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A List Of Usenet Providers that accept Bitcoin

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Usenet providers that accept bitcoins

USENET is easily the best networks in the world, one of the most reliable and one of the most secure networks. USENET is not dependent on any centralised authority. USENET is a wonderful service for finding and downloading files with maximum usage of bandwidth. Some USENET providers even accept Bitcoin for true anonymity.

Despite its roots and its vintage (it dates from 1979) USENET has not been left behind when it comes to technological advances. That is why USENET Service Providers adopted SSL to make USENET access safer for its clients. This technical improvement corresponds to a new desire by users to secure their data and keep all exchanges anonymous.

Bitcoin has the same advantages as an ultra-secure payment method that is both simple and confidential, keeping the identity of its users a secret. Bitcoin or BTC is a remarkable new development, an amazing, virtual currency. All Bitcoin transfers are public and yet the system allows the users total personal anonymity in a way that no other system could. Bitcoin transactions are fast, perfectly secure and irreversible. So several USENET Service providers now allow Bitcoin (or other crypto-currencies) as payment for a USENET account.

  • Vipernews provides cheap and high quality Usenet. Vipernews currently accepts all crypto's accepted by Coingate. Vipernews accepts Bitcoin and a bunch of other crypto's (all crypto's accepted by Coingate), so you can pay with your favorite cryptocurrency!. If you' re looking for something inexpensive and anonymous, this is a provider you might want to consider. Click here to sign up: Unlimited Access 43.08 €/year lifetime + 7-day money back guarantee!

  • UsenetExpress accepts bitcoin for those who want a more anonymous payment source. Block account can be bought in Bitcoin. Ideal for anonymous posting. UsenetExpress has understood Usenet users’ desires for anonymity and confidentiality.

  • For privacy conscious users Newsgroupdirect support bitcoin payments. Bitcoin is a real advantage because it doesn't need any personal data for anonymous posting.

  • BlockNews has positioned itself as a specialist provider for block plans. Block accounts can be bought in Bitcoin. Ideal for anonymous posting, especially as Blocknews encourages its users to post: “Free Uploads! Want to give back to the Usenet Community? Go for it!"

  • Usenet.Farm advises buying their usenet packages with Bitcoin and do not ask for any personal data.nBlock account can be bought in Bitcoin. Ideal for anonymous posting

  • StingyUsenet supports Bitcoin payments which allow users to stay as anonymous as possible. This European Usenet provider is also worth considering for your online privacy.

  • Usenetnow now accepting 22+ crypto currencies (incl. Bitcoin- Bitcoin Cash)

  • Frugalusenet is a popular inexpensive Usenet Provider.

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