XNews review

¤ XSNEWS review 2020 ¤

XSNews is a major USENET provider with servers in the Netherlands. XSNews offers both flat rate and block accounts.

XSNews Features

Rating ✩✩✩✩

Corporate offices
based in Holland
Tier-1 Provider
Unlimited downloads and block accounts

Unlimited USENET - Start from 4,95 €/month

The block plans range from 20 GB at 9.95 € to 1000 GB at 124.95 €

Free Trial
14 days - Payment Information Required - No Download Limits
Maximum download speed
800 Mbit
SSL Connections
99 %
Server farms in the Netherlands
NNTP Retention
1,700 days
Shared account
Yes for block accounts


XSNews offers the best free USENET Trial Account. XSNEWS Free USENET Trial includes Unlimited downloads over 14 days. However you do need to provide a credit card number (It is your responsibility to cancel during the trial period to avoid charges). You can benefit from a 14-day free trial to see everything that XNews has to offer.

XS News offers a 14 day free trial. You can download as much as you want at unlimited speed

XSNews Usenet review


XSNEWS pricing ☚

XSNews offers both flat rate and block accounts, which means you have a number of options. This is an advantage because you can access the XSNews network as you want (Block or unlimited), and at modest prices. They are as follows:

▷ XSNews Flatrate Packages

Basic - 4,95 €/month – Unlimited USENET, 8 Mbit speeds, 8 connections
Pro - 6,50 €/month – Unlimited USENET, 20 Mbit speeds, 20 connections
Elite - 9,95 €/month – Unlimited USENET, 800 Mbit speeds, 30 connections

▷ XSNews Block Packages

XSNews also offer USENET block accounts. These are essentially pay-as-you-download​ plans. XSNews block accounts are shareable. No posting.

Small - 9,95 € – 20GB, Unlimited speeds, 20 connections
Medium - 34,95 € – 100GB, Unlimited speeds, 20 connections
Large - 99,95 € – 500GB, Unlimited speeds, 20 connections
XL - 124,95 € – 1000GB, Unlimited speeds, 20 connections

☛ XSNews - Reliable Dutch Usenet provider ☚

XSNews is a TOP rated European USENET provider that offers many great features:

XSNews is one of the last few independent European USENET feeds. XSNews is a Tier-1 Provider based in The Netherlands. XSNews offers a truly independent USENET feed.

One of the fastest USENET providers in Europe. XSNews is a TOP choice if a good speed is your top priority. XSnews provides speeds up to 800 Mbit/s, according to their site. We signed up to Elite package at 9,95 € / month and were really impressed by the speeds obtained with 30 connections. Compare XSNews vs anothers Netherlands-based newsgroup providers, it’s one of the fastest USENET services we’ve tried, especially for Europe. The maximum speed of XSNews is around 800 Mbit/s, if that's enough for you I would recommend it.

Retention - XSNews offers 1,700 days of binary retention. The provided retention period should be more than sufficient for most users.

Completion - This good retention period is accompanied by an completeness rate of over 99,5%. XSNews follow the DMCA Takedown protocol. However I haven't had huge issues with completion. With a good indexer I feel that completion is a non issue. NZB sites are the key to improve completion.

Security and privacy. XSNews offers 256 Bit SSL connection, so you can assure yourself of being protected while accessing the thousands of uncensored newsgroups that XSNews Usenet access provides.

XSNews claims they provide access to over 200.000 uncensored Newsgroups, which is more than plenty USENET providers.

XSNews has one sister company: EasyUsenet. We recommend EasyUsenet since:

EasyUsenet has a free trial offer without entering any bank details.

EasyUsenet uses the same backbone as XSNews but provides different plans.

EasyUsene users get access to the same levels of retention, servers and support as those on XSNews.