Newsdemon - Solid Usenet service

Newsdemon offers solid service, high retention and excellent price.

Newsdemon Features


Corporate offices
based in US
Tier-1 Provider
UNS Holdings
Unlimited downloads and block accounts

Unlimited Usenet - $10 /month or $92/year

The block plans range from 10 GB at $4 to 4000 GB at $250

Free Trial
Maximum download speed
1 GB/s
SSL Connections
99 %
Server farms in the US and Europe (Netherlands + Germany)
NNTP Retention
4,200 days
Shared account
Yes for block accounts

NewsDemon offers different kinds of plans

Newsdemon is good for lots of different kinds of Usenet users because Newsdemon offers a plan for everyone. Unlike many Usenet providers who tend to offer only one type of package, Newsdemon has a whole range of Usenet packages. This diversity is their main advantage:

Unlimited newsgroup access for just $10 a month (or $92 a year): Newsdemon offers unlimited speeds and secure access to over 107,000 uncensored groups. Features include 50 simultaneous 256-Bit SSL Connections, 99% Completion, and long retention (4,200 days). This Unlimited Plan includes SlickVPN, a Secure VPN Access. Note: In the past, file completion errors were a problem on Usenet. Thanks to stealth Usenet technique, today Usenet’s file download issues have largely been rectified. That’s why NewsDemon subscribers now enjoy a “99.9% completion rate”. You can use Newsdemon with any Nzb Site (NZBGeek is a good one) to find and download files.

Block Usenet account. Newsdemon has the best block accounts of all the Newsgroup providers:

Block accounts from Newsdemon are worth the money: All block plans include 50 Connections | 4,200+ days retention | SSL Encryption | US and EU Servers | Sharable | Posting authorised

A range from 10 GB to 4000 GB !!!!.

Newsdemon provides inexpensive block accounts.

You can choose whether or not to add SSL encryption for block plans.

Long binary retention, over 4,200 days!!

The King Of Newsgroup Block Accounts

GB One time fee
10 GBs NO SSL $2.50 - SSL $4
25 GBs NO SSL $5 - SSL $7
50 GBs NO SSL $10 - SSL $12
75 GBs NO SSL $12 - SSL $14
100 GBs NO SSL $15 - SSL $17
200 GBs NO SSL $19 - SSL $21
500 GBs NO SSL $47 - SSL $49
1000 GBs NO SSL $87 - SSL $89
4000 GBs SSL $250

Monthly Limited account: Subscribe for a certain amount of GB, renewable every month. All Metered plans include 50 Connections | 4,200+ days retention | SSL Encryption | US and EU Servers | Free VPN

50 GBs $5 - MULTI MONTH PLAN (12 months recurring) $45
75 GBs $6
100 GBs $7
200 GBs $8 - MULTI MONTH PLAN (12 months recurring) $85
500 GBs $9

Newsdemon Usenet review

Our Opinion

Newsdemon is one of the best Usenet resellers for different reasons:

Newsdemon is a UNS Holdings newsgroup reseller. UNS Holdings is the largest company offering Usenet through resellers.

One of the most attractive things about NewsDemon is that it’s cheap. And they often have special offers. Newsdemon does offer excellent discounts.

Any plan from NewsDemon, block or subscription, offers 50 SSL connections.

NewsDemon has servers in the US and in Europe.

NewsDemon performed well on our speed test. 

NewsDemon offers 4,200 days of binary retention. Like most modern Usenet providers, Newsdemon guarantees that it will save every file that gets uploaded to the system for about 9 years.

Unfortunately, Newsdemon doesn’t have its own Newsreader. If you get NewsDemon, we suggest that you download and use the freeware Usenet downloader called NZBget. 

NewsDemon also accepts Bitcoin payments.

Retention, speed, and pricing are all top notch so we can sincerely recommend this service.