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  • Exceptionnal completion rates. During our testing, Eweka delivered comparably high completion rates. I recommend Eweka for anyone that doesn't want to worry about completion. Currently I' m using eweka with a 99% completion which is pretty excellent!.

  • Unlimited downloads with uncapped speeds.

  • Free newsreader with search. Search, preview, and download with a free copy of Newslazer. Full NZB-import functionality is also included.

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Usenet Providers for Netherlands

What to consider for Netherlands Usenet Provider?. Six things really matter when choosing Netherlands Usenet Providers:

  • Retention: Usenet retention is the measure of how long your Usenet provider keeps files and text in newsgroups. So if you want to get more executables, videos, audio, and pictures that have been shared on Usenet, you need higher retention.

  • Speed: This is another area where your Usenet provider will make a difference. Depending on the quality of their servers and connections, you might experience drastically different speeds. Fortunately, there is a correlation between Usenet speed and Usenet retention in most cases. The longer they store articles, the better their servers, and the faster their connections, generally.

  • Reliability: Tier-1 Providers typically have the best reliability (equipment reliability and redundancy). Tier-1 providers have their own hard drives, NNTP servers, and traffic routes.

  • NTD policy: NTD allows for a longer takedown timeframe than DMCA does. Generally Usenet provider located in the Netherlands are subject to the NTD. Except Usenet providers that resell access from a Tier-1 provider based in USA are subject to the DMCA’s ruling since the business itself is in the USA. What is DMCA-NTD? Infringing content is required to be removed by the common service provider after notice is given. Some of the providers seem to attract more notices than others but all of the big Usenet providers comply with DMCA-NTD notices. The main difference is in the execution of requests, which is longer and less systematic in Europe

  • Pricing: Affordability and flexibility in plans are essential for budget-conscious users. Netherlands Usenet providers are well known for their competitively priced USENET plans.

  • Privacy: Netherlands Usenet providers take privacy seriously (SSL encryption - zero log policy). Some Usenet providers accept Bitcoin as payment, which is a real plus for those want to protect their privacy as much as possible.


TOP three Usenet providers in the Netherlands

  1. Eweka is my preferred Usenet provider for a few reasons: High retention rates, Very fast provider based in the Netherlands and comes with a great Usenet client.

  2. Vipernews is a reliable, independent dutch provider with excellent download speeds. One of the few Usenet providers that accepts anonymous Bitcoin payments for Usenet access

  3. Tweaknews is a good choice. Tweaknews is a Dutch Usenet provider with some of the fastest connections in Europe.

Best usenet netherlands

Best European Usenet: Detailed Comparison 

EWEKA 5,400 days €7.00  Tier-1 network NTD 7 days - Unlimited access Free SSL encryption with all accounts  Eweka comes bundled with NewsLazer  
VIPERNEWS 1,500 days €1.79 to €3.59  Tier-1 network NTD 7-day money-back guarantee Free SSL encryption with all accounts    accepts Bitcoin anonymous payments 
TWEAKNEWS 4,200 days €7.00  Tier-1 network NTD 7 days - 50GB Free SSL encryption with all accounts  Yes  
USENETBUCKET 1,600 days €2.61 to €11.49    DMCA none Free SSL encryption with all accounts    accepts Bitcoin anonymous payments 
EXTREMEUSENET 2,200 days €2.50 to €17   DMCA none Free SSL encryption with all accounts     
STINGYUSENET 2,400 days €4.95   DMCA none Free SSL encryption with all accounts    accepts Bitcoin anonymous payments 
USENETFARM 1,500 days €7.95 Tier-1 network NTD 10GB Free SSL encryption with all accounts    accepts Bitcoin anonymous payments