Best Usenet Providers of 2018

us Usenet service providers that are based in the U.S.

- Newshosting 5/5 - Newshosting review
- UsenetServer 5/5 - UsenetServer review
- Easynews 5/5- Easynews review
- UsenetExpress 4/5 - UsenetExpress review
- Newsgroupdirect 4/5 - Newsgroupdirect review
- Newsdemon 4/5 - Newsdemon review

nl European (Dutch) based Newsgroup Services we can recommend:

- Eweka Usenet 5/5 - Eweka review
- Tweaknews 5/5 - Tweaknews Review
- ExtremeUsenet 5/5 - ExtremeUsenet Review
- UsenetBucket 4/5- UsenetBucket review
- Usenet.Farm 4/5 - Usenet.Farm review
- XSNews 4/5 -
XSNews review


With NGProvider you can find latest Usenet Special Offers. The best Usenet deals around, all in one place.

- 2018 Usenet Black Friday
- Best Usenet Special Offers 2018
- Best Usenet Deals 2018
- Best Deals on Block Usenet Plans

Compare the best Usenet providers

NGProvider reviews, tests all the Best Usenet Servers constantly, and below are our recommended providers for 2018.

- Our favorite Usenet provider
- Favorite European Usenet provider
- Top 5 USENET Providers
- 25 Usenet Providers Reviewed
- Best Usenet providers for each backbone
- Best combination of Usenet providers

Usenet provider free Trials

Complete listing of all available Usenet trial accounts. Sign up for a free trial and don't forget to read the terms and conditions on website. In addition to free usenet trials we have Free Usenet Server (ISP + Free Usenet servers)

- Eweka Eweka Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 7 days.
- Tweaknews Tweaknews Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 10 days
- Newshosting 14 days of free service (up to 30 GB total transfer)
- UsenetServer 14 days of free service (up to 10 GB total transfer) - XSNews 14 days of free service
- UsenetFarm 10 GB
- Usenetbucket 7 days / 20 GB

What is Usenet?

Question about Usenet. What is Usenet?. How does Usenet work?

- Stealth Usenet
- Usenet backbones
- Usenet is the fastest network
- Usenet is secure
- Usenet privacy
- Usenet anonymity
- Usenet retention
- Usenet completion
- Usenet vs Torrent
- Usenet resources

How To Use Usenet

The How-To Guide On Getting Started With Usenet

- How to Get Started with Usenet
- How To Kick Your Torrent Addiction With Usenet
How to choose the right Usenet provider for you
- How To Find Files On Usenet

Usenet for our European readers

The following links provide help to Usenetters:

- Usenet in Netherlands
- Usenet in Germany

Finding Content in Usenet

Searching for content on Usenet is easy. You can find hundreds of terabytes of content on Usenet. How To Find Content In Usenet? Recommended Newsgroup Newsreaders for easy and efficient downloading

- NZB Files
- Usenet Indexing Sites
- Usenet NZB search engines
- NZB Sites
- Usenet articles missing
- CouchPotato with Usenet

Usenet clients

Recommended Newsgroup Newsreaders for easy and efficient downloading

- Usenet Clients
- Newshosting Client Review
- Sabnzbd Review
- Spotnet 2.0
- Grabit Review

Usenet Network

Usenet is a decentralized network, it works by each Usenet server sharing its information with all the other servers on the network. This propagation across servers makes Usenet an ideal place for storing information and data of all types.

- Current Usenet Map
- Tier-1 Usenet Providers and Usenet Resellers
- Usenet News Server Addresses
- Spotnet protocol

Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Sinterklaas deals on Usenet server subscriptions

2018 Black Friday / Cyber Monday-Week USENET Deals / Holiday promotions

Here's our list of Sinterklass Usenet Deals to save money and improve your Usenet experience

new gif2018 Usenet Sinterklaasnew gif

eweka sinterklaas

Get 1 year High-Speed subscription account for 60 € (5 €/mo.)

A short overview of Eweka:

  • Pure Dutch Usenet Access and backend - Tier-1 Provider
  • EU Based servers, not subject to US DMCA laws. Eweka is under the NTD-behavioural code
  • Flat rate account - Speeds up to 300 Mbit/s
  • Free Newsreader with Search
  • Over 10 years retention - Their binary retention far exceeds other services located in the region.
  • 20 connections
  • Free secure downloads thru SSL, maximum security
  • Free newsreader with integrated search

Eweka provides an excellent service. Our favorite european provider. They were chosen based on their excellent completion rates, impressive retention and thanks in no small part to its low price. They have recently added a Newsreader (Newslazer).

Get a 1 year Ultimate account + zero-log VPN access for 60 € (5 €/mo.)

Tweaknews is a complete Usenet option:

A Dutch provider: EU Based servers are not subject to US DMCA laws. Its location is important: it answers to Dutch jurisdiction, not American. Tweaknews protected the privacy and rights of their subscribers

Tweaknews is a Tier-1 provider. They own their network (T1 USP) and therefore their own files.

Good retention: 2500 days (most usenet Service providers in Europe offer a maximum of 1200 days retention) lets Tweaknews users search for old indexed files

Speed: We tested Tweaknews using a Fiber connection (Hyperoptic). We were really impressed by the speeds obtained with 30 connections. I was maxing out at 70 MB/s!. 50 GB should be downloaded in no more than 10 minutes. Usenet utilizes your maximum available bandwidth! One of the major benefits of Usenet is speed.

Tweanews speed

Free Newsreader - UsenetWire provides you with a quick and easy way to find the content you’re looking for.

VPN included for free - Tweaknews VPN allows Torrents. Tweaknews VPN is a popular choice for torrent downloaders looking to keep their torrent traffic anonymous.


Get a 1 year Ultimate account + zero-log VPN access for $40

The coupons for this years Cyber Week sale are:

Yearly unlimited account for $40/yr. Coupon code 40BFY

Great deal on block accounts also! Coupon code 5For500 

At the price of $40 for unlimited use with SSL, UsenetExpress is a very good deal.

Holiday Season Specials

They offer a wide range of Usenet accounts to meet a variety of needs!: Unlimited and Blocks. 

Unlimited Usenet: Yearly $49.99/12 mo

250 GB Usenet Block: $9.99/one time

500 GB Usenet Block: $19.99/one time

1TB Usenet Block: $29.99/one time

Their block accounts are especially popular because theCubeNet block pricing is very competitive. Non-expiring block plans which are great for fills

A short overview of theCubeNet:

  • Unlimited and block accounts
  • 3,750+ Days retention
  • Free secure downloads thru SSL, maximum security
  • UNS Holdings backbone

xsnews sinterklaas

XSNews is offering a 40 % off on all annual subscriptions

Coupon: 18TREAT

A short overview of XSNews:

  • 1100+ Days retention
  • Free secure downloads thru SSL, maximum security
  • Very low pricing
  • Pure Dutch Usenet Access and backend - Tier-1 Provider
  • Free 14 day trial

XSNews is one of the last few independent European Usenet feeds. XSNews is a Tier-1 Provider based in Holland.


Visit their Blog. all is indicated

UsenetBucket - 30% Discount

30% off 365 day extension of existing account - code: 18BF30
20% off 90 day extenion of existing account - code:
15% off 30 day extension of existing account
- code: 18BF15

UsenetBucket promotions are for everyone - The only thing that a new user needs to do, is get a Free Bucket first

Did you know you can always renew your subscription? Usenetbucket will just add the new days on your current bucket so you're never paying double! 

Usenetserver black friday 2018

Get one year at $47.40 5-etoiles

That works out to just $3.95/mo a month.

A short overview of UsenetServer:

  • 14 day/10 GB free trial included
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Uncapped speeds
  • Days Retention
  • Free Usenet Search + NZB Creator called 'UNS Global Search'
  • Free Zero-Log VPN account
  • Free SSL encryption
  • US & EU servers
  • 20 connections
  • 99,99%+ download completion

UsenetServer offers not only a low cost access to usenet but also a very high quality of service. Put an end to false economy! UsenetServer is one of the preferred server of NGProvider. And if a good price is your top priority, UsenetServer is offering completely unlimited access for only $47.40/year ! But it is not just the price -- the service is excellent as well. 


Newshsoting black friday 2018

Signup for one year at $50 / year

That works out to just $4.17 a month.

A short overview of Newshosting:

  • Tier-1 Provider - Newshosting has servers in the USA and Europe (NL and DE)
  • Newshosting offers members a premium newsreader with integrated search. NewsHosting Browser V 2.6.3 also implements a service called "Backup NNTP". The general idea is that you can add a block account from Tweaknews to help you get downloads that Newshosting doesn't have for various reasons. Tweaknews will work well to complete some remaining parts of files.
  • Free zero-log VPN account
  • Industry-best retention: Days retention
  • Free secure downloads thru SSL, maximum security
  • Free upgrade to 50 connections (normally 30)

NewsHosting is our favourite Usenet access since Newshosting is well adapted to the new Usenet network and to its users' expectations: Best Completion and Unlimited downloads-Uncapped speeds

Best Completion - 99%+ download completion

Newshosting is the best Usenet Service Provider to get 100% completion. The completion of 100% of your files is still possible on Usenet. If you combine Newshosting with Randomized Usenet nzb files, you are all set. I haven't had huge issues with completion. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to download about anything. Downloading from Usenet today is easier than ever before with NewsHosting Newsreader. Randomized Usenet nzb files are supported on Newshosting newsreader. If my Newshosting client can't extracts them, i double click on the par2 file it will be able to rename.

Unlimited downloads-Uncapped speeds

With Newshosting Newsreader you can download unlimited files at unlimited speed and it’s as easy as point, click, download. There are no limits on speed or data with Newshosting. The unlimited package really is unlimited. No hidden barriers, NO INVISIBLE CAPS. The 3 servers from Newshosting will let you use the maximum of your bandwidth.

newshosting speed

Cyber Week Sale!

The coupons for this Cyber Week sale are:

CM2018 gives 50% discount on our "Stingy" and "To The Max" package
CM2018BLOCK gives 30% discount on their 500GB package

If you have no account with Usenet.Farm, start a trial (free 10GB) and then make a payment.

ExtremeUsenet is currently giving a 25% discount with coupon BFCM18

A short overview of ExtremeUsenet:

  • Flat rate accounts
  • 1200+ Days retention
  • Free secure downloads thru SSL, maximum security
  • Very low pricing
  • Pure Dutch Usenet Access and backend - BaseIP backbone
  • Usenet Account sharing authorised

ExtremeUsenet is a TOP choice if a good price is your top priority, then a Dutch location can be beneficial.


newsdemon cyberweek 2018

NewsDemon Cyber Monday Specials are now live!

Special 1 Unlimited Access + VPN
$40 for 14 months

Special 2 4TB Non-expiring Block $40

Special 3 1TB Non-expiring Block $10

Special 4 Unlimited Monthly $3.75/months Unlimited + VPN

Newsdemon offers unlimited speeds and secure access to over 107,000 uncensored groups. Features include 50 simultaneous 256-Bit SSL Connections, 99% Completion, and long retention (3752+ Days Retention).


NewsGroupdirect Cyber Monday Specials are now live!
  • Deal 1: 1TB for $10

  • NewsgroupDirect is the best Usenet Service Provider for blocks accounts.
  • Deal 2: Yearly unlimited for $36 - At the price of $36 for unlimited use with SSL, Newsgroupdirect is a very good deal.


EasyUsenet is currently giving a 40% off on (almost) all packages with promocode 18BLFR

A short overview of EasyUsenet:

  • Flatrate packages + Block accounts
  • 1100+ Days retention
  • Free secure downloads thru SSL, maximum security
  • Very low pricing
  • Free 5 day trial

EasyUsenet provides an excellent service: a Dutch provider (EU Based servers are not subject to US DMCA laws)