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EWEKA - Best Usenet Provider for Spotnet in 2023?. Below is a test showing


With Spotnet you can get files that you want from the USENET system without leaving USENET. In this way you can get the content that you want without relying on a traditional NZB Site. Spotnet works entirely via USENET with its own database.

What is Spotnet?

Spotnet is a protocol of USENET, a system where people spot releases. "spots" contain informations (image and a description) about uploaded binaries. The Dutch are very fond of Spotnet so you get a lot of Dutch releases on Spotnet. Spotnet is great and a supplemental source of interesting NZBs (music, ebooks, porn, movies, etc). Spotnet is one of the biggest USENET indexer. Thanks to the strong community, you can read and reply to comments concerning a certain release. The comments for the content tend to be non-english but the content is mostly in english and categorized in english (at least in the english filter set I use).

How does Spotnet work?

Spotnet is a protocol on top of USENET for retrieving files from NNTP (USENET) servers. The database is hosted on USENET. Spotnet uses tree USENET Newsgroups:

  • header group: The spot is uploaded to
  • comment group: Comments are stored in free.usenet
  • nzb group: For spots the nzb is uploaded to alt.binaries.ftd

How to Use Spotnet?

To use Spotnet, you’ll need a web-based version of that service (Spotweb) or one of the clients (Newsreader) that works with the Spotnet protocol.

Spotweb: Spotweb is a web-based version of Spotnet. Spotweb is a Spotnet implementation in PHP. SpotWeb allows searching, filtering, and viewing of the spots and comments. There are a good amount of Spotweb sites: NZBStars has spotweb for free, there's also NZBServer. NZBFinder provides Spotweb with Elite account.


Newsreader: The client is also called 'Spotnet'. There are two well known clients in the community. Spotlite and Spotnet 2.0. I prefer Spotnet 2.0 because it works for me a lot beter. All clients are Dutch programs but Spotnet 2.0 has a English language setting. Spotnet 2.0 has a simple interface for displaying the latest spots and associated nzbs. You can read and reply to comments concerning a certain release. You can also search for films by category or thanks to a search engine.


Spotnet as an alternative to NZB indexers?

Spotnet is providing an alternative to NZB Sites (Newznab - nZEDB - Forums), and the NZB format in general. Advantages of using Spotnet:

The biggest advantage of using Spotnet: It is completely free!.

Thanks to a strong community Spotnet is one of the biggest USENET indexer. Quite big in Holland so you get a lot of Dutch releases. But you can use english filter. Most Dutch people do speak English though so a lot of the content is available in English.

One of the the most efficient way to download on USENET without using NZB Sites.

Spotnet 2.0 Newsreader is very easy. With Spotnet 2.0 you can search and download in one program. It’s probably one of the easiest Newsreader, which is very useful for USENET beginners.

The database is hosted on Usenet. Spotnet is designed to be immune for website-takedowns. No NZB Site closed by its admin.

It's manually maintained so the spots are normally pretty good.

Which Usenet Provider Works Best with Spotnet?

Before you can start to use Spotnet you first need to find a USENET provider. Use Spotnet with Eweka Usenet. It makes sense to use Eweka as USENET Service Provider. Eweka is the most popular and appreciated Dutch news server (The Netherlands has a very high percentage of Eweka users). Eweka is a high-quality European USENET Service Povider. This USENET server has several advantages over the competition:

    ➩ Eweka is offering unlimited newsgroup downloads with No speed caps for 6,99 € a month

    ➩ It is the only Dutch USENET Service Provider to rival the American service providers. Eweka has the same retention as American servers, more than 5,400 days! Eweka has the best retention of all Dutch USENET Service Providers! Twice as much as its rivals!

    ➩ Its location is also important: it answers to Netherlands jurisdiction, not American. Dutch USENET do not have DMCA takedowns like US providers. Eweka follows NTD, based on the NTD-behavioural code (Dutch Law), therefore making article completion better. Despite some takedowns, we are impressed by completion.

    ➩ Eweka is a rare Dutch company to have its own servers (based in Amsterdam). A Tier-1 provider means it has total control of its own infrastructure.

Eweka Spotnet Setup guide

The setup is easy and it is not difficult to configure Eweka with Spotnet 2.0. Once you have it set up, you can use it to view spots and to get the content that you want. You have to do five simple steps in the Spotnet provider settings:

Step 1: Download the latest Spotnet version from

Step 2: When Spotnet has been downloaded successfully, start setup by clicking on 'Spotnet.exe'. After installation you will see the following screen.

Select Eweka from the dropdown

If you selected a USENET access provider from the list, the server addresses are automatically filled in.

Enter your username (Gebruikersnaam) and password (Wachtwoord)

Eweka spotnet

When all fields are filled, click 'Verbinden'. Spotnet starts immediately with downloading spots (download information), user replies, spamfilters etc.. Please consider that the initial installation from Spotnet will take some minutes, to build up the database. You can see the download progress in the right bottom.

spotnet database

Step 3: As soon as the client has finished to build up the database, you can change the language. For 'English', click on 'Bewerken' > 'Taal' and select 'English' and click on 'restart later'. Language default is Nederlands because is an product which originated from the Netherlands. Most Dutch people do speak English though so a lot of the content is available in English.

spotnet language

Step 4: On the left side you can find various filter options - click on the gray text next to 'Filters', select your preferred language - option. You can also add your own filters. Restart Spotnet one last time.

spotnet filters advanced

Step 5: Now you can start using it to download movies, series and music from USENET. Using spotnet is easy.

➩ The interface is great and you can search for films by category

spotnet filters category

or thanks to a search engine.

We downloaded the classic 1968 horror movie Night of the Living Dead (public domain). Note: The 39 steps is a public domain movie, which means that anyone can legally download and/or share it for free. 

spotnet download

Spotnet 2.0 uses internal downloader for downloading, repairing and decompressing. You can use it alone if your downloading habits don't require an extra USENET Service provider. Once in a while, we encountered an incomplete file, but generally, they loaded very well. In case of incomplete files you should use NZBGet as external downloader for adding a second server.

spotnet advanced settings

Please post a small thanks and rate their spot when using a spot by one of the spotters to acknowledge their hard work.

spotnet comments

Spotnet offers a nice alternative to NZB sites and Newznab indexers. One of the best way to download from USENET is with Spotnet 2 and Eweka. Couldn’t be easier.

Enjoy USENET without having to leave your newsreader