Getting started with Usenet

New to Usenet? See The Beginners Guide

Usenet is a decentralized network and a popular distributed messaging and file sharing service. Usenet is also known by other names, such as NewsgroupsNews or Newsserver.

For decades, the Usenet service has connected users world-wide. Users post articles into newsgroups which are propagated widely by an overlay network of Usenet servers which are all linked and synchronized but fundamentally independent. There are many Usenet servers on offer. It’s important to subscribe to a premium Usenet provider for only a small fee.

A major attraction of Usenet is the incredible diversity and volume of content that is available.

What do people currently use Usenet for?

After three decades, Usenet is still alive. Usenet continues to be an important network service because of its distinct advantages over other data distribution systems: Torrents - One-Click-Hosters. Usenet is stealth, encrypted, anonymous and fast. Usenet outperforms the P2P-based systems.

Usenet today

Usenet is far from dead. Usenet is constantly evolving. The fact is, the evolution of what Usenet has become is greater and stronger than it has even been before:

Stealth Usenet is spectacularly efficient. To understand the revival of Usenet we have to study how does Stealth Usenet work? You'll notice when downloading from Usenet, that a great many file names appear to be gibberish. These files have obfuscated names in order to hide their content and the use of stealth technology increases completion rate. Obfuscated filenames have made download errors extremely rare on Usenet – this practice makes Usenet 'Stealth'.

How to decipher and use these uploads? To de-obfuscate files, you need Usenet indexers. The indexers translate the obfuscated file name to the real file name. We can only recommend signing up for a bunch of them because each Usenet indexer unlocks different content. Each indexer can't de-obfuscate all posts.

Usenet traffic is increasing rapidly because Usenet provides an efficient way for users to distribute large multi-media files. The average daily volume of data transferred on Usenet is actually higher than ever.

Usenet has become increasingly easier over the years with feature rich Newsreaders or automation tools (CouchPotato - Sonarr - Radarr - Watcher). Automation tools can act as an in-between to coordinate nzbs from an indexer & send them to a downloading tool of your choice (SABnzbd or NZBGet).

New downloading process: NZBLNK (NZB Monkey - NZB Donkey) - File Group Link

Today, you can experience and enjoy Usenet without having to leave your newsreader. With Spotnet you can get files that you want from the Usenet system without leaving Usenet. In this way you can get the content that you want without relying on a traditional NZB Site. Spotnet 2.0 works entirely via Usenet with its own database. Spotnet is designed to be immune for website-takedowns.

Usenet is well alive and more capable than it has ever been. Usenet is still a major, high-performance network.

How to use Usenet? How to get started?

The first thing to consider, is signing up with a Usenet provider. The subscription allows you to download files available on the Usenet server.

If you are downloading files off of Usenet, the most important factors in selecting the best newsgroup server provider are:

Unlimited plan without data caps or throttling: Unlimited is unlimited without any asterisks. NO 'invisible cap' to unlimited plans

Speed: Another major deciding factor in favor of Usenet is its speed. Today’s Usenet servers allow extremely rapid file transfers, so you will probably be limited by the speeds offered by your internet service provider.

Newsreader: What is the best newsreader to use?. I always recommend custom newsreaders from Usenet providers

 The best Usenet providers of 2020 are Newshosting, Eweka, Tweaknews, UsenetServer and Vipernews.


My favorite Usenet provider is Newshosting which offers unlimited data transfers for $8.33 / Month.

Unlimited Usenet Plans inlude Exceptional binary retention, Uncapped speeds (1 GB/s), Free Newsreader with Search, US and EU NNTP servers, 30 SSL connections.


My Favorite European Usenet is Eweka.

Thanks to our partnership, NGProvider can offer the exclusive deal of unlimited access for just 7,50 € a month (regular price: 9,60 €)

This deal is for the Unlimited plan, which includes unlimited downloads, a free newsreader with integrated search, 20 SSL-secured connections and 4,200 days of retention.


Tweaknews is currently offering unlimited newsgroup access to NGProvider visitors for € 7,50 /mo billed annually. Tweaknews is a very good alternative. Tweaknews comes with great features (3,400+ days of retention - Speed: up to 1 GB/s - Free newsreader), including a free VPN subscription.


Usenetserver is the better way to get cheap Unlimited Usenet-access. One year at only $95.40 which comes out to $7.95 per month.


Vipernews is cheap. Vipernews is a TOP choice if a good price is your top priority.

Additionally, you need a Usenet Newsreader client which will handle the .NZB files needed to download the file.

newshosting free newsreader

Downloading files using the free Usenet browser offered by Newshosting is very simple to use and is very powerful:

Free with a Newshosting Usenet plan or you can try it for free with a 14 day Newshosting Usenet trial

NZB Files with obfuscated names supported

Good software will also have an integrated search feature

You can browse Usenet newsgroups and look for files. Usenet readers primarily exist for the purpose of browsing newsgroups. Here are of the most important binary newsgroups out there right now: alt.binaries.boneless - - alt.binaries.ath - alt.binaries.hdtv - alt.binaries.u-4all

Automatic search: Searches can be automated to look out for specific results and automatically download them, for instance.

Preview movies + Thumbnail View before downloading a video

NZBGet free newsreader

NzbGet is one of the best free newsreader clients out there. NZB Files Supported - Automatically repair and extract - Multiservers

sabnzbd free newsreader

NZB Files Supported - Automatically repair and extract 

Now you’re free to start downloading. To find content easier choose one of the best NZB sites that are available today. Many files posted to Usenet nowadays have obfuscated file names, these Usenet indexers will translate the obfuscated file name to the real file name.

NZBGeek 5-etoiles

NZBForyou 5-etoiles

NZBPlanet 5-etoiles

NZBFinder 5-etoiles

NZBGrabit 4-etoiles

Omgwtfnzbs 4-etoiles

All NZB Sites

Putting it all together

This guide will assume that you’ve chosen Newshosting as your Usenet provider, Newshosting's newsreader as your newsreader (but you can use any newsreader you want to connect to Usenet. Other good newsreaders include SABnzbd and NZBGet) and NZBGeek as your Usenet indexer.

  1. Login to your Newshosting account and download the Newsreader.
    Newshosting newsreader download

  2. Select the appropriate operating system to start the download. In my case, I chose Windows.
    Get free newshosting newsreader

  3. After installing the newsreader, log in using your Newshosting credentials.
    newshosting 2.6.3

  4. Usenet is now available and you can do a NZB search on NZBGeek

All you need to do is search for what you’re looking for, select the relevant posts, download the .nzb file NZBGeek presents and open it in your Newsreader

Search for content on NZBGeek

search nzbgeek

Download an NZB file - Click the cloud icon to start your NZB download. cloud icon

Now you can give this NZB file you have to Newshosting Newsreader and it will download everything automatically, and even decompress and repair it when needed.

Newshosting newsreader obfuscated files

As you can see above, the video files are downloading at a speed of 39 MB/s which is 312 Mbps.

All the movies we downloaded worked perfectly well, obfuscated releases has made download errors extremely rare.