Easynews review

Best Web-based Usenet Newsgroup Provider

EasyNews offers a completely unique Newsgroup service unlike any other. Easynews offers both NNTP and Web-based services. Easynews’ standout feature is its useful browser-based interface. You can use to search for files and download the content on Usenet. The search feature of Easynews’ web interface is particularly powerful.

Easynews Features


Corporate offices
based in US
Tier-1 Provider
Free Trial
Maximum download speed
No speed caps
SSL Connections
99 %
Server farms in the US and Europe
NNTP Retention
5,500 days
Web Retention
5,500 Days Web Retention
Web-based reader allows users to search, download and read articles using only the browser provided with their operating system
Shared account

Easynews review

Easynews Review 2023

Easynews is for people that want a totally different Usenet experience than with other Usenet service providers:

  1. Easynews offers a web-based interface which makes using Usenet very easy. Its web interface (no 'newsreader' software required) has been designed to make downloading binaries as easy as possible for new users. There are also many advantages over using standard NNTP 'newsreaders'. Users can also view media files as thumbnails, and also access an excellent search engine/NZB generator/header retrieval system.

  2. Easynews Unlimited NNTP. Unlimited NNTP which offers unlimited access to over 100,000 newsgroups, both text and binary. The Unlimited NNTP features 5,500 days of retention, secure SSL encrypted access and 60 connections, which is unrivaled by any other Usenet provider. Easynews NNTP access is very fast. Speeds were as fast as we expect from a Tier-1 provider. Our download speeds max out at 500 Mbps.

    EU Server: secure-eu.news.easynews.com

    easynews eu speed

    US Server: secure-us.news.easynews.com

    easynews us speed

Easynews: Plans and pricing

Easynews offers a wide range of Usenet plans based on your needs:

  • Easynews Annual - Unlimited Web Sownloads + Search + VPN + 7 Day Free Trial – $7.50/mo, making it pricier than most of the competition:

  • Easynews Monthly – 150 GB Web Downloads + Search + VPN + 7 Day Free Trial – $9.99/mo.  

  • TIP: Easynews is currently offering all new customers a 7 day, 50 GB free Usenet trial. Get a free trial account at Easynews and try the service for free.

You can get started with Easynews 7 day free trial. It is a great way to test the web interface and NNTP access free of charge. 
Easynews plans

For the best value by far, we recommend you sign up for their annual account. Not only will you save money, the membership comes with unlimited web search, downloads, and NNTP access for just $7.50 a month. Even better, the annual plan comes with no-log VPN acces for free.

#1 choice for Usenet search

Easynews comes with a great search feature. You can search for files quickly and easily across newsgroups. Filter by file type, extension, size, group name, and even video format. We found during our testing that Easynews provided excellent search results in terms of speed and accuracy. Speed and accuracy are the crucial performance criteria.

Easynews Usenet Search
Easynews-sneak-peak-advanced-search Easynews-sneak-peak-video
Easynews-sneak-peak-audio Easynews-sneak-peak-images

You can download files directly, using your web browser such as Edge, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Instead of downloading files directly in your browser, you have the option to get an NZB file that can be imported into your Usenet client software. If you want to use their NNTP service with SABnzbd of another Usenet client then you will need the following new server information.

United States NNTP server address:

Hostname (Non-SSL): news.us.easynews.com
Hostname (SSL): secure-us.news.easynews.com
SSL ports: 21, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 443, 563, 8000, and 8080

European NNTP server address:

Hostname (Non-SSL): news.eu.easynews.com
Hostname (SSL): secure-eu.news.easynews.com
SSL ports: 21, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 443, 563, 8000, and 8080

The Easynews web based picture viewer

Easynews is a great choice for who want to look at pictures. One of the greatest features of Usenet is the ability to look at and download a myriad of pictures and images on about any and every possible topic you can think of (old-fashioned cars - babes - Fractals Images). Easynews makes it very easy for their users to browse though the millions of pictures posted in Usenet and select only the ones they want for download. With a classic Newsreader it can be very difficult to find images.

For example, I searched for ‘beach babes’ and you can easily view thousands of pictures. We have never seen an easier way to browse through images and pictures on Usenet.

easynews beach babes

Easynews: Final verdict

For those who are new to Usenet and want the easy route, we recommend Easynews: Just search, preview and then watch or download.