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☛ If you are looking for the simplest, most efficient solution for accessing and searching for articles on Usenet, try EWEKA. EWEKA offers the best retention and completion rates on the market with no speed limits.

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You can sign up for EWEKA here. If you want a strong all-rounder of a Usenet service, then look no further than this provider. You won’t get any better for speed or completion if you buy Eweka USENET.

☛ This service includes everything:

  • Very high retention with complete article availability on every newsgroup. EVERY binary and text newsgroup on Eweka has 5600+ days of retention, giving you access to BILLIONS of more posts than over USENET providers. Higher the retention period, the easier the finding of the content.

  • Exceptionnal completion rates. During our testing, Eweka delivered comparably high completion rates. I recommend Eweka for anyone that doesn't want to worry about completion. Currently I' m using eweka with a 99% completion which is pretty excellent!.

  • Unlimited downloads with uncapped speeds.

  • Free newsreader with search. Search, preview, and download with a free copy of Newslazer. Full NZB-import functionality is also included.

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Eweka USENET review 2023

Eweka is a Netherlands based independent USENET service provider with cheap pricing, high completion and the longest retention on any EU-based USENET service. Eweka is our favorite EUROPEAN USENET provider and you can try it risk-free with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Eweka Features

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Corporate offices
based in Holland
Tier-1 Provider
Unlimited downloads
Starting at 6,99 € /month
Free Trial
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee - Payment Information Required - No Download Limits
Payment options
Credit Card, PayPal, iDEAL, Direct Debit
Maximum download speed
1 GB/s
SSL Connections
99 %
Server farms in the Netherlands
NNTP Retention
5,420+ days
Yes - Newslazer
Shared account

✌Very cheap USENET access!✌

Is Eweka any good?

Eweka offers one of the lowest prices of the top providers that we’ve reviewed. Eweka is a TOP choice if a good price is your top priority. Eweka offers cheap, reliable USENET access with very good retention and completion.

Eweka account pricing is simple: Speeds up to 1 GB/s - There are no data caps - 6,99 Euros per Month ✔

Save 52% (plus 30 day money back guarantee) on your high speed plan when you sign up for their special 15 month plan - an excellent value for the quality of service provided.

 Eweka offers access to their TIER-1 network. Eweka runs its own data farm in Amsterdam, ensuring full control and reliability without any contracted or outsourced components.

High speed plan includes a 30 day money back guarantee, 256-bit SSL encryption, Unlimited downloads, 50 Connections, 125000+ Newsgroups, Speeds up to 1 GB/s, A free newsreader with Usenet search, free VPN, and max retention (5,420+ days).

Payment Options: You can pay via credit card, iDeal, PayPal or bank transfer.

You can try Eweka at no risk with a 30 day money back guarantee ☛ TEST EWEKA


Completion is important!. One of the crucial factors in choosing a USENET provider is the completion rate, which indicates the percentage of posts a USENET provider has on its servers compared to the total number of posts made to USENET. A high completion rate ensures greater access to articles, better search results, and better transfer completion rates.

The main advantage of Eweka is its high competion rates. Eweka is a Dutch USENET provider based in Alkmaar, Netherlands and is a TOP choice if completion rates is your top priority. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a USENET provider with a better quality completion rate.



In addition to its exceptional completion rates, Eweka offers an impressive 5,420+ days of binary and text retention in every newsgroup, making it one of the largest archives of USENET available. Let's delve into the concept of Usenet retention and its significance when selecting a Usenet provider.

What is Usenet retention and why is it important when choosing a Usenet provider? Retention is the length of time that a binary or text newsgroup article post is available to subscribers. High retention allows Usenet providers to offer the largest and most complete USENET archive to their users.

What is Eweka's Retention? Eweka currently has over 5,420 days of binary retention for every article in every newsroups. In other words, you can access every post made to all newsgroups going back to 2008.

Eweka offers the highest quality retention:

  • Complete archive: Eweka stores every article in every Newsgroup on their server farms for the entire retention period specified on their website, which is more than doble many other Dutch providers.

  • Entire feed: Eweka manages its own server farms with enough capacity to make available the entire USENET feed (vs other providers that cache retention and systematically delete older or unpopular posts).

  • Spooling: For years, Eweka has grown their retention daily. For each calendar day that passes, Eweka will add one more day of retention for all newsgroups. Users get a continuously expanding archive of Usenet data when subscribing to Eweka.



In this review we test Eweka’s speed and the stability of their servers.

Speed performance and the quality of the network. Speed is a crucial factor when evaluating Usenet services, as it directly impacts the USENET connection and transfer experience, depending on the user's internet connection.

With data centers located in Amsterdam and a self-managed network, they ensure fast speeds for users across the globe. During our tests, we encountered no issues with connection or speed, highlighting the reliability of Eweka's service for maximizing our internet connection speed. 

Eweka access is incredibly fast, as we were able to transfer large files in 1 minute or even less. Eweka guarantees unlimited (uncapped) speeds, regardless of whether the article was posted 5 days or 5,000 days ago. This means that an article posted 5,000 days ago will be delivered to you just as quickly as a file posted today.

Here are the news server addresses and port options for Eweka:

Server Address - news.eweka.nl

Port - 563 (SSL), 119 - We highly recommend having SSL through port 563 to help safeguard your level of privacy when downloading from newsgroups.

US subscribers to Eweka: Is it worth it? 

From The Netherlands, speeds are absolutely fine, we can vouch for that. The Eweka servers are in the Netherlands, so you can expect better performance if you’re located in Europe, and potentially slower speeds in the US.

North American buyers get access to fiber connections through its trans-Atlantic backbone, so your download speeds should still be fast. If you still prefer your servers to be stateside, through, we recommend Newshosting. Newshosting has multiple servers in the U.S. and EU for low latency in most areas.  



Security Security is a major feature that brings many users to USENET. Many providers automatically include an extra layer of privacy by offering 256-bit SSL Encryption to their NNTP news servers. SSL encryption helps users overcome throttling attempts by ISPs, which may sometimes try to limit the speed of USENET traffic. It also ensures a secure connection between you and the news server for a fully encrypted experience.

Eweka provides 256-bit encryption on all their connections, ensuring that users are protected. All connections and transfers are secure.

Privacy In terms of privacy, Eweka does a good job safeguarding their customers' information. One notable advantage lies in its jurisdiction, which favors the confidentiality of user data, including logs and personal information. As Eweka operates under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands and is subject to Dutch law, users can trust in the protection of their privacy.

As a Tier 1 provider, Eweka runs its own servers and has direct control over managing logs. This setup enhances privacy and ensures that user data remains secure. Eweka clearly states that they do not monitor the newsgroups users post to or download from, nor do they monitor the content of news articles posted by users.  

For added security, Eweka also includes a free VPN account. While Usenet access itself is already secure, the included VPN account offers additional protection for users' other devices and online activities. Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android included, making it easy to get connected to the VPN. 



Eweka provides a newsreader, NewsLazer. The NewsLazer app is recommended by Eweka, although you can use other newsreaders (Sabnzbd - NZBGet).

Newslazer comes with some great features:

  • Built-in Home Search Feature to search all of USENET.
  • The software also provides the preview of images, audio, and text which help you decide which articles you want to access.
  • Auto-search feature
  • NZB import support



Eweka is our favorite Dutch (European) Usenet provider for several reasons:

  • Speed -  Eweka runs its own high-speed backbone with fast speeds. Eweka does not limit or cap its speeds, so users can maximize their internet connection. Whether you're downloading a recent article or one posted years ago, Eweka gives full speeds.

  • Good completion rates makes downloading from Usenet easy. Eweka provides solid completion (Eweka is under the NTD-behavioural code). I recommend Eweka for anyone looking for good completion.... Generally Dutch providers are particularly good when it comes to completions. I rarely get incompletes since I started using them. Its completion level for the most recent posts is very good. I have downloaded many old posts (years old) without any issues (Its 5,420+ day retention lets Eweka users search for old indexed files).

  • Also Eweka binary retention is 5,420 days. The longer a post is stored, the higher the overall completion rates you’ll get. When it come to retention and completion, Eweka has longer retention than the majority of European Usenet servers. Retention and completion go hand in hand.

  • Eweka offers Newslazer, a free newsreader to its users. Newslazer has easy setup all you have to do to enter your username and password to get connected to Eweka. Newslazer includes a friendly interface and allows you to search and download files with ease. You can also give it NZB files, which it will download automatically, and even decompress and repair it when needed.

  • Supports all newsreaders, including Spotnet 2.0 or Spotlite. If you combine Eweka with the Spotnet protocol (I recommend using Eweka with Spotnet 2.0 newsreader), you are all set. With Spotnet you can search and download in one program. Spotnet 2.0 is decentralized Usenet community based on the Spotnet protocol. In our experience Spotnet is the best NZB Sites alternative.

  • Great customer support. Eweka provides customer support through a 24/7 ticket system. Support is available in multiple languages, including French, Deutsch, English, and Dutch.

Eweka is our preferred Dutch USENET carrier Eweka provides an excellent service: They were chosen based on their excellent completion rates, impressive retention (Best European binary retention) and thanks in no small part to its low price. I believe you will be extremely happy with their service. You can test these out yourself with their 30 day money back guarantee.


FAQs - all questions about Eweka answered

  • US subscribers to Eweka: Is Eweka worth it?

Eweka (EU-based Usenet provider) is an excellent choice for those who want to try a Usenet provider outside of the United States. Eweka offers consistent speeds, essentially maxing out our 100Mbps connection at an average download speed of around 80Mbps when testing from a computer in Florida. However for Usenetters from outside the European Union, download speeds could be affected by the distance to the servers. Eweka also has a middling completion rate of 99.5%.

If you prefer your servers to be stateside, we recommend Newshosting.

  • Any special offers available for Eweka ? 

Eweka offers a variety of subscription plans at competitive prices. Eweka offers High-Speed Plan for only 6, 99 € and a special deal, available through NGProvider.com

The 15 month Eweka package - a 52% discount

Eweka's subscription plan offers unlimited speeds, unlimited data usage, 125000 newsgroups, 5480 days of retention, a completion rate of over 99.5%, a free Newsreader, a free premium VPN, and your purchase is secured with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The 12 month Eweka package - a 38% discount

There is also a special deal, available through NGProvider.com, that gets you 38% off for 12 months of access. This special Eweka deal includes unlimited speeds, unlimited data usage, 125000 newsgroups, 5480 days of retention, a completion rate of over 99.5% and a free Newsreader.

Eweka package Unlimited Usenet 5480 days of retention free Newsreader free VPN MBG    
15 months 6,99 € /month 52% off
12 months - Special deal     5,99 €/month 38% off

  • How to get an Eweka free trial?

Eweka doesn’t come with any dedicated free trial option, but the company offers a 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you’re not happy with the service, just contact their customer support team within 30 days of signing up for a refund, no questions asked.

  • Does Eweka offer unlimited Usenet?

Eweka offers unlimited Usenet access. Eweka has unlimited download speeds and no restrictions on how much you can download.

  • Does Eweka have a newsreader included?

Yes Eweka. Eweka offers NewsLazer Newsreader absolutely free. Newslazer supports the NZB files and you can easily import and download the NZB files without any restrictions. 

Eweka Review – Verdict 

Is Eweka Any Good in 2023? Eweka provides high completion rates, high retention and an excellent USENET provider experience. Only with Eweka can users access a full feed of user-driven content, get the best download completion rate, and never have to wonder what articles might be missing. 

Eweka Usenet Review