Vipernews - Only-usenet Access

Vipernews stands out as the only provider we know of offering low retention at a value price.

Vipernews Features


Corporate offices
based in Holland
Tier-1 Provider
Unlimited downloads and block accounts.

Unlimited Usenet - Start from 1,99 €/month

The block plans range from 500 GB at 13.99 € to 2000 GB at 42.99 €

Free Trial
Maximum download speed
1 GB/s.
SSL Connections
99 %
Server farms in the Netherlands
NNTP Retention
1,000 days
Shared account
Yes - You are allowed to share your account with one friend or family member.

Vipernews - Cheap Usenet Access

Vipernews is one of the last few independent Usenet providers offering newsgroup deals that still own and run their own servers. The main server systems for Vipernews are in The Netherlands. So, Dutch customers (and other Western Europeans) should be able to pull good speeds from their service. 

Vipernews is cheap. Vipernews is a TOP choice if a good price is your top priority. What’s more Vipernews allows account sharing (with one friend or family member).

You can get unlimited Usenet access for €3.99 per month.

Non-expiring and Cheap Usenet Block Accounts. A block Usenet access is a set allocation of download capacity. Block plans include 500 GB for 13,99 €, 1000 GB for 23,99 € and 2000 GB for 42,99 €.

Vipernews Usenet review

Vipernews offers great privacy protection. Privacy is something that is becoming more and more important everyday on Usenet.

Vipernews is headquartered in the Netherlands, one of the best jurisdictions for privacy (NTD regime, therefore making article completion better).

No personal details required at ViperNews. Vipernews only requires you to enter an e-mail address and a self-chosen password. 

Secure (SSL) connections are available.

Logs: Vipernews does not keep a record of the read articles and the posting is enabled by default.

Bitcoin - Vipernews acccepts bitcoin for those who want a more anonymous payment source.

Vipernews comes with a free 7-day trial without any obligations. There are no payment details required. Please follow these steps:

1. Go to Vipernews
2. Choose which package you want
3. Fill out all Account details
4. Under ''Period'' choose the option '' 7-day free trial"

vipernews usenet trials

Vipernews is the best upload provider. Almost all Usenet Service providers allow their users to upload. We recommend Vipernews for various reasons:

Block - Get the 500 GB block if you want to upload to usenet, it costs 13,99 € and your uploads don't count against you ever, so you can upload as much as you want to forever without it costing you. And the 500 GB block could used as a backup fill server. 

Vipernews remove the X-Trace header (only store internal log posting details).

Post logs older than 14 days are automatically purged.

Vipernews server farms are designed to support high-speed uploading.

Block accounts can be bought in Bitcoin. Ideal for anonymous posting.

tip: If you are uploading, then always use a VPN. NordVPN is considered the best VPN on the market.

 However, there are also two noticeable downsides:

No PayPal payment method.

Vipernews doesn't have its own Newsreader. Of course, you can find free newsreaders. We set up a couple of newsreaders (NZBGet - Sabnzbd) and they worked without any issues.