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☞ USENET has been around for decades, but nowadays it has become more popular because USENET (Newsgroup) is fast, secure and decentralized. USENET increases in popularity, USENET is greater and stronger than it has even been before. To get started with USENET, the first thing you need is a reliable USENET service provider and there is many USENET providers available in the market.

☞ USENET is a world-wide distributed internet discussion system that allows anyone to download NZB files. More and more people discover the advantages of using Usenet:

Ease of use - Downloading files from Usenet is easy. Usenet isn’t difficult to use at all.

Cheap - Access to USENET is very affordable.

Incredibly fast - USENET is built for speed. USENET will max out your broadband connection.

Secure - USENET is available via TLS/SSL encrypted connections.

Pricacy - USENET providers do not keep logs of your activity.

☞ NGProvider reviews, tests all the Best USENET Servers constantly. We’re going to highlight TWO OF THE MOST POPULAR USENET providers here



︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽

Get a 1 year Newshosting account + 60 connections + free newsreader with search + free Zero-log VPN for $8.33/mo ($99.99/yr) - 58% Off (normally $239.28)

Newshosting features:

➜ Direct Tier-1 USENET access
Fastest network ✔
US & EU server farms ✔
Industry's best binary and text retention (largest searchable USENET archive) ✔
Free newsreader with USENET search
100% Unlimited downloads (no download caps) ✔
100% Unlimited speed (no speed caps or throttling) ✔
60 connections ✔
Free Zero-Log VPN account ✔
Free SSL encryption ✔
110,000+ newsgroups ✔
99%+ download completion ✔

Read our Newshosting review to learn more. 



︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽ ︽

Get a 1 year Eweka account + free newsreader with search for 7 €/mo (€84/yr) - 27% Off (normally €115,20/yr)

Eweka features:

Tier-1 USENET access ✔
Unlimited downloads ✔
Unlimited speed ✔
100% Unlimited downloads (no download caps) ✔
Free newsreader with integrated search ✔
Free SSL encryption ✔
EU servers ✔
Over 10 years retention ✔
50 connections ✔
99.99%+ download completion ✔
Eweka offers 7 days free trial to all its new customers ✔FREE TRIAL

Read our Eweka review for more details.


What is Usenet - Question About Usenet ?

USENET is a decentralized network and a popular distributed messaging and file sharing service. USENET is also known by other names, such as NewsgroupsNews or Newsserver. For decades, the USENET service has connected users world-wide. Users post articles into Newsgroups which are propagated widely by an overlay network of USENET servers which are all linked and synchronized but fundamentally independent.

USENET is a wonderful service for finding and downloading files. A major attraction of USENET is the incredible diversity and volume of content that is available. Usenet traffic is increasing rapidly because Usenet provides an efficient way for users to distribute large multi-media files.

① USENET is fast

➩ USENET is known for its extremely high speed, many USENET providers allow you to connect to their servers at speeds as fast as your Internet connection will allow. While computers and internet connections became faster, the need for utilizing your max download speed became a natural fact. Today’s USENET servers allow extremely rapid file transfers, so you will probably be limited by the speeds offered by your internet service provider.

Neutral network

② USENET is easy

➩ With NZB sites you can search and download any content on USENET. Finding content is easy with NZB Sites. NZB Sites make USENET simple, accessible to anyone. Just download the NZB (An NZB file lists content that Newsreader can download from Usenet) and your newsreader should automatically associate your downloaded NZB files, and begin downloading them when you open them. USENET has become increasingly easier over the years with feature rich Newsreaders or automation tools (CouchPotato - Sonarr - Radarr - Watcher). Automation tools can act as an in-between to coordinate nzbs from an indexer & send them to a downloading tool of your choice (SABnzbd or NZBGet).

③ USENET takes privacy very seriously

➩ The Usenet network is also reactive to users' needs: security, anonymity and confidentiality. Respect for network neutrality is an essential value of Usenet. This is why many News Service Providers guarantee their users no surveillance of their activity (no monitoring), no user data stored and the possibility to pay anonymously (Bitcoin & Usenet). USENET network is also secured by 256Bit SSL so no company can track your downloads. SSL means that all data passed from Usenet provider's servers to the customer's computer is encrypted.

④ USENET is cheap

➩ Access to USENET is very affordable, you can subscribe to a premium USENET provider for only a small fee. Looking for a Usenet account but don't want to spend much money? We aim to offer end users access to Usenet at affordable rates without making any concessions to quality or reliability. and you can try usene

⑤ USENET vs Torrent

➩ After three decades, USENET is still alive. Usenet continues to be an important network service because of its distinct advantages over other data distribution systems: Torrents - One-Click-Hosters. USENET is stealth, encrypted, anonymous and fast. USENET outperforms the P2P-based systems. You can download your maximum bandwidth instantly. No waiting time before downloading.

⑥ USENET's content 

USENET is a great platform for content. Today, USENET is quite possibly the largest platform for sharing files and the USENET library really is enormous. Over the past few years, a gigantic amount of data has been stored on USENET and data posted on USENET remains until it is deleted. Currently top USENET providers surpass 4,300 days of binary retention. In other words, you can access files that were uploaded to Usenet in 2009. There are more than 35TB of data posted every single day in uploads! The amount of content on USENET is absolutely massive, there are videos, audio files, Apps, Games. Even rare or older content can be found most of the time.

USENET is diverse

USENET is the only network with such diverse ways of activity. You can exchange news, ideas, information and download content. USENET is a cross between a Social Network (Uncensored USENET discussions covering the humanities, the sciences, business, politics, computers and other areas) and the ultimate file-sharing platform (USENET offers full and unrestricted download).

⑧ USENET is constantly evolving

➩ USENET TODAY (aka USENET 2.0) is far from dead. The fact is, the evolution of what USENET has become is greater and stronger than it has even been before. USENET is now stealth (Obfuscated). Stealth USENET is spectacularly efficient. To understand the revival of USENET we have to study how does Stealth USENET work? You'll notice when downloading from USENET, that a great many file names appear to be gibberish. These files have obfuscated names in order to hide their content and the use of stealth technology increases completion rate. Obfuscated filenames have made download errors extremely rare on USENET – this practice makes USENET 'Stealth'.

⑨ USENET Today

Today, Usenet has grown to enormous proportions. The average daily volume of data transferred on USENET is actually higher than ever.

☆ Usenet is still a major, high-performance network ☆

USENET is built on two major concepts: Completion, the percentage of files available on USENET, and the speed at which you can gain access to these files available. USENET is definitely worth a look if you’re interested in easy and fast file downloads. USENET is a wonderful service for downloading movies and all kinds of other content.

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