Best Usenet Providers of 2019

us Usenet service providers that are based in the U.S.

- Newshosting 5/5 - Newshosting review
- UsenetServer 5/5 - UsenetServer review
- Easynews 5/5- Easynews review
- UsenetExpress 4/5 - UsenetExpress review
- Newsgroupdirect 4/5 - Newsgroupdirect review
- Newsdemon 4/5 - Newsdemon review

nl European (Dutch) based Newsgroup Services we can recommend:

- Eweka Usenet 5/5 - Eweka review
- Tweaknews 5/5 - Tweaknews Review
- ExtremeUsenet 5/5 - ExtremeUsenet Review
- UsenetBucket 4/5- UsenetBucket review
- Usenet.Farm 4/5 - Usenet.Farm review
- XSNews 4/5 -
XSNews review


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Compare the best Usenet providers

NGProvider reviews, tests all the Best Usenet Servers constantly, and below are our recommended providers for 2019.

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Free Usenet Access

Free Usenet servers are rare but all major Usenet providers offer free trials for new customers.

- XSNews 14 days of free service
- Tweaknews Tweaknews Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 10 days
- Eweka Eweka Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 7 days.
- Newshosting 14 days of free service (up to 30 GB total transfer)
- UsenetServer 14 days of free service (up to 10 GB total transfer)
- UsenetFarm 10 GB
- Usenetbucket 7 days / 20 GB

What is Usenet?

Question about Usenet. What is Usenet?. How does Usenet work?

- Stealth Usenet
- Usenet backbones
- Usenet is the fastest network
- Usenet is secure
- Usenet privacy
- Usenet anonymity
- Usenet retention
- Usenet completion
- Usenet vs Torrent

How To Use Usenet

The How-To Guide On Getting Started With Usenet

- How to Get Started with Usenet
- How To Kick Your Torrent Addiction With Usenet
- How to choose the right Usenet provider for you
- How to download with Spotnet and Eweka
- How To Find Files On Usenet

Usenet for our European readers

The following links provide help to Usenetters:

- Usenet in Netherlands
- Usenet in Germany

Finding Content in Usenet

Searching for content on Usenet is easy. You can find hundreds of terabytes of content on Usenet. How To Find Content In Usenet? Recommended Newsgroup Newsreaders for easy and efficient downloading

- NZB Files
- Usenet NZB search engines
- NZB Sites
- Usenet articles missing
- CouchPotato with Usenet

Usenet clients

Recommended Newsgroup Newsreaders for easy and efficient downloading

- Usenet Clients
- Newshosting Client Review
- Spotnet 2.0

Usenet Network

Usenet is a decentralized network, it works by each Usenet server sharing its information with all the other servers on the network. This propagation across servers makes Usenet an ideal place for storing information and data of all types.

- Current Usenet Map
- Tier-1 Usenet Providers and Usenet Resellers
- Usenet News Server Addresses
- Spotnet protocol
- Block Usenet

Five Best Usenet Providers

Listed below are our top 5 best Usenet providers for 2019 to improve your Usenet experience. Underneath the table, we’ll provide our criteria (retention, price, ssl, speed and completion) we use to rate Usenet providers.

TOP 5 Usenet Provider Main features Score
1 NewsHosting
It is overall the best Usenet provider.

Newshosting is a premium Usenet provider offering Unlimited Newsgroup access (alt.binaries) with Newsreader and VPN

Newshosting is 1 of 5 Best Usenet Providers 

15 - Rating: cp, br, pr, ta, vpn, pp, nr, bn, spt, sp, t1, ssl, sf, ud, p

2 Eweka

Best Dutch Usenet provider - Completion rates is excellent (Eweka follows NTD)

I recommend using Eweka with Spotnet 2.0 newsreader

14 - Rating: cp, br, pr, ta, pp, bn, spt, nr, t1, ssl, eu, ud, asa, p

3 Tweaknews
Most complete European Usenet provider

Tweaknews is a Dutch Usenet provider and one of the fastest providers in Europe. 

TweakNews offers Usenet access + Newsreader + VPN

14 - Rating: cp, pr, ta, vpn, pp, nr, bn, spt, t1, ssl, eu, bc, ud, p



Best Short Term Usenet Discount.

Usenetserver certainly is the greatest Usenet Newsgroups provider when it comes to cost.

13 - Rating: br, pr, ta, vpn, pp, bn, spt, sp, t1, ssl, sf, ud, p

5 EasyNews EasyNews is an awesome service with a cool web interface

13 - Rating: br, pr, ta, vpn, pp, nr, bn, spt, t1, ssl, wi, ud, p

Calculation Note: SUM = br + tr + pr + price + x

What features are important when choosing a Usenet provider?. We have used the following criteria (retention, price, professionnalism, file completion, ...) to draw up a list of of the best Newsgroup servers to help you choose your Usenet provider






Completion is the most important factor to most Usenet users. Completion rates are significant when users wish to download large files that are split into pieces; if any one piece is missing, it is impossible to successfully download and reassemble the desired file.


Binary retention

Retention is one of the most important considerations when choosing a Usenet service. Binary retention refers to the length of time measured in days that articles will stay on Usenet. For example, if you are looking for a file that was uploaded 3000 days ago, but the server only has retention of 1200 days, you won’t be able to find and/or download that file. The leading Usenet providers offer over 3,700 days of retention



One more key factor that you should consider is the price. You can expect to pay about $8 per month for Usenet access.


Trial account

The best way to find out if Usenet is right for you is to try the providers out with a free Usenet trial account. If you subscribe for a free usenet trial with a usenet provider, you should take notes of the usenet providers conditions.



Some of the premium Usenet provider offer extra Usenet features like VPN. It is a real advantage to have a VPN since it allows users to have Usenet as a primary source for files, but to make use of another network if necessary. Torrent is a good file sharing protocol but a VPN is absolutely necessary for torrenting.



As virtual money, Bitcoin is very appropriate for the spirit of the Usenet network which is also decentralised (with no central authority), also secured by SSL and lets the user remain anonymous!



PayPal offers ease and flexibility, accepting all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). Some Usenet providers can no longer accept PayPal payments


Own Newsreader

These days a Newsreader is absolutely essential for an unlimited service. Some Usenet service providers offer their own newsreader client free. With these Newsreader, there is nothing to configure—just login and begin your Usenet experience


Branding Name

Usenet Provider Recommendations? There are over 100 usenet providers. Choose a company you can trust, well established in the industry.



Usenet isn’t difficult to use at all, but it’s always good when providers offer efficient support. Top-notch customer support is one of the biggest advantages that the top Usenet companies provide. Users expect a problem to be solved quickly and efficiently. In order for this expectation to be met, a Usenet service provider must offer technical support that is available 24x7x365



Usenet uses the full bandwidth of your internet connection. Premium Usenet Services Providers have invested in premium Usenet servers to ensure reliability and speed for its customers.To provide the best possible speed, we advice choosing Newsserver Farms in Europe (Netherlands and Germany) and North America. Premium Usenet Service Providers have newsgroup servers in the United States and Europe. So you can always connect to the fastest server closest to you.


Tier 1 provider

There are currently about 100 Usenet access providers. They can be divided into two categories: Tier-1 Usenet Providers and Usenet Resellers. Tier 1 provider have their own servers, control their network themselves and sell on part of their network to resellers. They are independent and not a reseller.



Usenet security is a highly important factor to look for when choosing a Usenet provider. One of the best features linked with a good Usenet Provider is that which comes with a secure SSL encrypted accessibility to the users.


Server farms in both the United States and Europe (The Netherlands + Germany)

Premium Usenet Service Providers have newsgroup servers in the United States and Europe. The closer you are to a server, the faster the connection will be.


European Usenet (NTD)

Usenet providers which are not based in the USA. No DMCA Usenet Providers. European Usenet follows NTD



Providing a web interface for users to browse through and use, is a very beneficial feature when it comes to Usenet service. The web interface can be used to browse and download articles, but it does not require you to have additional software (known as a newsreader). You only need to have an Internet browser to utilize this interface which makes it very efficient.


Block account

A block Usenet access is a set allocation of download capacity. A block account is for someone that doesn't download much, or needs a backup for missing files.


Unlimited Downloads

Some Usenet providers may cap the amount you can download each month. Real unlimited Usenet will allow unlimited downloads.


Account sharing allowed

Usenet provider with multiple IPs allowed



Privacy is an essential value. This is why many News Service Providers guarantee their users no surveillance of their activity (no monitoring), no user data stored, No Logs and the possibility to pay anonymously.