Spotnet 2.0 tutorial

Spotnet 2.0 is currently the most widely used usenet newsreader in the Netherlands for usenet. Spotnet 2.0 is one of the most-featured Spotnet clients currently available. With Spotnet 2.0 you can search and download in one program. Spotnet 2.0 is designed to be immune for website-takedowns.

Which Usenet provider I should use with Spotnet 2.0?

We recommend Eweka. Eweka is the most popular and appreciated Dutch news server (the Netherlands has a very high percentage of Eweka users). Its News servers are based in Amsterdam, close to you and thus faster, plus Eweka is outside the DMCA “takedown” regime.

Spotnet settings - How to set up Spotnet 2.0 easily in a few steps

Step 1: Download the latest Spotnet version from

Step 2: When Spotnet has been downloaded successfully, start setup by clicking on 'Spotnet.exe'. After installation you will see the following screen.

spotnet settings

Provider: Here you choose for your usenet access provider. Is it not in the list? Then choose for ‘Other…’

Headers server: If you selected a usenet access provider from the list, the server addresses are automatically filled in. Other wise, you will need to enter the address here which you have received from your usenet access provider.

Port: By default the usenet port is 119. It can be changed to 80 or to SSL ports 563 or 443.

Verbindingen: Choose the number of connections that are allowed by your usenet access provider.

Gebruikersnaam: Enter your username
Wachtwoord: Enter your password

Step 3: When all fields are filled, click 'Verbinden'. Spotnet starts immediately with downloading spots (download information), user replies, spamfilters etc.. Please consider that the initial installation from Spotnet will take some minutes, to build up the database. You can see the download progress in the right bottom.

spotnet database

Step 4: As soon as the client has finished to build up the database, you can change the language. For 'English', click on 'Bewerken' > 'Taal' and select 'English' and click on 'restart later'. Language default is Nederlands because is an product which originated from the Netherlands. Most Dutch people do speak English though so a lot of the content is available in English.

spotnet language

Step 5: On the left side you can find various filter options - click on the gray text next to 'Filters', select your preferred language - option. You can also add your own filters. Restart Spotnet one last time.

spotnet filters advanced

Step 6: Now you can start using it to download movies, series and music from Usenet. Using spotnet is easy.

The interface is great and you can search for films by category

spotnet filters category

or thanks to a search engine. We downloaded the classic 1968 horror movie Night of the Living Dead (public domain). Spotnet 2.0 uses internal downloader for downloading, repairing and decompressing.

spotnet download

Please post a small thanks and rate their spot when using a spot by one of the spotters to acknowledge their hard work.

spotnet comments