Some Tips for Choosing a Usenet Provider

There are many Usenet providers available in the market today. But choosing a newsgroup service is easy, just read and follow our advice for popular Usenet providers. We personally use all of these Usenet services.

What features are important when choosing a Usenet provider?. Over the last 2 decades, Usenet has evolved considerably (SSL - NZB - Newsreaders - Stealth Usenet). Now when it comes to choosing a Usenet provider, there are five important features to consider:

Speed - Usenet is fast

Usenet is known for its extremely high speed, many Usenet providers allow you to connect to their servers at speeds as fast as your Internet connection will allow. While computers and internet connections became faster, the need for utilizing your max download speed became a natural fact.


Most of the Usenet backbones are on redundant 10gbps nodes. Usenet backbones provide the speed needed to saturate your connection whether you have a 12Mbps or 5000Mbps connection!. Usenet servers usually offer speeds up to 1Gbps, so you will probably be limited by the speeds offered by your internet service provider.

Usenet uses a client and server architecture. So Usenet downloads maintain a consistent download speed, in contrast with torrenting. The biggest problem with torrents is its speed, the download speeds are usually mediocre. Usenet is faster than torrenting.

Once you start using Usenet seriously, speed will become an important issue, especially if you download a lot of files with huge sizes, such as Full BR - UHD videos (50 GB).

How to ensure that you get full download speed from the Usenet servers?

For users with good Internet speeds, the server location is the most important aspect. You might get faster download speeds from a server that is geographically closer to you.

Another important aspect is simultaneous connections. To get the fastest connection possible, only use as many connections as necessary to maximize your bandwidth. The default number of connections is 12.

Regions in both US and Europe ensure the highest throughput. Some Usenet providers offer multiple servers (news servers in the US and Europe) to deliver the fastest Usenet speeds possible. To maximize download speeds we suggest you setup all servers (use the specific News server adresses) and split your connections between them.

If you have a fast internet connection, you will need a fast drive (an SSD) that is able to keep up with the amount of data downloaded at the same time.

Unmetered Access

When choosing a Usenet provider, probably the most important aspect is the traffic included in the subscription. NGPro recommends accessing your favorite newsgroups without limits: Unlimited bandwidth and usage (no data caps - no transfer limits).

Some Usenet providers have 'invisible cap' to unlimited plans, avoid them. There are no limits on speed or data with my recommended Usenet providers.


To download from Usenet newsgroups, you’ll need newsreader software. There are plenty of newsreaders available, some are free with Usenet subscription, others are open source binary newsreaders

Free with Usenet subscription

Many Usenet providers now offer Newsreader with their subscription, and some of them are actually very good. Newshosting Browser, is probably one of the best Usenet clients around. At Newshosting, they built a newsreader that could do everything: NZB Download, integrated search, Automatic repair and decompression. Even automated search: allows you to create customized searches, you will be able to download as soon as they've been uploaded. 

Open Source Binary Newsreaders

In case you decide to use a Newsreader rather than the one offered by your Usenet provider or if your Usenet provider doesn’t give you Usenet browser software with your subscription, we recommend Usenet clients like NZBGet and SABnzbd. In my opinion NZBGet and SABnzbd are pretty similar.

Which Newsreader Should You Use? 

Personally I always recommend using a free Usenet client bundled with your Usenet subscription because these newsreaders are easier to setup. NZBGet and SABnzbd are ideal for expert users:

You may often have to download with NZBGet or SABnzbd. Only NZBGet and SABnzbd support latest obfuscation method. eg: a bunch of randomly named files without extensions

If you want to use some automation tools like CouchPotato and Sonarr via API

If you want to set up multiple Usenet servers to improve speed or completion

NZBGet and SABnzbd support all platforms including: desktops (Windows, Linux, Mac), routers, NAS devices, media players, Plex and more.

Binary Retention

Every day, a huge amount of data being added to Usenet servers. In fact, there is so much new data that it can't all be stored forever. On each Usenet server the Newsmaster will determine the retention. Binary retention is the duration for which files are available on servers, after being uploaded. Best Usenet providers are offering more than 4,000 days of retention which should be more than enough for most users.

Why retention is important?. The longer the period, the better the chances to find the content you’re looking for.

Completion - Usenet is Stealth

A major attraction of Usenet is the incredible diversity and volume of content that is available. Completion is an important factor to consider. Completeness is the number of articles and files that a certain Usenet server will have compared to the number of articles and files available.

Technically speaking, all of the Usenet servers recommended by NGPro are capable of 99% newsgroup completion. It is still possible to only have one Newsgroup service provider for downloading:

You don't need to have lots of Usenet Service providers from different backbones to download on Usenet. Having multiple providers still does help though (especially for content older then 2000 days), but it's becoming increasingly less important as the days go on.

The jurisdiction of the Usenet Service Provider (DMCA or NTD) is not as relevant as in the past. Now when it comes to selecting countries for Usenet services, all countries are nearly made equal.

Usenet is now stealth: Having a reliable Usenet account and a good NZB Site will almost always ensure 100% completion of all the downloads.

But files on Usenet can be “incomplete” for all kinds of reasons. This risk can be reduced by selecting the best Usenet indexers. NZB Sites now provide Stealth files (Uploaders spread the parts across numerous Newsgroups with scrambled letters and numbers + Hidden Newsgroups - This has been done in the hopes that binaries being shared will remain complete and stick around longer) that disappear much slower and stay complete for longer.

Best NZB Sites with long-lasting uploads:

NZBGeek NZBGeek is a Newznab indexer that also uses manual NZB referencing from its members. This is probably the best place to find what is interested in Usenet.

NZBPlanet It is also a great NZB indexing site with quality items.

NZBFinder It's one of the best NZB indexes these days. They have both free search and VIP accounts. With Elite account you do get access to Spotweb

NZBGrabit.XYZ Active community (no automation). Users add NZB content to the site. A lot of stealth releases

NZB Cat   NZBCat is an invite-only nZEDb NZB indexer.

Nzbforyou It's one of the best NZB indexes these days.

Reviews of the Best NZB Indexer Sites

NGPro conclusion: With a good Usenet service provider such as Newshosting and one of the great NZB sites we’ve reviewed here, your Usenet experience should be great. Usenet is far from dead.

It’s time to start looking at popular Usenet providers. Newshosting, UsenetServer and Eweka are the best Usenet providers that meet all of our criteria

1. Newshosting Review 2020 | Rated for Speed, Unmetered Access, Newsreader, Retention and Completion


Newshosting Speed

Newshosting operates server farms located in the US and Europe (Netherlands + Germany), so download speeds should be fast from either region. Download speeds were always maxed out on my Fiber connection (Hyperoptic)

NL Server:

newshosting speed

DE Server:

newshosting de speed

US Server:

newshosting us speed

The 3 servers (NL + DE + US) from Newshosting will let you use the maximum of your bandwidth

nzbget newshosting

Newshosting Unmetered Access

There are no limits on speed or data with Newshosting. The unlimited package really is unlimited. No hidden barriers, No invisible caps.

NH Newsreader Traffic statistics

Newshosting Newsreader

Another reason we recommend Newshosting is because of their easy-to-use newsreader, the Newshosting Usenet Browser. Every Usenet provider requires some kind of newsreader to actually make sense of the binary files you can download on Usenet. What’s nice about the Newshosting Usenet Browser is that it requires almost no setup and is much more integrated than other clients.

newshosting 2.6.3

Newshosting retention

Newshosting has always offered the longest binary retention. Newshosting binary retention is 4,200 days.

Newshosting completion

We didn’t run into a single broken download during our time with Newshosting, so we have no complaints when it comes to completion rate.

2. UsenetServer Review 2020 | Rated for Speed, Unmetered Access, Newsreader, Retention and Completion


UsenetServer Speed

Speeds are excellent, taking full advantage of servers in North America and Europe for fast downloads ( server locations – USA – EU Unlimited plan come with 20 SSL connections.

UsenetServer Unmetered Access

UsenetServer offers unlimited downloads, speed and data transfer.

UsenetServer Newsreader

UsenetServer doesn’t come with a Newsreader, but we recommend NZBGet, a free option that runs in your browser and is easy to set up.

UsenetServer Retention

Binary retention for UsenetServer is currently at 4,200 days

UsenetServer Completion

Technically speaking, 99% completion rate with multiple servers in USA and Europe. TOP Nzb Sites will help to ensure a 99% completion rate. There are plenty of NZB sites out there, varying greatly in usefulness. My current favourite is NZBGeek. It’s a very reliable index and it has never let me down. 

3. Eweka Review 2020 | Rated for Speed, Unmetered Access, Newsreader, Retention and Completion


Eweka Speed

Eweka is a very fast provider based in the Netherlands. Eweka is a TOP choice if a good speed is your top priority. The maximum speed of Eweka is around 300 Mbps, if that's enough for you I would recommend it.

Eweka Unmetered Access

They offer unlimited Usenet downloads at up to 300 Mbps

Eweka Newsreader

Eweka users also get access to the Newslazer newsreader, a free newsreader software with search, NZB support and video preview. But I recommend using Eweka with Spotnet 2.0 newsreader. You can search and download in one program.

Eweka Retention

You get 4,200 days of binary retention. The great advantage of Eweka is their retention equivalent to the best Usenet providers in the US and double the retention rate of pretty much any other Dutch providers.

Eweka Completion

Eweka is famous for its high completion rates:

Eweka is under jurisdiction Dutch law, therefore making article completion better.

With the help of the NZB sites, they offer a great way to locate and download Stealth files.