Favorite Dutch Usenet provider

Eweka is our favorite Dutch Usenet provider at this moment. We think Eweka is awesome for Dutch people, and that is due to several reasons. 

Price - Eweka offers three plans including two pre-paid, but the best value comes with its Subscription High Speed product, which gives you up to 20 connections and 300 Mbps speed for only €7.50 per month 

eweka usenet plans

Speed -  Speed is another quality for the service, especially when you are situated in Europe. Eweka is super fast. No problems with connection or speed during our tests. You can download a movie in 1 minute or less.

Article Availability - Eweka offers the best completion rates on the market, thanks to:

Eweka is a Dutch Usenet provider based in Alkmaar, Netherlands so Eweka is under jurisdiction Dutch law (NTD procedure). Generally, it is better to sign up for Usenet service providers based in Europe because European based servers are not subject to US DMCA laws, but they are subject to NTD requests. Based in the Netherlands helps to maximize completion rates because DMCA'd content today is typically removed in less than 48 hours time. For NOTD it can take much longer - up to 5 days - to remove files. And DMCA requests are much more frequent than those of the NOTD (NTD-behavioural code).

Also Eweka binary retention is 4,200 days. The longer a post is stored, the higher the completion rate. When it come to retention and completion, Eweka hosts files longer and better than the majority of European Usenet servers. Retention and completion go hand in hand.

Newsreader called Newslazer - Newslazer has easy setup all you have to do to enter your username and password, and you are good to go.

Supports all newsreaders, including Spotnet 2.0 or Spotlite. If you combine Eweka with the rel="noopener"Spotnet protocol (I recommend using Eweka with Spotnet 2.0 newsreader), you are all set. With Spotnet you can search and download in one program. Spotnet 2.0 is decentralized Usenet community based on the Spotnet protocol. In our experience Spotnet is the best NZB Sites alternative.