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Read our detailed Usenet reviews (Best Usenet providers of 2022). Learn about Best NZB sites and enjoy all the advantages of USENET.

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USENET Provider Reviews

☞ USENET has been around for decades, but nowadays it has become more popular because USENET (Newsgroup) is fast, secure and decentralized. USENET increases in popularity, USENET is greater and stronger than it has even been before. To get started with USENET, the first thing you need is a reliable USENET service provider and there is many USENET providers available in the market (List of usenet service providers).

☞ NGProvider reviews, tests all the Best USENET Servers constantly. We’re going to highlight TWO OF THE MOST POPULAR USENET providers here:

  • NEWSHOSTINGBest OverallNewshosting offers unlimited USENET + Newsreader from just $8.33 a month. Fastest downloads and best retention rates.

  • EWEKABest European USENET ProviderEweka offers unlimited USENET with excellent completion rates for just 7 € a month. Eweka is headquartered in the Netherlands, making it an ideal choice for our European users.

We have used the following VITAL CRITERIA (Completion - Retention - Speed) to rate the best of the best USENET companies.


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Get a 1 year Newshosting account + 100 connections + free newsreader with search + free Zero-log VPN for $8.33/mo ($99.99/yr) - 58% Off (normally $239.28)

Newshosting features:

➜ Direct Tier-1 USENET access
Fastest network ✔
US & EU server farms ✔
4,870 Days Retention ✔
Industry's best binary and text retention (largest searchable USENET archive) ✔ - 💯 FULL RETENTION
Free newsreader with USENET search
100% Unlimited downloads (no download caps) ✔
100% Unlimited speed (no speed caps or throttling) ✔
100 connections ✔
Free Zero-Log VPN account ✔
Free SSL encryption ✔
110,000+ newsgroups ✔
99%+ download completion ✔


If you want a strong all-rounder of a Usenet service, then look no further than this provider. You won’t get any better for speed or retention if you buy NEWSHOSTING.

This service includes everything:

  • Very high retention with complete article availability on every newsgroup. EVERY binary and text newsgroup on Newshosting has 4860+ days of retention, giving you access to BILLIONS of more posts than over USENET providers. Higher the retention period, the easier the finding of the content.

  • Newshosting supports full speed across all retention. Newshosting comes with the speed of a full Gig a second — the fastest rate in the industry. This allows you to maximize your download speeds.

  • Newshosting offers unlimited downloads and uncapped download speeds (100 total connections), so you can get the most from your current bandwidth connection.

  • Newshosting provides a free full-featured newsreader. Search, preview, and download with a free copy of Newslazer. Full NZB-import functionality is also included.

  • Newshosting offers encrypted downloads using SSL technology, this means that nobody know what you are downloading.

  • Newshosting is a Tier 1 provider, meaning it maintains its own Usenet servers

  • VPN included. Newshosting also features a free VPN service, PrivadoVPN. PrivadoVPN allows you to replace your physical IP address with one of PrivadoVPN IP's from from 290 servers in 44 countries. PrivadoVPN is a very good solution for unblocking access to content around the world.



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Get a 1 year Eweka account + free newsreader with search for 7 €/mo (€84/yr) - 27% Off (normally €115,20/yr)

Eweka features:

Tier-1 USENET access ✔
Unlimited downloads ✔
Unlimited speed ✔
100% Unlimited downloads (no download caps) ✔
Free newsreader with integrated search ✔
Free SSL encryption ✔
EU servers ✔
4,860 Days Retention ✔
Over 11 years retention ✔ - 💯 FULL RETENTION
50 connections ✔
99.99%+ download completion ✔
Eweka offers 7 days free trial to all its new customers ✔FREE TRIAL


If you are looking for the simplest, most efficient solution for accessing and searching for articles on Usenet, try EWEKA. EWEKA offers the best completion rates on the market with no speed limits.

This service includes:

  • Exceptionnal completion rates. During our testing, Eweka delivered comparably high completion rates. I recommend Eweka for anyone that doesn't want to worry about completion. Currently I' m using eweka with a 99% completion which is pretty excellent!. Completion is key for most Usenet users.

  • Excellent retention figures - Eweka offers 4860 days of binary retention, which puts them in the top tier.

  • Unlimited downloads with uncapped speeds.

  • Eweka offers up to 50 simultaneous connections while encrypting downloaded and uploaded data with SSL technology.

  • Eweka maintains its own servers and network.

  • Eweka offers free 256-bit SSL encryption that ensures your data will never be shared outside. 

  • Eweka also provides a free newsreader for all customers. You get a free download of Newslazer, a 3rd party newsreader for PCs, Macs, and Linux, with any Eweka subscription. 

  • Free Trials - Eweka offers a 1-week free trial with unlimited free downloads.


Importance of Usenet Completion, Retention and Speed in choosing a Usenet provider

USENET is built on three major concepts: Completion, the percentage of files available on USENET, Retention, the amount of time a USENET service provider keeps the files, and the speed at which you can gain access to these files available. USENET is definitely worth a look if you’re interested in easy and fast file downloads. USENET is a wonderful service for downloading movies, TV shows and all kinds of other content.

If you're new to USENET and can't decide which USENET provider is best for you, focus on these criteria: Completion rates - Retention period - Speed Limits, to get the level of service and performance that you expect.


Completion refers to the percentage of articles a USENET server actually has versus how many articles exist on USENET in totality. For example, if a server has a completion rate of 95 percent, that means it stores 95 percent of the articles available through USENET.

A premium USENET provider will have 99% USENET completion throughout their Newsgroups. Many factors can keep a server from storing every single article. Those factors include DMCA takedowns (If that’s the case, your solution is simple: Try searching for a different version of the file) or LIMITED retention.

Hand in hand with completion is retention.

When choosing a USENET provider, you should go with one that has a FULL BINARY RETENTION. FULL retention just means you have more content to download.

FULL retention USENET providers keep a copy of every article posted, grow its retention daily, and never expire posts from its servers. Because of this, Premium providers like Newshosting and Eweka have high completion rates.


Retention is a key factor for anyone looking for access to USENET. High retention is an important feature because it determines how many USENET posts you get access to. BUT Retention rates vary widely from provider to provider. USENET providers have different terminology for retention:

FULL binary retention features:

  • Access to over 12 years of binary and text retention - Subscribers can access posts that were added to USENET Newsgroups up to 4,860 days ago.

  • Retention period continue to grow every day.

  • Complete database of Usenet posts. They keep data during all their retention.

  • Same retention is available on all Newsgroups.

  • Full speed across entire binary retention.

In comparison, LIMITED retention USENET providers offer:

  • Less retention - Low retention are common with cheaper providers.

  • Popular retention - You can expect that the provider has not only poor retention rates, but also does not keep many or most of the articles for the full number of days they list if they are not 'requested' by enough users on their servers in a specific point in time.

  • Cache retention - They have some local article storage and articles outside of their own retention are pulled from a third party backbone. They cooperate to share storage with another provider.

Select a provider that’s clear about how a lot retention it presents.

With Premium providers like Newshosting and Eweka you have the best chance of finding what you’re looking for.


Speed is another key aspect of USENET services. USENET is known for its extremely high speed. You can download at speeds as fast as your ISP can handle.

Speed is one of the most key features you should look for in a Usenet service.

For optimal speeds, it’s usually best to subscribe to a USENET provider that has servers located geographically closest to you. The closer you are to a server, the faster the connection will be. e.g. Newshosting owns and operates its own multi-gigabit server farms. They’re located throughout the United States and Europe, delivering the fastest USENET and best completion.

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