Dutch Usenet Provider

UsenetFarm Features


Corporate offices
based in Holland
Tier-1 Provider
Unlimited downloads and block account.

Unlimited Usenet - Start from 4,95 €/month

500 GB - 15 €

Free Trial
Maximum download speed
1 GB/s. Download speeds are throttled after you hit a “fair use” limit on unlimited plans. After the data allowance has been exceeded, your download speed will be capped to 24 Mbits for the remainder of the month. It will revert to the normal speed limit when the next monthly period arrives. Stingy = 4TB Fair-Use policy. To The Max = 6TB Fair-Use policy.
SSL Connections
99 %
Server farms in the Netherlands
NNTP Retention
3,000 days
Shared account
Yes on block accounts

Usenet.Farm and Usenet 2.0

The true aim of Usenet 2.0 is to make Usenet simple, accessible to anyone. Usenet.Farm is a modern and affordable Usenet Service Provider that meets the needs of the new Usenet.

Usenet.Farm Usenet review

Usenet.Farm is cheap. You can get unlimited Usenet access for €4.95 per month. What’s more, 2 plans offered by UsenetFarm can be shared. Usenet.Farm allows account sharing with the “To the Max” unlimited plan. Block account also comes with account sharing option.

Usenet.Farm comes with a 10GB trial with no time limit, so you can discover the hidden treasures of Usenet. Here are the simple steps to download files from Usenet

1. Ordering a Trial package is very simple: Choose Start your free trial (10GB)

UsenetFarm Start free trial

2. Configure Your Newsreader. Usenet.Farm doesn’t have its own newsreader however it supports the popular 3rd party Newsreaders like NZBGet and SABnzbd.

Usenet.Farm Config Client

3. Search for files in NZB Sites. All you need to do is search for the files you want to download


Usenet.Farm is fast. Your download speed is unlimited with this provider. We tested their service with our 1 GB/s connection and they did test well in terms of speed. Usenet.Farm have server farms in Europe so if you are from Europe you can enjoy the high speed but download speeds can be affected if you are from USA or Canada.

usenet.farm speed

Ease of use. Usenet.Farm works very simply and clearly for the user. You don’t need to enter all your personal details to use the platform. Instead, you just enter an email address and you’re sent a special login link.

Security & Privacy & Anonymity. One of the notable bonuses from UsenetFarm is that they are dedicated to privacy. Usenet.farm is very open on the subject. Usenet.farm doesn't need any personal information and encourages you to pay via Bitcoin, anonymising the data (removing your IP) after 1month. Usenet.Farm is based in Holland, one of the best jurisdictions for privacy, with strict anti-logging privacy policies to keep prying eyes away.

However, there are certain drawbacks. What are the main drawbacks?

The first being full retention at 75 days. Lately UsenetFarm has begun advertising 'Popular retention'. Usenet.Farm provides 500+ days popular retention. This cluster contains data they use to refeed popular articles but do not keep articles for that long if they are not 'requested' by enough users on their servers. It's a Dual binary retention!.

Usenet.farm also imposes “fair use” limits, which lower your speeds to 24 Mbits for the remainder of the month once you exceed the limit (Stingy = 4TB Fair-Use policy. To The Max = 6TB Fair-Use policy, 6 TB data limit is more than enough for any user).

UsenetFarm doesn’t provide its Newsreader. A full featured Newsreader like NH Newsreader (Built-In Search - Download - Preview - Auto search) is a real value. Of course, you can find free newsreaders. We set up a couple of newsreaders (NZBGet - Sabnzbd) and they worked without any issues. 

Can you use Usenet.Farm in combo with another Usenet Service Provider ?

The answer is YES. How to combine multiple Usenet providers?.

My suggestion for a primary provider would be a long retention provider with servers in the USA and Europe. Newshosting is our top choice:

Newshosting binary retention is 4,000 days. Newshosting offers the longest Usenet retention in the world.

Newshosting has servers in the USA and Europe (Netherlands and Germany) to deliver the fastest Usenet speeds possible.

UsenetFarm is a good choice if you want a secondary or backup server

UsenetFarm offers block account. Their “500GB Block Package” costs only 15 €.

Usenet.Farm observes NTD regime and will improve your chance of success with posts that are incomplete on your primary.

I have had always good completion rates with UsenetFarm. But when I want a missing binary file older than 100 days I can find it with Tweaknews’s Block plan. Tweaknews provides 3400 days binary retention. Tweaknews is a great complement, but rather expensive.