Newshosting - Our Favorite Usenet provider

Usenet is not difficult to use and it's a good place to go for downloading movies and all kinds of other content. Typically, to download files from Usenet requires 3 main components: First you need to subscribe to a Usenet provider such as Newshosting, a newsreader for downloading binary files. Another thing you might need is an NZB indexer. NZB sites offer a great way to locate and download content.

What features are important when choosing a Usenet provider?. When we test a provider we take a look at the completion, binary retention and speed. Completion, retention and speed are the three most important factors. Completion rate may be the most important. Newshosting offers these three excellent features for a very reasonable price.

They offer at a great price: Newshosting offers Unlimited Usenet + VPN from just $8.33 a month. I highly recommend their Unlimited account for $99 / a year for an unlimited data plan and you have a great way to enjoy Usenet.


Main Features of Newshosting

Completion: Actually Newshosting has the best completion rate on the market. Years ago, completion rates were a problem on Usenet. However, thanks to the Stealth version of Usenet (obfuscated files) download errors are quickly becoming a problem of the past.

Retention: Newshosting keeps its files for 4,200 days. That means that with Newshosting you should be able to download a file that was uploaded to Usenet more than 9 years ago.

The most attractive reason to switch to Usenet is speed. Newshosting offers high speed. Newshosting operates the large NNTP infrastructure in the world: Newshosting members have unlimited access to their news servers in the US and Europe (Netherlands server and Germany server). When we downloaded movies with Newshosting, we quickly maxed out our 80 MB/s internet connection. You can download at full speed for the entire month and the 10GB file takes about 2 minutes.

NL Server:

Bonus Feature of Newshosting:

Newshosting has their own Usenet client software, free of charge. One of the most popular uses for Usenet now is file download. With Newshosting newsreader, you can access those binaries and download them. With NewsHosting’s Usenet browser Usenet isn't at all hard to use:

Newshosting’s browser software is great because it gives you a way to search the entire Usenet. All you have to do is type the file you want to download into the search bar, and that's it.

The Newshosting client supports all NZBs. Simply double-clicking these files will open them in the Newshosting Usenet browser and automatically start the download.