Best Usenet Providers of 2019

us Usenet service providers that are based in the U.S.

- Newshosting 5/5 - Newshosting review
- UsenetServer 5/5 - UsenetServer review
- Easynews 5/5 - Easynews review
- UsenetExpress 4/5 - UsenetExpress review
- Newsgroupdirect 4/5 - Newsgroupdirect review
- Newsdemon 4/5 - Newsdemon review

nl European (Dutch) based Newsgroup Services we can recommend:

- Eweka Usenet 5/5 - Eweka review
- Tweaknews 5/5 - Tweaknews review
- ExtremeUsenet 5/5 - ExtremeUsenet review
- UsenetBucket 4/5 - UsenetBucket review
- Usenet.Farm 4/5 - Usenet.Farm review
- XSNews 4/5 - XSNews review


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Compare the best Usenet providers

NGProvider reviews, tests all the Best Usenet Servers constantly, and below are our recommended providers for 2019.

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Free Usenet Access

Free Usenet servers are rare but all major Usenet providers offer free trials for new customers.

- XSNews 14 days of free service
- Tweaknews Tweaknews Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 10 days
- Eweka Eweka Free Usenet Trial includes unlimited downloads over 7 days.
- Newshosting 14 days of free service (up to 30 GB total transfer)
- UsenetServer 14 days of free service (up to 10 GB total transfer)
- UsenetFarm 10 GB
- Usenetbucket 7 days / 20 GB

Reliable Dutch Usenet provider

XSNews Features: Corporate offices: based in Holland | Tier-1 Provider: Yes | Backbone: XSNews | Servers: Server farms in the Netherlands | Plans: Block or Unlimited | Prices: Start from 5,95 €/month | Retention: 1250 days | Newsgroups: 200.000 | Maximum connections: 30 | Maximum download speed: 800 mbit | SSL: Yes | Free trial: Yes (free 14-day trial) | Newsreader: No | VPN: No | Download amounts: Not capped | Logs: No | Shared account: No

XSNews is one of our top rated European Usenet providers

XSNews is one of the last few independent European Usenet feeds. XSNews is a Tier-1 Provider based in The Netherlands. XSNews offers a truly independent Usenet feed.

XSNews offers both flat rate and block accounts, which means you have a number of options. This is an advantage because you can access the XSNews network as you want (Block or unlimited), and at modest prices. They are as follows:

XSNews Flatrate Packages

Basic - 5,95 €/month – Unlimited Usenet, 8 Mbit/s speeds, 8 connections
Pro - 7,50 €/month – Unlimited Usenet, 20 Mbit/s speeds, 20 connections
Elite - 10,95 €/month – Unlimited Usenet, Unlimited speeds, 30 connections

XSNews Block Packages

XSNews also offer Usenet block accounts. These are essentially pay-as-you-download​ plans.

Small - 9,95 € – 20GB, Unlimited speeds, 20 connections
Medium - 34,95 € – 100GB, Unlimited speeds, 20 connections
XL - 124,95 € – 1000GB, Unlimited speeds, 20 connections

XSNews Free Trial - Test 14 days for FREE. XSNews has one of the better free Trial Accounts offers, however you do need to provide a credit card number (It is your responsibility to cancel during the trial period to avoid charges)

One of the fastest Usenet providers in Europe

XSNews is a TOP choice if a good speed is your top priority. XSnews provides speeds up to 800 Mbit/s, according to their site. We signed up to Elite package at 10,95 € / month and were really impressed by the speeds obtained with 30 connections. Compare XSNews vs anothers Netherlands-based newsgroup providers, where the fastest plan caps out at 400 Mbit/s, it’s one of the fastest Usenet services we’ve tried, especially for Europe. The maximum speed of XSNews is around 800 Mbit/s, if that's enough for you I would recommend it.

XSNews and Spotnet

What is Spotnet?

Spotnet is a protocol on top of Usenet for retrieving files from NNTP (Usenet) servers. One of the the most efficient way to download on Usenet without using NZB Sites. With Spotnet you can search and download in one program.

XSNews Spotnet Setup guide  -  This guide covers the basics of downloading files from Spotnet

Different programmes exist like Spotlite, Spotnet 2.0 or web-based versions (NZBServer). My favourite programme from SpotNet is Spotnet 2.0. Spotnet 2.0 is currently the most widely used Usenet newsreader in the Netherlands for Usenet. The interface is great, translated into English, and you can search for films by category or thanks to a search engine. Users post a Spot including a SPOT file to download, an explanatory image and a description of the file.

Dutch users should configure SpotNet 2.0 with XSnews and make the most of the referencing quality of SpotNet. It is not difficult to configure XSnews with Spotnet. You have to do two simple steps in the Spotnet provider settings.

spotnet provider

Go to Settings and then to Provider...

spotnet provider xsnews

Select XSNews from the dropdown

spotnet provider xsnews settings

Enter your username and password

Spotnet 2.0 client

spotnet 39 steps spotnet 39 steps download

Note: The 39 steps is a public domain movie, which means that anyone can legally download and/or share it for free. 

Spotnet 2.0 uses internal downloader for downloading, repairing and decompressing. You can use it alone if your downloading habits don't require an extra Usenet Service provider. Once in a while, we encountered an incomplete file, but generally, they loaded very well.

In case of incomplete files you should use nzbget as external downloader for adding the prepaid account from Tweaknews as a second server.

spotnet advanced settings

Our tip for the XSNews network

XSNews is the Tier-1 provider of the network and has one sister company: EasyUsenet. We recommend EasyUsenet since:

EasyUsenet allows file sharing between users on some plans. Ideal to reduce costs! Block accounts from Easyusenet:

25GB for 7,95 €
100GB for 14,95 €

EasyUsenet has a free trial offer without entering any bank details.