage

Usenet Service provider : reviews by retention

Retention means the time the Usenet server keeps articles around before expiring them.

- Giganews days
- UsenetServer days
- Newshosting days
- Eweka 2120 days
- Easynews 2120 days
- Newsdemon 2120 days
- Astraweb 2120 days
- Thundernews 2120 days
- Newsgroupdirect 2120 days
- UsenetNow 2000 days
- BlockNews 2000 days
- 1500 days
- Usenet-News 1500 days
- UsenetBucket 1100 days
- PureUsenet 1100 days
- ExtremeUsenet 900 days

Usenet Providers : List of Newsgroup Server Company

This is a list of Usenet providers, in alphabetical order.
* = NGProvider Recommends - Top Usenet Servers

- 123Usenet
- 4UX
- Aeton
- Airnews
- Alibis
- AltBinaries
- Altopia
- AnarQy
- Agent Usenet Service
- Astinews
- Astraweb *
- Atlantis News
- BinaryBoy Usenet
- BinTube
- BlockNews *
- BudgetNews
- Cheapnews.Eu
- Disputo
- Dreamload
- Easynews *
- EasyUsenet
- ENSnews
- Eurofeeds
- Eweka *
- ExtremeUsenet *
- FastUsenet
- FirstLoad
- FlashNewsgroups
- FrugalUsenet
- Gebruikhet
- Giganews
- Hitnews
- Itchycats
- Illiminews
- Iload
- Ixinews
- Just4today
- MaximumUsenet
- Megabitz
- MijnUsenet
- Netfeeds
- Newscene
- Newsconnection
- NewsDemon *
- Newsgrabber
- NewsgroupDirect *
- Newsgroups-Binaries
- Newsgroups-Download
- NewsFusion
- Newsguy
- Newshosting *
- NewsLeecher
- NewsRazor
- NewsSurfer
- Newsville
- NewsXS
- Ngroups.Net *
- NNTPjunkie
- PayLessUsenet
- PowerNews
- PowerUsenet
- Prepaid-Usenet
- PureUsenet *
- RedOrbNews
- RhinoNewsGroups
- SecretUsenet
- Shemes
- Simonews
- SimplyUsenet
- SLL-News
- SMS-Usenet
- Sonic News
- SunnyUsenet
- Supernews
- Surfino
- Teranews
- Tigerusenet
- TheCubenet
- TheNewsgroups
- ThunderNews *
- TigerUsenet
- TitanNews
- TweakNews
- Uncensored Newsfeed
- United-Newsserver
- Usebits
- Usenet4U
- Usenet.NL
- Usenet.Net
- Usenet.Pro
- Usenet-Access
- Usenetbucket
- UsenetBinaries
- UsenetCentral
- Usenet-News *
- UsenetNewsServer
- UseNetNow *
- UsenetRocket
- UsenetServer *
- UsenetToGo
- UsenetXL
- Voordeligusenet
- Wondernews
- Xennews
- XLned
- XLUsenet
- XS-News
- XSUsenet
- YabNews
- YottaNews
- Z51

Finding Content in Usenet

Searching for content on Usenet is easy. You can find hundreds of terabytes of content on Usenet. How To Find Content In Usenet?

- Usenet Indexing Sites
- Finding Newsgroups and Browsing Bookmarks with NewsHosting
- Newshosting Client Automatic Search

Usenet search engine - Usenet indexing website - Nzb Sites -

NZB is an XML-based file format for retrieving posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers. NZB is effective when used with search-capable websites. These websites create NZB files out of what is needed to be downloaded.

- Binsearch Binary usenet indexer
- Binary usenet indexer
- NzbClub Binary usenet indexer
- NzbGrabit Forum based NZB site
- The Hive Forum based NZB site
- Town.Ag Forum based NZB site
- OzNZB NewzNab based NZB indexing site
- HomeOfNZB NewzNab based NZB indexing site
- AutoNZB NewzNab based NZB indexing site

Binary Newsreaders

List of Newsreaders available. Designed specifically for easy and efficient downloading of multi-part binary post attachments. Most support NZBs, and SSL
Complete list of Newsreaders

- NH Usenet Browser Newsreader for Newshosting Members => Newshosting Newsreader review
- SABnzbd Free => Usenet related tutorials
- Newsleecher Client license – $2.99 a month Newsleecher Usenet tutorials
- Grabit Free => Usenet related tutorials
- Altbinz Free
- Newsbin Pro US$ 35/one time fee
- Newsrover US$ 29.95/yr
- NZBVortex Full version $20 -
- Ultraleecher US$ 19.95/one time fee
- Binbot US$ 29.95/one time fee
- Newsreactor US$ 15/one time fee

Usenet - newsgroups Tools

Utilities for Newsgroups and access to Uncensored Newsgroups: Find, Download, Post, Repair and extract your downloads binaries and burn them.
Complete list of Usenet tools

- JBinUP JBinUp is a free and easy to use, simple client for uploading binary files to the Usenet network => Upload Binary Files to Usenet with JBinUp
- Camel System PowerPost Camel PowerPost System is an application that you can easily posts in binary newsgroups => Upload Binary Files to Usenet with Camel Powerpost
- NZB Completion Checker NZB Completion Checker lets you check if a file is completely available on a usenet/newsgroup server(s)
- Quickpar Verify and repair or create PAR2 files
- Multipar A new QuickPar alternative
- Macpar MacPAR OS X is a utility for PAR archives
- Parchive A tool that helps data recovery of multi-part archives on Usenet
- Hj-Split It splits files of any types and sizes
- XtremSplit Xtremsplit serves for cutting big files in small fragments of size defined by the user
- AJoiner AJoiner is a small, lightweight application for joining split files
- Split&Concat Utility to split or recombine large files
- Winrar Decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Usenet
- 7-Zip Open source Windows utility for manipulating archives
- UnRarX UnRarX is a Mac OS X Cocoa application that allows you to expand rar archives and restore corrupted or missing archives using par2
- VlC Free cross-platform media player
- Freemake Video Converter Free Video Converter
- Codec Pack DirectShow filter pack
- NERO Kwik Burn Powerful CD and DVD Burning Package
- CDBurnerXP Free CD, DVD, ISO, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray burning software
- AVIRA Free antivirus
- CCleaner Freeware system optimisation and privacy tool that erases Internet history and other unused files, and cleans up orphaned registry entries

USENET Related Review Sites and Forums

Below is a mixed list of independent and informational sites that offers reviews and a community focused on USENET and newsgroups.

- Newsdemon Blog:
USENET news and information
- Discussion about the binary newsgroups:
Slyck Usenet Newsgroup Forum
- Dslreports Forum: Dedicated forum on FileSharing Software and Usenet
- Nieuwsgroep: Pagina's dedicated to Usenet
- Usenet Link Pagina's dedicated to Usenet
- Reddit Usenet Discussion
- FileSharingTalk Forum: Usenet provider forum

Usenet Resource List

Below is a list of Usenet related sites we find useful

- NewsDemon Ultimate Dashboard: A lot of excellent educational material on Usenet
- Wikipedia Usenet page: Usenet newsgroup - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
- Dmoz: Usenet information at the Open Directory Project

Usenet History

History of usenet. how the USENET began and the people that helped create the foundation of what USENET is today

- Read about the history of usenet newsgroups at
- Giganews' Usenet History

Video Usenet Tutorial Series

Tutorial for Using Usenet to Anonymously Get Any FileYou Want

- NewsHosting Videos
- Giganews Usenet University
- Slyck Video Guide

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Latest Usenet Providers News

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Follow your favourite Usenet provider and latest Usenet news on Twitter

- Bintube on Twitter
- Cheapnews on Twitter
- Easynews on Twitter
- FastUsenet on Twitter
- Giganews on Twitter
- HitNews on Twitter
- Newsdemon on Twitter
- Newsgroupdirect on Twitter
- NewsHosting on Twitter
- SunnyUsenet on Twitter
- Supernews on Twitter
- TheCubeNet on Twitter
- Thundernews on Twitter
- UsenetBucket on Twitter
- UsenetNow on Twitter
- Usenetserver on Twitter
- UsenetXL on Twitter
- Xennews on Twitter
- XsUsenet on Twitter

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Usenet Bundles & Usenet Packages

There are many companies that sell access to the usenet. All of them are capable of offering more than 2000 days retention (The retention is no longer the most important feature of newsgroups, with more than two years of retention and a majority of users who do not use the more than 300 days), more than 98% file completion, multiple connections for fast access as well as SSL (Note: Giganews launched on 2006 Usenet encryption service by utilizing Secure Socket Layer. Now all Usenet providers also provide this feature free !!) and numerous connection ports.

So in order to beat the competition, providers have to add extra Usenet features: VPN Online Storage or/and improve others options that facilitate Usenet access: Newsreader, Usenet apps. These extra options are normally offered for free as part of the most popular Usenet deal: the unlimited rate with SSL

Since the beginning of 2010, this phenomenon has grown leading to two distinct types of " All-in-one Usenet Newsgroups Account " :

  • Usenet Packages: Everything you need in one place => Usenet access and an advanced newsreader with Search, Preview, Automatic Repair, Decompression. These are our favourite all­included accounts that improve your Usenet experience.

  • Usenet Bundles : These USP are providing more than just Usenet Access - Their plans include several free features such as VPN, Storage Online. In principle it is a good idea but in reality the extra options of VPN or Online Storage shouldn't given too much weight when choosing your Usenet subscription, since they may only be used occasionally. It is much better to choose a third party VPN rather than including it in your Usenet package. For example Private Internet Access has an annual offer at $39.95 which has a better quality­price ratio than any Usenet VPN.

They are classified from the most to the least interesting ones and only concern highly rated retailers from our general Usenet Comparison (3/5, 4/5, 5/5)

Table display
Usenet Provider
Extra Additional features:

All-in-one Usenet Newsgroups Account - Usenet Bundles - Usenet Packages



NH Unlimited


- Usenet Newsreader: Newshosting offers a free copy of its Newsreader with all plans.

  • Easy and fast interface for searching, previewing and downloading from newsgroups
  • Binary and Text
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Unlimited Download
  • Unlimited Speed
Best Usenet Packages
Unlimited Usenet + Free Newsreader

The new Newshosting client allows users to search, preview and download Usenet content with unprecedented ease.  Many Usenet clients require a complicated configuration process.  With the Newshosting Usenet client, there is nothing to configure, just a simple login. 
The client includes several features such as: Auto-Repair, Auto-Unpack, Video Previews and Automatic Updates.  Auto-Repair checks and repairs all downloads before they're completed.  This means no more broken downloads.  Auto-Unpack will unpack, or unzip, files to your downloads folder automatically.  New video previews allow users to view a segment of a video file before downloading the full file.


XL Power Pack


- Usenet Newsreader: Newshosting gives you free Newsreader

- Easynews Web Usenet Access: Free Easynews account with 10 GB of monthly web Usenet access

Usenet Packages for advanced users
Unlimited Usenet + Free Newsreader + Free Web Interface

In addition to NH Unlimited, XL Powerpack subscribers will be able to search, preview and download from newsgroups with up to 10 GB of access through the Easynews web-based Usenet browser.


High Speed


- Usenet Search Engine: UsenetServer offers UNS Global Search 2.0

Unlimited Usenet + Free Usenet Search

UsenetServer’s Global Search allows users to quickly and easily search the binary newsgroups for articles that match their search keyword criteria, select the desired results and then generate a custom NZB file to download the binary articles. With Global Search, you can also filter articles by post age, post date and poster name. UsenetServer’s Global Search is available to all UsenetServer users.


Unlimited Pro - Unlimited Pro account includes everything in the Platinum plan except for VPN.


Unlimited Platinum


- VPN: The VPN service is provided by SlickVPN. Free VPN subscription that protects not only your Usenet activity , but all your internet activity such as web surfing. VPN works by replacing your IP address and encrypting all of your Internet traffic between your computer and the VPN

- NewsRover: NewsRover is a Usenet newsreader

- Online Storage: Newsdemon gives you Unlimited GB of online storage (a $20/mo value) through their partners at StorageNinja.

Best Usenet Bundle Deals
Unlimited Usenet + Free Newsreader + Free Online Storage + Free VPN Access

NewsDemon added the option of VPN (NewsDemon has a relationship with SlickVPN) access to their Unlimited Platinum account (VPN access along with unlimited Usenet and online storage). SlickVPN includes both PPTP, L2TP protocols and OpenVPN. Desktop software available (Windows and Mac). The current locations include 40 countries.

Who needs VPN service?: Anyone that would desires a secure encrypted internet connection and desires to be anonymous online. Advantages and benefits of VPN service

Benefits of Secure Online storage: Unlimited GB of online storage (a $20/mo value) and backup is a good value. It should be noted that this solution is safe, because the transmission is encrypted 256-bit SSL. It’s ideal for people who need to secure the data but also have access to them on the go. Online storage allow you to to safeguard your documents, photos and music files. Your files are backed up and the copies are stored online, where they are safe, secure and accessible from any internet connection. If your original files are ever damaged or lost, you can easily restore your files.


EasyNews Big big

$29.94 (Easynews Web + NNTP Access Accounts + iPhone And Android 3rd Party Apps)

- Easynews WebInterface: EasyNews offers a completely unique newsgroup service unlike any other. Its web interface (no 'newsreader' software required) has been designed to make downloading binaries as easy as possible for new users. There are also many advantages over using standard NNTP 'newsreaders'. Users can also view media files as thumbnails, and also access an excellent search engine/NZB generator/header retrieval system.

- Easyboost: web acceleration feature that can significantly increase your download speeds!

- Easynews also supports NNTP, so you can easily access Usenet with your favorite newsreader

- Easynews 3rd Party Mobile Apps: Now you can easily and securely browse, preview and download with Easynews from your mobile device!

Usenet packages for intensive usage
Unlimited Usenet + Free Web Interface + Free Usenet Search

Easynews offers all solution for accessing petabytes of audio, video, image and text files posted to Usenet and you can logging in from multiple computers.

  • It's web interface (no 'newsreader' software required) has been designed to make downloading binaries as easy as possible for new users. Or if you are frustrated by traditional newsreaders. Easynews also offers a newsgroup browser acceleration feature called Easyboost that can increase your throughput speeds by an average of about 100%
    - No nzb sites required
    - No newsreader required
    - Preview video, audio, and thumbnails before your download anything
  • NNTP Acces: Easynews also is compatible with standard NNTP Newsreader clients for people who want to access Usenet in the traditional way.
  • Mobile Apps: Mobile Apps allows Easynews members the ability to search and download content from Usenet newsgroups directly to their phone/tablet. My favorite is EZ Usenet for Androïd.


Unlimited Eco


Unlimited Extra


- Unlimited Online Storage: Ngroups.Net gives you free online storage (the storage doesn't have any GB limit to it) through their partners at Livedrive

- VPN: Ngroups.NET are now introducing FREE VPN service and including it free with unlimited Usenet plans

Unlimited Usenet + Free Online Storage + Free VPN Access

The storage system is provided by, and the storage doesn't have any GB limit to it.
It includes a software to automatically back up data on your computer, and you can access the files from anywhere via the web, view/edit files, play music, view pictures, or download them to another computer or your mobile phone.

Members of Ngroups can enjoy unlimited Online Storage and now they can also enyoy their privacy being protected (VPN helps you to ensure your privacy online). They have two VPN Servers which you have access to US and EU. This VPN access comes at two different service levels:

  • for Unlimited Eco accounts: 5 Mbps VPN speed limit, Max 50 GB VPN traffic per month
  • for Unlimited Extra accounts: NO VPN speed limit, No VPN traffic limit



$96 / Year ( Save $104 !!!)

All you have to do is follow any link on the site to Newsgroupdirect and use this coupon code: ngd100086

- Online Sorage: NewsgroupDirect gives you Unlimited GB of online storage (a $20/mo value) through their partners at StorageNinja.

Unlimited Usenet + Free Online Storage

Unlimited GB of online storage (a $20/mo value) and backup is a good value. It should be noted that this solution is safe, because the transmission is encrypted 256-bit SSL. It’s ideal for people who need to secure the data but also have access to them on the go.

Online storage gives you the peace of mind of having your critical files safe and secure.



$29.99 / Month

- Giganews Accelerator: Header download compression for header downloads up to 10 times faster

- VyprVPN Pro : Free VPN subscription

- Mimo: Mimo is a Usenet client. Mimo supports newsgroup browsing, Usenet searching, binary content downloading, PAR2 recovery, RAR unpacking, text posting and NZB import. Still under development

- Giganews Personal Storage Service: 30 GB of Dump Truck Personal Online Storage.

Unlimited Usenet + Free Newsreader + Free Online Storage + Free VPN Access

This Bundle offers a lot including a quality VPN. The storage space is interesting. But it is too expensive compared to the competition especially if the extra options are not often used.