Best Usenet Providers of 2019

us Usenet service providers that are based in the U.S.

- Newshosting 5/5 - Newshosting review
- UsenetServer 5/5 - UsenetServer review
- Easynews 5/5 - Easynews review
- UsenetExpress 4/5 - UsenetExpress review
- Newsgroupdirect 4/5 - Newsgroupdirect review
- Newsdemon 4/5 - Newsdemon review

nl European (Dutch) based Newsgroup Services we can recommend:

- Eweka Usenet 5/5 - Eweka review
- Tweaknews 5/5 - Tweaknews review
- ExtremeUsenet 5/5 - ExtremeUsenet review
- UsenetBucket 4/5 - UsenetBucket review
- Usenet.Farm 4/5 - Usenet.Farm review
- XSNews 4/5 - XSNews review


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Compare the best Usenet providers

NGProvider reviews, tests all the Best Usenet Servers constantly, and below are our recommended providers for 2019.

- Our favorite Usenet provider
- Favorite European Usenet provider
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- Best Usenet providers for each backbone
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- Best combination of Usenet providers

Free Usenet Access

Free Usenet servers are rare but all major Usenet providers offer free trials for new customers.

- XSNews 14 days of free service
- Tweaknews Tweaknews Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 10 days
- Eweka Eweka Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 7 days.
- Newshosting 14 days of free service (up to 30 GB total transfer)
- UsenetServer 14 days of free service (up to 10 GB total transfer)
- UsenetFarm 10 GB
- Usenetbucket 7 days / 20 GB

The Best Usenet Providers in Europe 2019 (NO DMCA)

The 3 best European Usenet providers are compared side-by-side below. Underneath the table, we’ll provide some more extensive and specific information on European market + European Usenet vs USA Usenet. Then we’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed all of the Dutch Usenet providers to compile our list of the best European Usenet services of 2019.

Usenet Provider Monthly Price - Account Type  Features Learn More


7,50 € / Month 

Eweka Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 7 days.

Eweka is my recommended European Usenet provider.

Eweka features:

Tier-1 Usenet access (not a reseller)
Unlimited downloads
300 Mbps speed
Free newsreader with integrated search
Free SSL encryption
EU servers
Over 10 years retention
20 connections
99.99%+ download completion
Best European binary retention 

Read our Eweka review

Flatrate Usenet accounts:
10 Mbit 2.95 €
40 Mbit 4.95 €
400 Mbit 12.95 €

UsenetBUcket offers a 7 day 20GB free Usenet trial

Unlimited downloads + Uncapped speeds

Best rates of all BaseIP resellers!

Read our UsenetBucket review

7,50 € / Month 

Tweaknews Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 10 days.

Unlimited downloads + Uncapped speeds

Free zero-log VPN account

Binary retention now at 3,400 Days!. Retention upgrade benefits all TweakNews customers.

Read our Tweaknews review

Non US-based Usenet Providers - Dutch Usenet providers - NL provider - EU only provider

The Usenet network is an un-moderated worldwide network. To access it, you need an Usenet service provider to connect to all the servers that hold the millions of files and messages that are shared in different groups (Newsgroups).

Most Usenet service providers are based in the USA (Office/business location as well as the actual servers) and so are subject to American legislation which includes the US DMCA take-down rules. In the Unites States, Usenet providers have the official statute of Common Carriers (Operate as a telecommunications service) which gives them legal immunity: they are not responsible for the content existing on the network. However, they are required to remove a file within 48 hours if the DMCA requests them to do so for X reasons. All USA providers have to comply with DMCA takedowns.

But Usenet is a decentralised network so they are other existing servers based in Europe, for the most part located in The Netherlands. As long as the servers are in Holland (Dutch = Netherlands = NL) and the head office is registered outside of the States, they are known as Dutch Usenet Service providers (aka European Usenet Service providers). If either of the above is located in the US then the provider must follow American legislation.

In Netherlands, the DMCA does not exist (non dmca usenet), but there is something similar. Dutch Usenet providers have their own version. It's called: NTD Gedragscode (NOTD: Notice and Take Down). An Usenet Service Provider like Usenet.Farm (Strictly Dutch based Usenet) follow a Notice & Takedown Procedure that is similar to the DMCA takedown notice.

There are however some differences between the DMCA and NTD (alias NOTD):

  • DMCA requests are much more frequent than those of the NOTD (NTD-behavioural code). This explains why many files can be found on an NL Usenet provider rather than a US one.

  • Automated DMCA Takedowns. Some American Usenet Service providers use an automated process to take care of DMCA takedown notices: DMCA automation. In other words an automatic process (based on filters for names, file sizes…) is used to remove content even before a request from a rights holder. For NOTD, we understand that the process is manual.

  • For NOTD it can take much longer - up to 5 days - to remove files. Dutch providers vary on their takedown response times, but most at this time have a manual review process.

In final every Usenet Service Provider must respect the laws of the country (or international law) in which it is based.

Usenet access is essentially the same whether through a European or an American News Service provider. All servers that accept the binary hierarchy (alt binaries) are connected to each other and copy files to the letter. If a file is posted on an American Usenet server then it will be almost instantaneously duplicated on a European server (The propagation between servers is very rapid). This is the founding principle of usenet: a decentralised network with almost exactly the same content whatever the location or service provider. There are of course some differences:

  • Retention is much weaker with European servers than it is in the USA. Only Eweka (Europe-based services) can rival the retention of American providers.

  • News servers: American Usenet Service Providers often offer 3 connection addresses, one in the USA and anothers in Europe (The Netherlands + Germany). Usenet Service providers in Europe have just one News server in Europe!

  • Speed: If you connected from America or Asia, the downside of non-US servers is a (sometimes) wider speed variance depending on the hour of day.

  • There are different rates: In the USA most offer unlimited packages. In The Netherlands Usenet Flatrate Accounts are often utilised: pay only for speed desired

  • The DMCA: Irrelevant to European Usenet Service Providers as long as the head office and the servers are located outside of the USA. Usenet Service Providers that resell access from a Back-end Usenet provider based in Europe are nevertheless subject to the DMCA’s ruling since the business itself is in the USA. Equally some Usenet Service Providers have a Dutch site but still have to abide by the DMCA since they make use of US servers (resellers of American USPs are indirectly controlled by American law).

Should I use both US and EU versions of a provider for maximum block coverage?. There is no need to choose sides between providers in the USA and in Europe. In fact it can be advantageous to use both, as a principal server and emergency server (Backup / Fill Server / Slave server). Having multiple Usenet providers (or one main provider and one block account backup) increases the chances of you being able to find all the files you need. It may be missing on one provider but still there on another provider, particularly if your block account is a Dutch block.

Using both should increase your success rate because American and European are always on different backbones and European Usenet servers have around 5 business days to remove infringing material once noticed (NTD compliance). In all case Diversity is the Key: Different accounts on different backends. This Usenet Map will give you a help to choose.

Best combination of Usenet Providers for maximum availability?
My best combination is: NewsHosting Unlimited us + Tweaknews Block accounts nl. Using both should increase your success rate

Newshosting now offers Backup Server options on its newsgroup reader (NewsHosting Browser V 2.8.10 implements a new service called "Backup NNTP" ). As backup server, users can only add a Tweaknews Plans, which provides access to Tweaknews backbone.

Refer to this table to find European Usenet Service Providers with servers principally based in Holland (Dutch = Euro = EU = Netherlands = NL) along with the main headquarters of the business. Stricly Dutch based Usenet (or German) also called offshore operator (ie. not USA owned or based)

The Best European Usenet Servers of 2019

Best European Usenet Providers    

Eweka - Strictly Dutch based Usenet nl



Flatrate Usenet accounts:

Eweka Special offer: 300 Mbps 7.50 €/month

Usenet Trial

7 Days Free

Tier-1 provider

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Holland nl


Eweka Review

Our favourite! Eweka (European-based services) is an independent Usenet Service Provider that owns its servers.

Best European Usenet

Eweka has been around for a long time but is currently experiencing newfound popularity thanks to many American users looking for European Usenet access.

Eweka works as a Dutch business (Eweka Internet Services B.V.) and is subject to Dutch rules, European Based servers are not subject to US DMCA laws. Eweka protected the privacy and rights of their subscribers. Eweka is one of the last Usenet providers which strictly follows NTD

  • Price is very reasonable for the following package:
    • Eweka Special offer: 300 Mbit 7.50 €/month for those that want high speeds, low prices - Special NGPro visitors
  • Our tests were conclusive: Speed (300 Mbit) matches up to their promise, all on servers based in Amsterdam (Dutch-based Usenet servers). The retention is 3960+ days which makes it the best European provider for long retention. The site is translated into English, as is all technical support.

UsenetBucket - Strictly Dutch based Usenet



Flatrate Usenet accounts:
10 Mbit 2.95 €
40 Mbit 4.95 €
400 Mbit 12.95 €

Usenet Trial

7-day trial/20 GB

Back-end Usenet Provider: BaseIP

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Holland nl

UsenetBucket main page

Usenetbucket Review

UsenetBucket is the first Usenet provider that is operating in Scandinavia

UsenetBucket differs from its direct competiton because it accepts BitCoin as a payment method (Bitcoins are an increasingly popular way to pay on the internet - UsenetBucket uses Bitpay to process the payments. Bitpay will automatically use the current exchange value).

Otherwise, their rates and technical attributes are very similar to other European Usenet Service Providers.

About rates: they are one of the best value of all BaseIP resellers!! Since it is difficult to find a good second server, this is a major advantage. However it is a shame they do not offer block accounts.

On technical attributes: UsenetBucket offers retention of less than 1600 days.

Our tests were positive: good speed (50 connections) and 1600 days retention as promised. Tech support is has a fast response to any eventual problems

Tweaknews - Strictly Dutch based Usenet nl



Flatrate Usenet accounts:
Unlimited Speed 9.99 €/Mo

Block Usenet accounts:
10 GB 2 €
50 GB 7 €
100 GB 13 €
250 GB 30 €
500 GB 45 €

Usenet Trial

10 Days Free

Tier-1 provider

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Holland nl

Home  TweakNews

Tweaknews Review

TweakNews is a Dutch company and operates under Dutch law. Tweaknews is a Tier 1 provider and uses different servers from Eweka (Tier 1 provider), UsenetBucket (BaseIP Backbone) or XSNews (Tier 1 provider)

Tweaknews can then be used as a primary server (Tweaknews is currently offering unlimited newsgroup access to NGPro visitors for 9,99 €/Mo) or a secondary one thanks to its block accounts.

With Tweaknews block packages and Newshosting (my favorite unlimited full-speed provider) you can get an excellent completion rate. NewsHosting Browser V 2.8.10 implements a new service called "Backup NNTP". The general idea is that you can add a block account from Tweaknews to help you get downloads that Newshosting doesn't have for various reasons. Tweaknews will work well to complete some remaining parts of files. Essentially Newshosting gives you a main server and capacity to add Tweaknews as a backup server on their Newsreader.

Tweaknews provides Free Newsreader by UsenetWire. These days a Newsreader is absolutely essential. A newsreader enables you the leverage all of the capabilities the Usenet has to offer in the binary newsgroups. You download binary files without having to leave the newsreader.

TweakNews also provides a free VPN service to all users. Tweaknews VPN lets you search for any missing files on other networks in total security. Tweaknews VPN allows Torrents. Tweaknews VPN is a good choice for torrent downloaders looking to keep their torrent traffic anonymous.

You can check out their technical side (3400 days binary retention + Free SSL) thanks to a generous free trial offer: 10 days Free

ExtremeUsenet - Strictly Dutch based Usenet nl



Flatrate Usenet accounts (sharing is allowed):
4 Mbit 4 €
8 Mbit 5 €
12 Mbit 6 €
20 Mbit 6.50 €
30 Mbit 7 €
60 Mbit 8 €
120 Mbit 10 €
150 Mbit 12 €
200 Mbit 14 €
300 Mbit 17 €

Discount Packages * (sharing is allowed):
12 Mbit 2.50€
20 Mbit 4.50 €
30 Mbit 5 €
60 Mbit 6 €

* You can choose between 3 time zones. The time zones are: 0:00 to 12:00 or 02:00 to 14:00 or 04:00 to 16:00 with GMT+1.

Back-end Usenet Provider: BaseIP

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Holland nl


ExtremeUsenet Review

Based in Holland, a reseller of BaseIP. In a very competitive German-Dutch market (much more so than in the USA) with rock-bottom prices: As well as the 24/24 (All Unlimited) rates, ExtremeUsenet offers “Discount Packages” that let you save up to 60% (for example the 12Mbit package costs $2.50) by only downloading during certain periods of the day.

Account sharing is available on all packages

Retention is low at 1200 days but you can grab a block account from Newsgroupdirect to fill in when you need more.

In our experience this is one of the most solid service on the market with their reasonable prices. Easy to register to as it's in english. What’s more, our tests have been positive in terms of retention and connection speed, which matched up to their promises.

XSNews - Strictly Dutch based Usenet nl



Flatrate Usenet accounts:
8 Mbit 5.95 €
20 Mbit 7.50 €
Unlimited Mbit 10.95 €

Block Usenet account:
20 GB 9.95 €
100 GB 34.95 €
1000 GB 124.95 €

Usenet Trial

14 days free trial This is unique in the market.

Tier 1 provider

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Holland nl

xsnews_nl_Home Page

XSNews Review

XSNews is one of the last few independent European Usenet feeds. XSNews is a Tier-1 Provider based in Holland that sells packages for many Usenet resellers.

XSNews also has offers access for individuals. XSNews offers both flat rate and block accounts, which means you have a number of options. This is an advantage because you can access the XSNews network (and so files and parts of files on the network) as you want (Block or unlimited), and at modest prices.

We signed up to Elite package at 10,95 € / month and were really impressed by the speeds obtained with 30 connections. Compare XSNews vs anothers Netherlands-based newsgroup providers, it’s one of the fastest Usenet services we’ve tried, especially for Europe. The maximum speed of XSNews is around 800 Mbit/s, if that's enough for you I would recommend it.

Vipernews - Strictly Dutch based Usenet nl



Flatrate Usenet accounts (sharing is allowed):
10 Mbits 1.99 €
50 Mbits 2.99 €
Unlimited Speed 3.99 €

Block Usenet account:
500 GB 13,99 € (sharing is allowed)

Usenet Trial

All packages come with a free, unlimited 7-day trial without obligations

Tier-1 provider

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Holland nl

Vipernews Home Page

Vipernews Review

Vipernews is a new tier-one Usenet provider based in the Netherlands. Vipernewsis a a truly independent European Usenet feed. Vipernews owns a network in Amsterdam.

Vipernews uses a similar method as all other Dutch Usenet providers do by providing newsgroup plans depending on speed. They have three basic plans.

The first plan is a 10 Mbit/s plan.

The first plan is a 50 Mbit/s plan.

For people who need a faster connection they have an Unlimited speed plan.

You can now buy a 500GB block account for just € 13.99 (Posting is allowed on this block account, and not deducted from your block).

Vipernews provides a free 7-day trial with Unlimited downloads.

No matter which of the plan you subscribe for, all their subscribers gain access to 100 days of binary retention.

Payment options – members can subscribe to the service with a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard), iDEAL, Coingate, SOFORT and Paypal.

Here are the pros and cons of Vipernews:


Lowest Usenet Plans Prices. Vipernews is very cheap: The first packages starting at € 1.79/mo.

NTD policy, therefore making article completion better.


    Low retention - retention to 100 days.

    Vipernews currently has servers in Europe only. So if you are from Europe you can enjoy the high speed but download speeds can be affected if you are from USA or Canada.

Usenet.Farm - Strictly Dutch based Usenet nl



Flatrate Usenet accounts:
48 Mbits 4.95 € * 2 TB Fair-Use policy
Unlimited Speed 7.95 € * 3 TB Fair-Use policy (sharing is allowed)

* After this limit they will lower your download speed to 1024 KB/s (8 Mbit) for the remaining days of the month.

Block Usenet account:
500 GB 15 € (sharing is allowed)

Usenet Trial

One of the best free trials out there. The free 10 GB offer from UsenetFram is particularly interesting.

Tier-1 provider

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Holland nl


UsenetFarm Review

Usenet.Farm is based in Holland and offers Usenet access from its servers in Holland.

UsenetFarm is a Tier-1 provider that offers 500+ days of retention, free SSL and a good file completion.

We tried the Unlimited Speed package at 7.95 €. It worked very well. No problems. Always good completion.

Their user space is very clear. It includes download statistics, a possibility for adding one of three packages and configuration help if needed. If you are looking for a European Usenet server UsenetFarm is a good choice.

Usenet.Farm also provides 10GB Free trial that doesn't require you to offer any payment information. The trial offer of 10GB is definitely sufficient to test the completion of this Usenet Service provider. I liked the ease of use for the trial as well as the info to configure the Newsreader.

PureUsenet - European based Usenet nl



Flatrate Usenet accounts (sharing is allowed):
4 Mbps 2.29 €
8 Mbps 3.29 €
20 Mbps 4.29 €
30 Mbps 5.29 €
60 Mbps 6.29 €
Unlimited Mbps 8.29 €

Usenet Trial

PureUsenet has a Usenet trial offer of 7 days. There are no limits to the gigs used during the 7 day free trial period.

Back-end Usenet Provider: BaseIP

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Iceland Iceland flag

Pure Usenet Home Page

PureUsenet Review

PureUsenet is a great alternative to preceding Usenet Service Providers.

In comparison to other European Usenet Servers: It has the best characteristics of Usenet Service Providers based in Europe: low price, rate based on connection speed, Account-sharing allowed, most popular payment method in Holland: Ideal. (Bitcoin, Bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Sofort and Paysafecard are currently available).

We particularly liked the clarity of the user account that PureUsenet offers. You can find all the info (package - details) and a configurator to configure your newsreader: Just select your Newsreader (Grabit - Spotnet - Spotgrit - Unison - Newsleecher - Newsbin pro) of the dropdown menu and copy the settings. So useful !

EasyUsenet - Strictly Dutch based Usenet nl



Flatrate Usenet accounts:
3 Mbit 4.95 € (sharing is allowed)
6 Mbit 5.95 €
12 Mbit 6.95 €
30 Mbit 7.95 €
60 Mbit 9.95 € (sharing is allowed)
120 Mbit 10.95 € (sharing is allowed)
200 Mbit 11.95 €

Block Usenet accounts:
25 GB 7.95 € (sharing is allowed)

100 GB 14.95 € (sharing is allowed)

Usenet Trial

One of the best free trials out there: a free 5 days trial account with NO DATA LIMIT !

Back-end Usenet Provider: XSNews

Servers are located in The Netherlands nl

Corporate offices are based in Holland nl


EasyUsenet Review

EasyUsenet is a Usenet access provider based in the Netherlands. They provide flat rate plans and packages. EasyUsenet currently provides 1250+ days retention

We recommend EasyUsenet since EasyUsenet allows file sharing between users on some plans. And EasyUsenet is a reseller of XSNews, a major backbone

EasyUsenet has a free trial (without needing payment information) for 5 days. Just your mobile number to receive an access code. Then the connection info will be sent by email: