TOP Usenet Providers

TOP USENET Providers

Listed below are our TOP 5 USENET providers for 2021 to improve your Usenet experience. Underneath the table, we’ll provide our criteria (retention, price, ssl, speed and completion) we use to rate Usenet providers.

Five Best USENET Providers: 


  2. EWEKA




NEWSHOSTING #1 rated USENET provider by NGPro

NewsHosting is a premium USENET provider offering Unlimited Newsgroup access (alt.binaries) with Newsreader.

Newshosting Pricing: Newshosting offers Unlimited USENET access for great prices. Newshosting also offers lifetime discounts for NGPro visitors.


Click here for the $9.99/month Newshosting Special Offer

Click here for the $99.99/year Newshosting Special Offer ($8.33/month, save 17%)

Completion: Completion rate is amazing with good USENET indexers.

Binary Retention of Newshosting: Over 4,550 days old articles are being kept on their servers (that over 12 years old) and it is still becoming more daily. Retention is one of the most important service features when choosing a USENET provider. It is recommended that you choose a provider that has the most retention. This will get you access to the most articles for the best search results and best download completions. 💯 FULL RETENTION

Newshosting Security: Encryption via SSL is included for free.

Speed of Newshosting: It is possible to get speeds of over 900 MBit, so downloading a complete Full BR takes only a few minutes.

Newsreader: Newshosting offers a premium newsreader for free.

It is overall the best Usenet provider


Eweka provides high quality USENET access. Eweka offers fast and unlimited USENET access at an affordable price with high retention rates.

Eweka Pricing: For 7 € per month, you can enjoy unlimited USENET access.

FREE TRIAL for EWEKA: Eweka Free USENET Trial includes unlimited downloads over 7 days. GET EWEKA FREE TRIAL

Completion: High level of completion across multiple Newsgroups is guaranteed. Eweka only follows NTD requests, therefore making article completion better.

Binary Retention of Eweka: Eweka's retention is currently 4,550 days (that's 11+ years) and is increasing day by day. This means you will always get access to a complete and growing database of USENET posts. 💯 FULL RETENTION

Eweka Security: Eweka gives free 256-bit SSL encryption to all subscribers.

Speed of Eweka: Eweka is offering unlimited download speeds on its most popular plan. Users can download articles as fast as their Internet connection allows them.

Newsreader: Eweka also offers Newsreader to its users.

Best Dutch USENET provider


Easynews is an awesome service with a cool web interface and Unlimited USENET Access with No Download or Speed Caps.

Providing a web interface for users to browse through and use, is a very beneficial feature when it comes to USENET service. It can be accessed from any tablet, phone or desktop through your web browser, which is unique considering USENET has generally always been limited to desktop computers.

Their interface provides Usenet search engine. File previews are included with your search results. By providing a full feed with absolutely zero throttling, only with Easynews can you get the most successful searches, every single time.

Easynews also includes unlimited NNTP USENET service with multiple US and EU servers, 60 connections, free SSL and some of the best binary and text retention available on the market. 

➜ 50GB free trial for Easynews is available here. This link will also get you a 75% lifetime discount plus unlimited downloads (normally caped at 150GB per month).

BEST for USENET search


UsenetServer certainly is the greatest USENET Newsgroups provider when it comes to cost.

UsenetServer Pricing: UsenetServer is known for offering the best price for premium unlimited USENET access. UseNetServer offers unlimited USENET from just $7.95 a month. $7.95/month for unlimited downloads is among the lowest we've seen and unlike some other providers UsenetServer truly offers Unlimited account.

Free trial for UsenetServer: If you’re not sure about this USENET provider, you can test it for 14 days before making your final decision. UsenetServer offers free trial for 14 days with 10 GB data. Simply follow this LINK to get started.

Completion: Never really have any completion issues with good Usenet indexers. And if a file doesn't complete, I can normally find another version on the indexer that will.

Binary Retention of UsenetServer: UsenetServer offers 4,550+ days of binary retention. High retention is an important feature because it determines how many Usenet posts you get access to. With this level of retention, which also grows daily, you get access to hundreds of billions of posts on UsenetServer’s servers compared to Usenet Providers that have low, limited retention. 💯 FULL RETENTION

UsenetServer Security: To make your downloads even safer, UsenetServer is offering Usenet with SSL encryption.

Speed of UsenetServer: The speed provided by UsenetServer is very good. With UsenetServer we were able to archive 900 Mpbs down which is amazing. So if you are looking for extremely high speeds, UsenetServer is for you.

Great retention rates, security, support and pricing makes UsenetServer an amazing value for anyone looking for Usenet service.

Best Short Term USENET Discount


Tweaknews is a Dutch USENET provider and one of the fastest providers in Europe. 

Tweaknews Pricing: Tweaknews offers unlimited speed and downloads. Tweaknews also offers various block accounts extending from 10 GB up to 500 GB in size. These plans are great options if you are looking for fills.

Free trial for Tweaknews: You can get a free trial of TweakNews for 10 days. Simply follow this LINK and you’ll have 10 days with unlimited downloads to test their service.

Completion: With 99% completion, the service is very dependable. TweakNews runs under European NTD rules, therefore making article completion better.

Binary Retention of Tweaknews: Tweaknews is now offering up to 4,200 days retention. Retention upgrade is across all newsgroups (text and binary newsgroups).. This represents a considerable increase from the 3,200 days' retention Tweaknews offered previously. 💯 FULL RETENTION

Tweaknews Security: Tweaknews offers all of it's users free usage of SSL encryption.

Speed of Tweaknews: We tested TweakNews to get an idea of how fast it can deliver downloaded binaries. Tweaknews provides speeds up to 1 GB/s, according to their site. We averaged 90 MB/s speeds!.

Newsreader: Tweaknews offers a free newsgroup reader to all customers.

Most complete European Usenet provider

What features are important when choosing a Usenet provider?. We have used the following criteria (retention, price, professionnalism, file completion, ...) to draw up a list of of the best Newsgroup servers to help you choose your Usenet provider.

Completion, retention and speed are the three most important factors. Completion rate may be the most important. The business of premium Usenet providers is generated primarily on their ability to offer excellent completion and retention rates, as well as their ability to offer very fast connections to users. 



USENET Completion

Completion is the most important factor to most USENET users. A good Usenet provider will have 99% Usenet completion throughout their Newsgroups. Importance of Usenet completion: Only with premium Usenet providers with FULL retention can users never have to wonder what articles might be missing. 

Completion issues can be overcome by takedown notices and limited retention.

Completion and Full retention go hand in hand. The longer a post is stored, the higher the completion rate.

FULL retention is important as it gives you access to more Newsgroup posts than a provider with limited retention. Lately some providers have begun advertising 'Popular retention': Meaning they say they have 1 year of retention, for example, but do not actually keep articles for that long if they are not 'requested' by enough users on their servers in a specific point in time. If they need space, they can delete older files to make room which result in a Limited retention.

USENET Binary retention

When choosing a Usenet provider, retention is a key factor. Retention measures the number of days archived binary or text data is stored on a server, and is one of the most important features a provider can offer because a higher retention number means more access to more articles, more successful searches, and more complete downloads. For example, if you are looking for a file that was uploaded 3000 days ago, but the server only has retention of 1200 days, you won’t be able to find and/or download that file. The leading USENET providers offer over 4,500 days of retention


USENET uses the full bandwidth of your internet connection. Premium USENET Services Providers have invested in premium servers to ensure reliability and speed for its customers. To provide the best possible speed, we advice choosing Newsserver Farms in Europe (Netherlands and Germany) and North America. Premium USENET Service Providers have newsgroup servers in the United States and Europe. So you can always connect to the fastest server closest to you.


One more key factor that you should consider is the price. You can expect to pay about $8 per month for Usenet access. Some allow Usenet account sharing.

European USENET

USENET providers which are not based in the USA. No DMCA USENET Providers. European USENET Providers follow NTD


The best way to find out if USENET is right for you is to try the providers out with a free USENET trial account. If you subscribe for a free USENET trial with a USENET provider, you should take notes of the USENET providers conditions.

USENET Bitcoin

As virtual money, Bitcoin is very appropriate for the spirit of the USENET network which is also decentralised (with no central authority), also secured by SSL and lets the user remain anonymous!


PayPal offers ease and flexibility, accepting all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). Some USENET providers can no longer accept PayPal payments


These days a Newsreader is absolutely essential for an unlimited service. Some USENET service providers offer their own newsreader client free. With these Newsreader, there is nothing to configure—just login and begin your USENET experience

Tier-1 USENET provider

There are currently about 30 USENET access providers. They can be divided into two categories: Tier-1 USENET Providers and USENET Resellers. Tier-1 provider have their own servers, control their network themselves and sell on part of their network to resellers. They are independent and not a reseller.


Usenet security is a highly important factor to look for when choosing a USENET provider. One of the best features linked with a good USENET Provider is that which comes with a secure SSL encrypted accessibility to the users.

USENET Block accounts

A block Usenet access is a set allocation of download capacity. A block account is for someone that doesn't download much, or needs a backup for missing files.

USENET Privacy

Privacy is an essential value. This is why many News Service Providers guarantee their users no surveillance of their activity (no monitoring), no user data stored, No Log and the possibility to pay anonymously.