Usenet instead of Torrent

Torrent is a good way to download large files but it might not be the best method out there. Usenet is consistently faster and more secure than BitTorrent for sharing files. Usenet provides a very interesting alternative to torrents.

Main differences between torrents and Usenet

The main advantage of Usenet over torrent is speed. We mean it is fast, very fast. Usenet servers allow extremely rapid file transfers and you’ll be able to download files at the maximum speed allowed by your Internet Service Provider. This is in contrast to torrents, which come from various people with various Internet speeds, resulting in variable-speed downloads. Compared to Usenet, torrent download speeds are usually mediocre.

Reliability. The Usenet server has an almost 100% uptime. No worries about disconnects. Whereas if you use torrents, you are limited by the number of seeds and their availability. If the seeds are not active, you will not be able to download the files.

Security is another important aspect of Usenet. Connections to Usenet servers are protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. That means no one can see what you’re doing. Security is another real problem with torrents and for many reasons. First, Torrents open your computer to other computers, increasing the risk of malicious activity. When you use torrent software, you’re sharing your IP address with all the other users. Another security issue of torrents is the communication between your computer and the peer’s in not encrypted

Privacy. Your Usenet provider doesn’t keep any log files about your activities or download actions. 

Usenet contains a huge amount of content. All kinds of content is available. Some general multimedia newsgroups like alt.binaries.boneless are massive and contain billions of posts and many terabytes of content. You can access files that were uploaded to Usenet in 2009. By contrast on Torrent your ability to find and download files is dependent on other people sharing.

Usenet is not P2P. Whereas torrents are a P2P system with each user sharing files, Usenet is a decentralized network that distributes files. Usenet servers are connected in a decentralized way too and exchange files with other Usenet servers. Usenet uses NNTP protocol which allows downloading directly from your Usenet provider.  All Usenet providers offer equal access to all of Usenet’s newsgroups.

Here's how to kick your torrent habit once and for all, with Usenet

You need to buy access from any Usenet provider. Below are the best Usenet providers we have tested and recommend highly of:

TOP 5 Usenet Provider Features Cost / Offer Link
1 NewsHosting > 4,200 days retention, SSL, 30 connections, & Free Newsreader with Search

$9.99 / month or $99.99 / year ($8.33 / month)

My favorite Usenet provider is Newshosting which offers unlimited data transfers for less than 10$/month

2 Eweka

> 4,200 days retention, SSL, 20 connections, & free Usenet browser

7,50 € / month or 84 € / year (7 € / month)

My Favorite European Usenet is Eweka. We think Eweka is awesome for Dutch people

3 Tweaknews

> 3,400 days retention, SSL, 30 connections, free Usenet browser & VPN

9,99 € / month or 89,99 / year (7,50 € per month)

In addition to unlimited plans tweaknews offers block accounts



> 4,200 days retention, SSL, 30 connections, & Global Search feature that allows you to search for files on Usenet

$14.95 / month or $95.40 / year ($7.95 / month)



> 3,000 days retention, SSL, 40 connections

7,95 € / month

UsenetFarm has a great free trial. Usenet.Farm comes with a 10GB trial with no time limit, so you can test how Usenet works out for you without having to enter any payment information. A great way to evaluate Usenet

After signing up with one of the above Usenet service providers, you are ready to starting using Usenet to download files.

In this Usenet guide, I will show you how to use Newshosting Usenet provider.

  1. Login to your Newshosting account and download the Newsreader.
    Newshosting newsreader download

  2. Select the appropriate operating system to start the download. In my case, I chose Windows.
    Get free newshosting newsreader

  3. After installing the newsreader, log in using your Newshosting credentials.
    newshosting 2.6.3

  4. Usenet is now available and you can start downloading files.

Now you need to access an indexing site and get nzb file. This is something like a .torrent file for Usenet.

The Usenet indexers enable the users to explore Usenet and download files. Here is the list of best Usenet indexers that includes:

NZBGeek 5-etoiles NZBGeek is a Newznab indexer that also uses manual NZB referencing (obfuscated releases) from its members. This is probably the best place to find what is interested in Usenet.

NZBFinder 5-etoiles It's one of the best NZB indexes these days (obfuscated releases). They have both free search and VIP accounts.

NZBPlanet 4-etoiles NzbPlanet is one of the best NZB sites around.

NZBGrabit.XYZ 4-etoiles Active community (no automation). Users add NZB content to the site. A lot of obfuscated releases

I especially recommend the first two, they are capable of searching obfuscated releases. Many files posted to usenet nowadays have obfuscated file names.

Downloading from Usenet - Newshosting usenet Guide

Let’s try to download Dracula, a 1931 vampire-horror film directed by Tod Browning.

You need to find nzb file and import it into Newshosting's newsreader

Go to NZBFinder, search for “Dracula 1931”.

nzbfinder_ws_search_dracula 1931

Choose files you want to download, press “Download NZB”.

Grab Dracula 1931 usenet

Now you can give this NZB file you have to Newshosting's Newsreader and it will download everything automatically. When you use Newshosting, your downloads are encrypted automatically newshosting ssl

NH Newsreader dracula speed

The file is being downloaded with full ISP link speed. As file finished downloading, Newshosting's newsreader will automatically unpack archives and delete them, keeping only unpacked data. You’ve got 4.90 of data, which was uploaded 5 years ago, in only 2 minutes! Newshosting speeds are usually constant and fast.