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Eweka Holiday Deal 2023

☛ If you are looking for the simplest, most efficient solution for accessing and searching for articles on Usenet, try EWEKA. EWEKA offers the best retention and completion rates on the market with no speed limits.

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You can sign up for EWEKA here. If you want a strong all-rounder of a Usenet service, then look no further than this provider. You won’t get any better for speed or completion if you buy Eweka USENET.

☛ This service includes everything:

  • Very high retention with complete article availability on every newsgroup. EVERY binary and text newsgroup on Eweka has 5600+ days of retention, giving you access to BILLIONS of more posts than over USENET providers. Higher the retention period, the easier the finding of the content.

  • Exceptionnal completion rates. During our testing, Eweka delivered comparably high completion rates. I recommend Eweka for anyone that doesn't want to worry about completion. Currently I' m using eweka with a 99% completion which is pretty excellent!.

  • Unlimited downloads with uncapped speeds.

  • Free newsreader with search. Search, preview, and download with a free copy of Newslazer. Full NZB-import functionality is also included.

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Best Dutch Usenet Providers

Why Netherlands Usenet Server Farms?. If you live in Europe (Netherlands - Germany - UK - France - Belgium), it makes sense to use Dutch Usenet services. Generally for European users, your best bet for completion and speed are the European News Server Farms.

How to choose the best Dutch Usenet providers?.

To enjoy a smooth and hassle-free USENET experience, here are 2 essential things:

  • Completion: If you’re concerned with file availability, you should seek Dutch Usenet services. EU based Usenet Servers get excellent completion for alt.binaries. European Usenet servers are subject to NTD (Notice of Take Down) requests. European USENET servers have around 5 business days to remove infringing material once noticed (NTD compliance). Based in the Netherlands helps to maximize completion rates.

  • Speed: Speed is another thing to consider when choosing your Usenet service. Location will determine how fast you can find an article and download it. If you live in Europe (Netherlands - Germany - UK - France - Belgium), you should look for a Usenet provider with Netherlands Server Farms.


European newsgroup providers

List of the top European (Dutch) Usenet providers 

Eweka is our favorite Dutch Usenet service. Eweka currently has connection points in the Netherlands only.

Only with Eweka can users access a full feed of user-driven content, get the best download completion rate, and never have to wonder what articles might be missing.

You can also try their service for free for 7 days with unlimited GB (free newsreader is also included).



    - Signup For Vipernews

Vipernews is a Usenet provider which offers EU Usenet access in both flat rate and block payment options. Vipernews offers some of the best prices we’ve seen from a leading European Usenet service.

If you want extremely fast speeds, then Vipernews is one of our top recommended option. Vipernews operates a fast and reliable independent network with multiple server clusters. Vipernews also delivers great article completion.

The Dutch Usenet provider offers a full 1,500+ days of retention.



Tweaknews provides fast Usenet access with high completion rates.

Dutch option with retention in line with Eweka



UsenetBucket is a premium European Usenet Provider and the only Usenet provider focusing Scandinavia and Europe. The service is fast and reliable.

UsenetBucket is similar to Vipernews in terms of binary retention. In addition to providing good retention, UsenetBucket also has strong completion rates.