Finding what you want on Usenet

Usenet is a great place to store content. Usenet is the only network with such diverse ways of referencing and downloading. Today, Usenet is quite possibly the largest platform for sharing files and the Usenet library really is enormous:

Over the past few years, a gigantic amount of data has been stored on Usenet and data posted on Usenet remains until it is deleted. Currently top Usenet providers surpass 4,200 days of binary retention. In other words, you can access files that were uploaded to Usenet in 2009.

There are more than 35TB of data posted every single day in uploads! The amount of content on Usenet is absolutely massive, there are videos, audio files, Apps, Games. Even rare or older content can be found most of the time.

There is so much files being added every second, so the key to Usenet is finding exactly what you're looking for. Hopefully there are a lot of ways to search Usenet:

NZB Sites


Integrated search

Search engines

Browsing headers

Find what you are looking for is extremely easy. This reason is enough to choose Usenet as the better way to download content from the Internet. It is now considered by many to be a better alternative to torrents. The other major deciding factors in favor of Usenet vs Torrents are:

One thing we can say for sure is that it is usually faster; much faster. High speeds since you connect to servers that support speeds up to 1Gbit/s like Newshosting. You can download your maximum bandwidth instantly. No waiting time before downloading.

Another area where Usenet is better than torrents is security. Torrent is the protocol for file sharing that is most monitored by everyone. Usenet network is secured by 256Bit SSL so no company can track your downloads.

Note: If you want to get started with Usenet, the first thing you’ll need is a reliable Usenet service provider. You will need a Usenet service provider to download. The one we recommend is called Newshosting.


> 4,200 days, Uncapped speeds, Unlimited downloads, SSL, Free Newsreader

Remember: Newshosting offers a newsreader with your subscription to their service and that is a real value. It is often preferable to use the Newsreader that your provider supplies at it is often custom tailored to their service and should give you the best possible Usenet experience.

Several options for searching Usenet


Method 1: NZB Sites

We highly recommend you join a NZB site. NZB sites will typically give you excellent results and they have an impressive list of content.

Factors to consider when choosing an NZB indexer: Max number of NZB downloads and API calls per day (CouchPotato and Sonarr users will need an indexer that offers an API key).

Our Top 5 NZB Sites are listed below






Grab your NZB with NZBGeek

On the homepage, you have thumbnails for the top 10 searches from the last 24 hours in the TV shows and movies categories. Clicking any thumbnail will take you to that movie or show page where you’ll find a list of all the available files on Usenet. In the case of TV shows, you’ll not only see the latest episode but also all the available past episodes.

nzbgeek home page

Browsing categories is also very easy. There are seven different sections: Movies - TV - Games - Audio - Books - PC - XXX

But if you do need to search for something, a search engine is, of course, available. All you need to do is type in your search term in the box at the top right of the screen. Optionally, you can also use the drop-down list to restrict your search to a certain type of files such as movies or TV.

nzbgeek search

In any cases, Just download the NZB and your newsreader should automatically associate your downloaded NZB files, and begin downloading them when you open them.

Method 2: Spotnet

Spotnet is a protocol of Usenet, a system where people spot releases. "spots" contain information about uploaded binaries. Spotnet is providing an alternative to NZB Sites. Thanks to a strong community Spotnet is one of the biggest Usenet indexer.

To read them, you’ll need a web-based version of that service (Spotweb) or one of the clients (Newsreader) that works with the Spotnet protocol.

Newsreader: The client is also called 'Spotnet'. There are two well known clients in the community. Spotlite and Spotnet 2.0. I prefer Spotnet 2.0 because it works for me a lot beter. All clients are Dutch programs but Spotnet 2.0 has a English language setting. Spotnet 2.0 has a simple interface for displaying the latest spots and associated nzbs. You can also read and reply to comments concerning a certain release.


Spotweb: Spotweb is a Web-based usenet binary resource indexer based on the protocol and development done by Spotnet. SpotWeb allows searching, filtering, and viewing of the spots and comments. There are a good amount of Spotweb sites: NZBStars has spotweb for free, there's also NZBServer and Xenetix. NZBFinder provides Spotweb with Elite account.


Method 3: Integrated search

Many Usenetters use a newsreader that has a search feature to help them find content. There are dozens of Usenet newsreaders on the market with integrated search functionality.

The Newshosting newsreader, for example, has integrated search functionality. To find what you’re looking for, simply enter a search query. You can search all formats or filter out by specific formats.

NH Newsreader integrated search

Double-clicking any search result would start the download of all the parts comprising the file.

Method 4: Search engines

Using Search engines enable you to quickly search and create NZB files. These are classic search engines that index and give you results by key words. No human influence. Just an algorithm to search. Usenet Search engines to Consider:

Global Search 2.0 - Subscription to UsenetServer required

Binsearch - It is the most popular free NZB search engine

Nzbindex.Nl - is free to search and download NZB files

NzbKing - NzbKing is another freely accessible NZB search engine. It is similar in functionality to many other such sites.

Here’s how to use Binsearch — type your keywords, then check the box to the left of the file you want. Then press the “Create NZB” button and you’ll be prompted to download the NZB file. As an example, we searched for the classic 1968 horror movie Night of the Living Dead. Here are the results we got.

binsearch search

Method 5: Browsing headers

Other way to search content within the Usenet newsgroups is to browse each newsgroup using article headers. Browsing newsgroups can be slower, but you are more likely to find more content that is of interest because newsgroups have names like and are named according to the subject that they cover.

To begin using headers you need to use a fully featured Usenet client. NewsHosting offers a fully capable Usenet client

Once you have downloaded the Newshosting Newsreader client, you can proceed to install it on your computer. After the installation, when you open the Newshosting newsreader client it shows you the pre-configured groups, as well as the current activity and latest news

NH Groups

If you click through the newsgroups, you will recognize, that Newshosting has pre-indexed all the groups for you! So no more wasting time with header downloads.

NH Newsreader suscribe groups

Here you can search for a particular newsgroup. Once found, right-click to add it to the Bookmark menu on the left panel.

NH browser group linux

Once you have newsgroups saved in your bookmarks you can begin browsing them. To view the most recent posts in a bookmarked newsgroup, simply click on the newsgroup's name and the main panel will refresh with the content and posts for that group. In the main panel, you can scroll and page through the posts. While browsing a binary group you can sort them into the types of files they contain: Video, Audio, Audio-/Books, ISOs, Games & Software and Images or you can simply choose to view them all (the default view)

newshosting newsreader browse newsgroup linux

Now you can search all available content within the newsgroup. Usenet article header will include information such as the post title or Uploaders more and more often put an image file in their post. The Newshosting Newsreader has this image appear in the Header. So an obfuscated file could appears thanks to the image.

Then you can download a file through the browser by clicking “Download

newshosting newsreader search

or “Show Automatic Preview". You even have the ability to preview audio and video before downloading them, so you can make sure you’re getting what you want the first time.

newshosting preview film