Spotnet tutorial

One of the best way to download from Usenet is with Spotnet. Spotnet is a very user-friendly program that allows you to search and download easily within one single software. Quite big in Holland and Germany so you get a lot of Dutch and German releases on there....

Before you can start to use Spotnet you first need to find a Usenet provider. If you live in The Netherlands, it makes sense to use Eweka as Usenet Service Provider and Spotnet 2.0 as nzb downloader.

Who is Eweka?

Eweka is a high-quality European Usenet Service Povider. This Usenet server has several advantages over the competition:

  1. Eweka is offering unlimited newsgroup downloads at 300 Mbit for €7,50 a month

  2. It is the only Dutch Usenet Service Provider to rival the American service providers. Eweka has the same retention as American servers, more than 4,200 days! Eweka has the best retention of all Dutch Usenet Service Providers! Twice as much as its rivals!

  3. Its location is also important: it answers to Netherlands jurisdiction, not American. Dutch USENET do not have DMCA takedowns like US providers. Eweka follows NTD, based on the NTD-behavioural code (Dutch Law), therefore making article completion better. Despite some takedowns, we are impressed by completion.

  4. Eweka is a rare Dutch company to have its own servers; they don’t need to rent them! A Tier-1 provider means it has total control of its own infrastructure.

What is Spotnet?

Spotnet is a category-based Usenet indexing service. Persons called 'spotters' can spot a post on Usenet. So it is not auto-indexed (One of the the most efficient way to download on Usenet without using Usenet Indexers (Newznab - Nzbed - Vbulletin Forum - ...), but actual persons are filling the database (it's manually maintained so the spots are normally pretty good). To view Spots, you’ll need one of the clients that works with the Spotnet protocol. Two of the most popular are Spotnet 2.0 and SpotLite 2.0. I find Spotnet 2.0 very easy to use.

Eweka Spotnet settings

The setup is easy and it is not difficult to configure Eweka with Spotnet 2.0. Once you have it set up, you can use it to view spots and to get the content that you want.

Eweka spotnet spotnet filters spotnet ubuntu

Spotnet 2 offers a nice alternative to NZB sites and Newznab indexers. One of the best way to download from Usenet is with Spotnet and Eweka. Couldn’t be easier.