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USENET is considered the best method for safely sharing large files at the fastest speeds possible. A major attraction of USENET is the incredible diversity and volume of content that is available. USENET continues to be an important network service because of its distinct advantages over other data distribution systems. USENET comes with tons of amazing benefits:

  • Is Usenet legal? - Usenet as a service is totally legal.

  • Usenetters can post, chat, upload, download and share files to a wide range of Newsgroups.

  • Spirit of Usenet - Usenet has no binding authority. Usenet is technically censorship resistant and culturally very much in favor of freedom of speech and expression.

  • Decentralized network - Usenet is decentralized. USENET is not dependent on any centralised authority.

  • Reliable - Usenet distributes articles using an overlay network of servers that are connected in a peer-to-peer topology. Servers are distributed world-wide and each server peers with its neighbors to replicate all articles that are posted to Usenet.

  • Active community - Usenet is used by millions of Usenetters. Usenet traffic reaches an average of 172Tbit/day among full nodes.

  • Privacy - The platform doesn’t keep track of the users’ activities, and you can do whatever you want on the Usenet. Usenet requires no personal registration. Some USENET providers even accept Bitcoin for true anonymity.

  • Security - Usenets providers have SSL ports so no one can snoop on what you are downloading and your IP address is kept private.

  • Retention period - Major Usenet service providers have a retention time of more than 14 years.

  • Usenet has made significant improvements to keep pace with technology. That is why Usenet Service Providers adopted SSL to make Usenet access safer for its clients. This technical improvement corresponds to a new desire by users to secure their data and keep all exchanges anonymous.

  • Fast - Usenet is fast, since you're downloading directly from a server that's optimized for it.

  • Rapid propagation between servers - content can be propagated as fast as it arrives.

  • Stealth Usenet - the origin information for a Usenet posting can be completely obscured and unobtainable once it has propagated past the original server. The existence of anonymising gateways to USENET also complicates the tracing of a postings true origin. If you are uploading, always use a VPN. NordVPN is considered the best VPN on the market.

  • Download - On Usenet, the downloader connects directly to a server, and only the server knows the address of who is connecting to it.

  • Ease of Use - USENET is very simple to use. Nowadays, there are newsreaders that have all features (NZB support - file previews -  automatic file repair) that allow you to make the most of your USENET access. 

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To use Usenet, you need a subscription to a Usenet provider and indexer service.


How can I Access Usenet? If you want to Access Usenet, you will need a subscription from one of the Usenet Service Providers. Based on our reviews of Usenet providers, we think that Newshosting is the best.

  • Price - Unlimited plans starting at just over $8 per month, it is also one of the cheapest around. Newshosting also provides a free trial so you can test out this service before you commit to paying for it. You can try Newshosting out with 30 GB for free for 2 weeks.

  • Newshosting offers a high file retention. For over 5470 days, old content is being kept on their servers.

  • No popular retention. Newshosting keeps every Usenet file, no matter how old it is or how many people want it.

  • Newshosting also continues to grow retention day-by-day so no articles are ever expired from its servers.

  • Newshosting is able to max out even very fast Internet connections. Download speeds were always maxed out on my 1Gbps Internet connection.

  • Newshosting provides 100,000 uncensored newsgroups with 99% completion. In other words, the chances of you experiencing a broken download are minimal.

  • Newshosting provides strong security. Newshosting comes with 256-bit SSL encryption. All data passed from Newshosting's servers to the customer's computer is encrypted.

  • Newshosting takes user privacy very seriously. Newshosting has a clear policy that it does not keep log files on its customers: "We do not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from or what you put in news articles that you post".

Newshosting operates the most reliable Usenet backbone in the world through independently-operated server farms in the U.S. and Europe. I have never had an outage!.



If you're looking for a fast and stable Usenet client, we recommend using the Newshosting newsreader because it's free, comes with unlimited search, and requires zero setup.

Newshosting Newsreader offers access to the world of Usenet with complete and ease and efficiency.





NzbGeek, Nzbplanet, ,these Nzb sites are well-known in the Usenet community, and commonly used to find content. My favorite is NZBGeek.

Other indexers I would recommend looking at are: