Usenetbucket review

Usenetbucket review

UsenetBucket is a USENET provider that offers many great features at competitive prices. The service is best suited for those in the Netherlands and other areas of Europe.

UsenetBucket Features

Rating ✩✩✩✩

Corporate offices
based in Holland
Tier-1 Provider
Base IP
Unlimited downloads
Start from 2,95 €/month
Free Trial
Maximum download speed
400 mbit
SSL Connections
99 %
Server farms in the Netherlands
NNTP Retention
1,600 days
Shared account

A low-cost USENET provider 

Usenetbucket gives you access to unlimited downloads off of the Base IP backbone for an excellent price. Prices offered by UsenetBucket are some of the best: Prices are based on download speed. The faster the download, the higher the cost. From € 2,95 for the basic Bucket rate (15Mbit/s) to 12,95 € for the ultimate Bucket rate at 400Mbit/s.

Our TIP: In your user space you can find the “Promotions” tab for the latest special offers.


UsenetBucket Usenet review

There is also a free trial option available


Usenetbucket Free Trial info

UsenetBucket also offers a free Usenet trial to its users which gets you seven days of free access or 20 Gigabyte of traffic whichever you hit faster. No creditcard required for a free trial. Give it a try and see if it works out for you.





◣Reputable European Newsgroup provider

UsenetBucket is a Dutch USENET provider that offers many great features (SSL + 1,600 Days Retention Period + completion rate of 99%) at competitive prices. The key features are all there:

Competitive prices. 30 days for only €2,95. It's cheap, really cheap. UsenetBucket is an BaseIP reseller (NL backend company), European based server. In fact its main advantage lies in offering the best rates of all BaseIP resellers! If you just want a Dutch reseller to have a backup USENET service or to save money, then you might as well use the cheapest one. As a bonus, you receive all the same technical qualities as the other BaseIP resellers. Usenetbucket offers some of the cheapest and economical USENET service plans on the market. If you are unsure about this Dutch USENET Service provider then you can try the free trial offer of 20GB to get to know UsenetBucket.

Completion - With a completeness of more than 99% you will almost always be able to download your files!.

Retention - Their retention time is 1,600+ days, which is lower than many of their competitors.

Usenetbucket is fast. Whether you're connecting via regular DSL or a 1Gbps FttH connection, UsenetBucket will max out your broadband connection. Fastest plan caps out at 400Mbps. Speed (400 Mbit) matches up to their promise.

Usenetbucket speed

UsenetBucket takes privacy very seriously:

Possibility to pay anonymously. Bitcoin and Paysafecard (Europe only) are on offer.

No personal data: as long as the payment method is anonymous then user data doesn't mean anything. This is why they only need an email address to send you the technical details of UsenetBucket: address, port connections.

No Log No monitoring - "UsenetBucket does not monitor or record your activities online. We do not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from or what you put in news articles that you post."

SSL - All of UsenetBucket’s accounts come with SSL protection for secure access to files, which prevent ISPs and other snoops from viewing what users are downloading.

Technical support is ready in case of problems (in your user account you can contact them though the tab “Support Tickets”).