Best Netherlands Usenet

The Netherlands have a long and deep history with Usenet:

The Netherlands is a jurisdiction known for its long history of Usenet activity: As soon 1996 launch of News-only packages for Dutch markted sold by Support Net. Eweka Internet Services was founded in 2001!

Most European Usenet providers are based in The netherlands. Today you’ll find a number of companies located in The Netherlands, popular location for Usenet providers.

European Usenet providers are linked to AMS-IX (one of the largest European internet exchange points). Amsterdam provides access to high speed network hubs for delivering fast download speeds globally. So from The Netherlands speeds are absolutely fine.

The Dutch are very fond of Usenet. The Netherlands has a very high percentage of Usenet users.

How to Get Started with Usenet in The Netherlands?

Step One: Choosing a Usenet Service Provider. We have put together a review for Best European Dutch Usenet Provider of 2020. So we hope this will help make your decision a bit easier.

Step two: Finding Dutch Files On Usenet. You have several different options for finding content to download: Spotnet, NZB Sites (Spotnet Versus NZB Sites) and newsreaders with integrated search functions.

STEP 1: You first need to find a Usenet provider.

Eweka (Netherlands)

Eweka is the best provider based out of the Netherlands! Eweka is a Backbone provider, this Usenet provider has its own servers in a data center in Amsterdam. Eweka is our top ranked Dutch Usenet provider:

Eweka is inexpensive: Speeds up to 300 Mbit/s - There are no data caps - 7,50 Euros per Month

Retention is impressive at 4,200 days. The great advantage of Eweka is their retention equivalent to the best Usenet providers in the US and double the retention rate of pretty much any other Dutch providers.

Speeds were impressive, too. We tested the speed of the Eweka servers with an SSL connection. Eweka is a very fast provider based in the Netherlands. When I download binary from Eweka's servers, I get on average 300 Mbit/s.

Completion is "at least 99.5%". Eweka has one of the best completion rates in Europe, thanks to:

Stealth files have made download errors extremely rare on Usenet. A good NZB Site could drastically improve your completion rates because NZB Sites are now using obfuscated Usenet.

Not only that, Eweka is a Netherlands-based Usenet provider. European based servers are not subject to US DMCA laws, but they are subject to NTD requests. Based in the Netherlands helps to maximize completion rates.

Eweka also offers a 7-day trial with unlimited downloads. The 7-day free trial is an incredible way to try out the services.

Eweka offers their own newsreader as part of their service. Finding binaries is easy on this newsreader because Eweka has integrated search functionality. 

Tweaknews (Netherlands)

Tweaknews is a Holland based usenet provider (Servers physically located in the Netherlands), best known for its competitive pricing and good service. In addition to Unlimited Usenet downloads Tweaknews offers block accounts.

You can try Tweaknews for up to 10-days with unlimited downloads and uncapped speeds.

Tweaknews also comes with a free newsreader with integrated search and preview functionality.

Recently, Tweaknews upgrades their retention to 3,400 days. Retention upgrade is across all TweakNews servers

It is one of our favorite Dutch Usenet providers.  

XSNews (Netherlands)

XSNews is a reliable Usenet provider with fast servers in Amsterdam. Download speeds are capped at 800 Mbit/s, which is absolutely fine.

XSNews currently has 1,600 days of binary retention. 

We like that XS News offers a 14 day free trial. You can download as much as you want at unlimited speed.

Vipernews (Netherlands)

Vipernews is a new, independent Usenet platform. The platform is located in The Netherlands. 

Vipernews is remarkably inexpensive (the lowest prices in the Netherlands). Vipernews has 1,000 days of retention.

We like that Vipernews offers a 7 day free trial. You can download as much as you want at unlimited speed.

Usenet.Farm (Netherlands)

Hoorn-based Usenet.Farm offers both monthly and block plans at a great price. We appreciate the 500GB block account for 15 € as a completion backup.

UsenetFarm offers 3,000 days full retention to its users.

Usenet.Farm offers 10 GB free Usenet trial without any credit card or payment info stands out. Get this 10GB trial for free with no time limits.

Usenetbucket (Netherlands)

Usenetbucket is one of Dutch's top Usenet providers thanks to its low prices and solid retention (1,600 days)

Usenetbucket also offers a 7-day trial with a 20gb limit.

ExtremeUsenet (Netherlands)

ExtremeUsenet is a Dutch provider that offers a wide range of plans based on your desired connection speed (4 mbit to 300 mbit), so you never pay for stuff you don't need!

ExtremeUsenet also offers discounted prices for off-peak hours.

STEP 2: Searching for files

Searching for Dutch content on Usenet is easy. There are three methods to carry out a search for files.

Method 1: Using Spotnet

Method 2: Files can also be found via NZB Sites. We have a list of NZB sites you can explore.

Method 3: Some Usenet providers such as Eweka and Tweaknews offer a full-featured newsreader with integrated search, which means you can you search by article or binary name.

Method 1: Spotnet instructions: how to download with Spotnet 

There are many Dutch Users in Usenet so it made sense for them to have their alternative to NZB Sites and their own protocol, Spotnet. The Dutch are very fond of Spotnet.

What is Spotnet? Spotnet is a protocol on top of Usenet for retrieving files from NNTP (Usenet) servers. One of the the most efficient way to download on Usenet without using Usenet Indexers (Newznab - Nzbed - Vbulletin Forum - ...).

Different programs exist like Spotlite, Spotnet 2.0 (All clients are Dutch programs) or web-based versions (NZBServer - NZBStars - NZBFinder). My favourite newsreader from SpotNet is Spotnet 2.0. Spotnet 2.0 is currently the most widely used usenet newsreader in the Netherlands for Usenet. The interface is great and you can search for films by category or thanks to a search engine. Users post a Spot (it is not auto-indexed) including a SPOT file to download, an explanatory image and a description of the file. All the database is hosted on Usenet. Spotnet is designed to be immune for NZBsite-takedowns.

Eweka Spotnet Setup guide: Dutch users should configure SpotNet 2.0 with Eweka and make the most of the referencing quality of SpotNet. It is not difficult to configure Eweka with Spotnet. You have to do tree simple steps in the Spotnet provider settings.

spotnet provider

Go to Settings and then to Provider...

spotnet eweka

Select Eweka from the dropdown

spotnet eweka settings

Enter your username and password

You get a lot of Dutch releases on Spotnet. Most Dutch people do speak English though so a lot of the content is available in English.


Spotnet 2.0 uses internal downloader for downloading, repairing and decompressing. You can use it alone if your downloading habits don't require an extra Usenet Service provider. Once in a while, we encountered an incomplete file, but generally, they loaded very well.

In case of incomplete files you should use nzbget as external downloader for adding the prepaid account from Tweaknews as a second server.

spotnet advanced settings

Method 2: The best NZB indexing websites of 2020

Alternatively, you can search for content to download using DUTCH boards/indexers.

Spotnet offers a nice alternative to NZB sites:

Spotnet is Free

Spotnet is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. When you are a beginner in using newsgroups we recommend Spotnet. Spotnet makes Usenet easier to use

Spotnet is a very user-friendly program that allows you to search and download easily within one single software. This means that you can perform all Usenet related functions in one place.

Spotnet is designed to be immune for website-takedowns. The database is hosted on Usenet. Spotnet uses tree Usenet Newsgroups:

Why choose NZB Sites? It is recommended to choose NZB Sites for the following reasons:

You get a lot of Dutch releases on Spotnet because is an product which originated from the Netherlands. For english content you must choose NZB Sites.

You need a client that is compatible with the protocol, for example: Spotnet 2.0. With its derative Spotweb (web-based version of spotnet), you can generate an NZB file, which you can then import in your own newsreader for downloading.

No integration with Sonarr, Sickbeard, CouchPotato, etc. as a 'newznab' provider.

Method 3: Integrated search

Some Usenet providers such as Eweka (Newslazer) and Tweaknews (Usenetwire) offer a full-featured newsreader. These newsreaders will let you search by article or binary name. This practice is called integrated search. To find what you’re looking for, simply enter a search query. You can search all formats or filter out by specific formats. Like typical search engines, the more specific your query, the better your results will be.

Zoeken op Usenet

You can also Browsing Newsgroups - They are newsgroups in Dutch, some of the popular NL Movie groups are: - alt.binaries.boneless - alt.binaries.x. The NL newsgroups will carry everything a person can imagine. Having such diversity in Usenet is what makes it so great.


The Eweka Usenet Browser features both full newsgroup access and integrated search, which means you can utilize the newsreader anyway you prefer.