Failed Downloads Guide

You may occasionally find that articles may be missing.

Incomplete downloading files can have multiple causes

The biggest reason you'll encounter failed downloads is DMCA takedowns. The post may be removed from servers due to copyright infringement (Notice & Takedown request).

Technical problem (Hardware failure)

The post you are trying is out of your retention. All news servers keep data for a limited time.

Propagation issues, the content has not been completely propagated on the Usenet server you are downloading from, this will only happen on new content (less than an hour old and mostly on sundays). Sometimes posts appear anytime up to 5 hours after they were originally posted. This can cause failed or incomplete downloads for some users.

A file is posted on a Newsgroup that doesn't exist on your Usenet Service Provider.

Solutions for Missing Articles? - Best way to avoid incomplete downloads?

If you want to avoid incomplete files, you have six options:

Your first strategy is having multiple Usenet indexers. From my experience, having multiple Usenet indexers is the primary solution now. Other Usenet indexers give you access to different files. Having multiple Usenet indexers increase your chances of finding NZBs that are still online. A good NZB Site could drastically improve your completion rates because NZB Sites are now using obfuscated Usenet. Here are good Usenet indexers that support obfuscation. Usenet is now stealth!

If NZB Sites don’t always solve your incomplete Usenet files, try using a second Usenet provider that uses a different Usenet backbone. Completion rates can vary for a number of reasons so all the Usenet providers have holes somewhere. Instead of completely changing your main provider you can setup a block server in your newsreader. Secondary account should be a block account from a different upstream/backbone than your main account.

The most popular combo I believe at the moment is an unlimited account from Newshosting. Plus either a Tweaknews or Usenet.Farm Block.

In the table below, we make suggestions for different combinations of primary (unlimited) and secondary (block) plans to enhance your Usenet experience. Here’s a list of Usenet combo:


Newshosting - Unlimited Usenet access - $8.33 ($99/Year)

If you want to avoid the negative consequences of incomplete files, you can consider adding a block account. Luckily, NewsHosting Browser V 2.9.11 implements a new service called "Backup NNTP". You can add a block account from Tweaknews to help you get downloads that Newshosting doesn't have for various reasons.

Tweaknews - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress - EasyUsenet - Vipernews

Eweka - Unlimited Usenet access - 7,50 € (90 €/Year) Tweaknews - Newsgroupdirect - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress - EasyUsenet - Vipernews
UsenetServer - Unlimited Usenet access - $7.95 ($95/Year) Tweaknews - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress - EasyUsenet - Vipernews
Tweaknews - Unlimited Usenet access - 9,99 € (89,99 €/Year) Newsgroupdirect - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress - EasyUsenet - Vipernews
UsenetExpress - Unlimited Usenet access - $10 ($90/Year) Tweaknews - Usenet.Farm - Vipernews
ExtremeUsenet - Unlimited data usage but different speeds - Start from 4 €/month Tweaknews - Newsgroupdirect - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress - EasyUsenet - Vipernews
UsenetBucket - Unlimited data usage but different speeds - Start from 2,95 €/month Tweaknews - Newsgroupdirect - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress - EasyUsenet - Vipernews
Newsgroupdirect - Unlimited Usenet access - $7.95 ($75/Year) Tweaknews - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress - EasyUsenet - Vipernews
Usenet.Farm - Unlimited Usenet access - Start from 4,95 €/month Tweaknews - UsenetExpress - Vipernews
XSNews - Unlimited data usage but different speeds - Start from 5,95 €/month Tweaknews - Newsgroupdirect - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress - Vipernews
Vipernews - Unlimited data usage but different speeds - Start from 1,99 €/month Tweaknews - Newsgroupdirect - Usenet.Farm - UsenetExpress

Having a good NZB Site and a Usenet combo will almost always ensure 100% completion of all the downloads. I would say that a combination of both strategies is ideal.

Improve Completion With Download Automation. The best way to improve article completion is by using download automation tools. Automation tools allow users to grab binary article sets as soon as they are posted to a newsgroup. Skip the stress of incomplete transfers, files are automatically downloaded. There’s a ton of open source packages to automate downloads of pretty much everything as soon as it becomes available online.

CouchPotato allows you to define the movies you want to see, and let them automatically download when available in the format and definition you want. Configure CouchPotato for Usenet Movies

Sonarr is a Usenet automation software for TV Shows.

Radarr is an independent fork of Sonarr reworked for automatically downloading movies via Usenet 

SickRage is an automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows

Watcher is a CouchPotato alternative for grabbing feature length video files.

On Usenet files need time to propagate to all servers after they get posted. So you need you need to set up your download client to a 20-30 mins propagation. I used to have mine set at 20, but recently I had to up it to 30 and it solved my failures.

Workaround slow Usenet propagation with NZBGet

nzbget propagation delay

Sabnzbd also have the Propagation delay feature

sabnzbd propagation delay

Another solution to dealing with corrupted and incomplete files is to use par2 files, if available. Often, articles are missing, but this does not necessarily mean file is broken. With each download you will typically find a set of “PAR” files which are essentially “extra blocks” of data which contain parity information of the files and can be used to piece together the missing articles. It is recommended to use quickpar to manually repair files if needed, opening up one of the par2 files with quickpar will tell you how many more articles are needed to repair the file. 

One reason could be that the download is out of your servers retention, this is easy to ascertain, look at the age of the download and compare that to the retention of your news provider, if it’s older than the retention offered you will need to use a Usenet provider with a longer retention period

Newshosting has an excellent retention.

Newshosting offers 4,200+ days binary retention.

UsenetServer offers 4,000+ days binary retention.

UsenetServer offers its users a unique binaries search engine, called Global Search.

It's possible for all UsenetServer users to quickly and easily search the entire binary article newsgroup retention of 4,000 + days and compile a custom NZB of the search results.

Practical since the NZB search engines don't search for 4000 days retention anymore!  

Binsearch has a retention rate of 1,100 days for most groups.

NZBIndex has a retention rate of 700 days for most groups.

This is one of the most important reasons to consider Global Search 2.0.

Newsdemon offers 4,200+ days binary retention.

I'm using a Newsdemon block for longer retention.

Newsgroupdemon can be used to fill in missing old binary files. 

Eweka offers 4,200+ days binary retention.

Best European binary retention 

Tweaknews binary retention is 3,400 days which is nearly 10 years of binary posts

Tweaknews offers a number of block accounts ranging from 10 GB up to 500 GB in size.