Compare Usenet and Torrents

Usenet is fairly considered as network protocol and not a file-sharing system like Torrents. Usenet is not P2P. Whereas torrents are a P2P system with each user sharing files, Usenet is a decentralized network that distributes files. Usenet servers are connected in a decentralized way too and exchange files with other Usenet servers. Usenet uses NNTP protocol which allows downloading directly from your Usenet provider.  All Usenet providers offer equal access to all of Usenet’s newsgroups.

To access Usenet’s content you’ll need a Usenet provider subscription. Below are the best Usenet providers we have tested and recommend highly of.


> 4,200 days retention, SSL, 30 connections, & Free Newsreader with Search

$9.99 / month or $99.99 / year ($8.33 / month)

My favorite Usenet provider is Newshosting which offers unlimited data transfers for less than 10$/month.

Newshosting provide Unlimited, Secure and Reliable Usenet service.


> 4,200 days retention, SSL, 20 connections, & free Usenet browser

7,50 € / month or 84 € / year (7 € / month)

My Favorite European Usenet is Eweka. We think Eweka is awesome for Dutch people.

Eweka is a reliable European Usenet service.


> 4,200 days retention, SSL, 30 connections, & Global Search feature that allows you to search for files on Usenet

$14.95 / month or $95.40 / year ($7.95 / month)

UsenetServer is a reliable independent provider with great download speeds.

UsenetServer comes with a 14 Day Free Trial trial (ends in 14 day or 10GB used), so you can test how Usenet works out for you. A great way to evaluate Usenet

Main differences between torrents and Usenet

A technical comparison: Usenet is reliable, consistently faster and more secure than BitTorrent.

Usenet Reliability vs Torrent Reliability


The Usenet server has an almost 100% uptime.

The length of time (longevity) of a file on Usenet depends on the retention of the servers (time in which the Usenet servers keep the files). Usenet providers invest in large amounts of storage in order to be able to retain articles over a longer period of time (up to 11 years of binary and text retention).


Torrent users are dependent on the site or forum that imposes its order.

You are limited by the number of seeds and their availability. If the seeds are not active, you will not be able to download the files.

Huge speed fluctuations when downloading files on Torrent.


Usenet Speed vs Torrent Speed


The main advantage of Usenet is speed.

Usenet servers allow extremely rapid file transfers. High speeds since you connect to servers that support speeds up to 1Gbit/s.

nzbget newshosting

You can download your maximum bandwidth instantly. No waiting time before downloading.

You'll always see Unlimited speeds whether the article was posted 30 days or 4,000 days ago.

Usenet services provide server clusters in North America and Europe, so servers are nearby to ensure fast speeds and low latency no matter where you are.


Compared to Usenet, torrent download speeds are usually mediocre. The speed varies depending on different factors: Other internet users + The nature and number of seeds and leeches.


Usenet Security vs Torrent Security


Security is another important aspect of Usenet. Connections to Usenet servers are protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

SSL stands for secure socket layer and is used to protect your information as it travels over the Internet.

In the last few years Usenet providers have begun to use the technologies to improve protection when viewing and downloading information from the Usenet newsgroups.


Security is another real problem with torrents and for many reasons:

Security is another real problem with torrents and for many reasons. First, Torrents open your computer to other computers, increasing the risk of malicious activity. When you use torrent software, you’re sharing your IP address with all the other users. Another security issue of torrents is the communication between your computer and the peer’s in not encrypted.

The torrent protocol is totally outmoded in this respect.

What we conclude from all of this is that Usenet is better than Torrent - Usenet is far superior when compared to torrenting:

  • Usenet can offer reliability that bittorrent can't match. The Usenet server has an almost 100% uptime.