Best Usenet services of 2020

If you're not familiar with Usenet, you're basically paying to access their servers, where you can download new movies, shows, etc, at the highest speed that your internet connection goes, without the need to mess with torrents. 

Usenet providers listed above provide exceptional service, competitive pricing and we believe everything you would be looking for in a service provider.

Newshosting Review 2020

Newshosting is the best Usenet Service Provider since it is the only one that offers Usenet and a Newsreader of this high quality.

Access to Usenet: Unlimited Newsgroups. Best retention on the market (4,200 days), 30 SSL connections, 2 servers in Europe (Holland and Germany) and 1 in the USA. The Usenet servers are run on their in-house network because Newshosting is a Tier-1 provider. No part of Newshosting Usenet service is contracted or outsourced.

A free Newsreader, perfectly adapted to download binary files: NZB, search engine, updated Newsgroups with headers, automatic search.

Why is Newshosting the best Newsgroup service provider in 2020?

Newshosting is the best Usenet service provider 2020 because it suits all Usenet users whatever their download methods. Newshosting is everything a Usenet customer could ask for, be they a complete novice (New to Usenet and looking for recommendations) or veteran user. Usenet is the only network with such diverse ways of referencing and downloading. Whatever you need, Newshosting will work for you!

  1. Downloading files from Usenet has never been easier with NewsHosting Newsreader. I'm using Newshosting 2.9.11 to download from Usenet indexing sites like NZBGeek - NZBPlanet

  2. There are no limits on speed or data with Newshosting. The unlimited package really is unlimited. No hidden barriers, NO INVISIBLE CAPS.

  3. You can automate your film downloads with Couchpotato. The 3 servers from Newshosting will let you use the maximum of your bandwidth.

  4. You can download from the referencing done by the Spotnet protocol. Spotnet is excellent, their referencing functions through the Usenet network and its Text newsgroups. With Spotnet Usenet is enough all by itself without the internet! I recommend using Spotnet 2.0 newsreader

  5. No backup provider? Newshosting provides a solution if you have incomplete files. How?

    NewsHosting Browser V 2.9.11 implements a service called "Backup NNTP". The general idea is that you can add a block account from Tweaknews to help you get downloads that Newshosting doesn't have for various reasons. Tweaknews will work well to complete some files. Essentially Newshosting gives you a main server and capacity to add Tweaknews as a backup server on their Newsreader.

Best Usenet Provider 2020

Eweka Review 2020

Eweka is the best Dutch Newsgroup provider. Eweka is based in Holland. If you need a provider based in The Netherlands then Eweka will be perfect for you! Eweka has the best completion rates in the industry.

Eweka is our favourite Dutch Usenet Service Provider thanks to their 4,200 days retention (triple that of other Dutch or German Usenet Service Providers). Eweka is also under the NTD-behavioural code and not the DMCA.

Eweka package:

  1. Unlimited Usenet at 300 mbit for only €7/month if you pay for an annual plan. It is the best possible price for Usenet access at this speed.

  2. Eweka operates its own servers. No outsourcing, full idependent newsfeed.

  3. Eweka is the leader in binary retention across all European Usenet providers.

  4. Eweka offers a 7-day free trial for its High-Speed plan.

  5. Eweka now offers its subscribers the NewsLazer Usenet browser absolutely free.

If you combine Eweka with the Spotnet protocol (I recommend using Eweka with Spotnet 2.0 newsreader), you are all set. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to download about anything.

Spotnet, in a nutshell: Spotnet is a category-based Usenet indexing service. Persons called 'spotters' can spot a post on Usenet. Spots are manually created by humans which categorize them and provide an image and description for the spot. This makes Spotweb slightly slower for new content but should most likely raise the bar on quality - depending on the Spotters.

Best European Usenet 2020 (No DMCA)

UsenetServer Review 2020

UsenetServer has unlimited access with SSL included at $95.40/year with 4,200 days of binary retention. This pricing makes UsenetServer one leader when it comes to "bang for the buck" in the Usenet industry.

UsenetServer has two interesting options:

  1. Global Search 2.0 is an NZB search engine. Practical since the NZB search engines don't search for 4,000 days retention anymore! The internal search engine from UsenetServer lets you search for 4,000 days retention. And to create as many NZB as you need.
  2. A VPN is included for free with the annual package. This VPN is NO LOGs, includes 17 countries and connection programme with OpenVPN.

UsenetServer lets you download everything you need for one simple rate of $95.40/year. It is still possible to only have one Newsgroup service provider for downloading. You don't need to have lots of Usenet Service providers from different backbones to download on Usenet. You just need to subscribe to a lot of NZB Sites. NZB Sites with obfuscated files will almost always ensure 100% completion of all the downloads. The following are popular NZB indexing sites with complicated files: NZBGeek - NZBFinder. The completion rates of the Stealth version of Usenet is very high.

Once you find the files you wish to download, simply send the NZB of that file to your Newsreader. NZBGet is the Usenet client we currently use with UsenetServer for downloading.

Also, if you prefer to test drive the service first, UsenetServer is offering a 14 day/10 GB free trial for all their plans.

A comprehensive Usenet solution

Tweaknews Review 2020

Tweaknews is a complete Usenet option:

A Dutch provider: EU Based servers are not subject to US DMCA laws. Its location is important: it answers to Dutch jurisdiction, not American. I think you’ll be quite impressed by the completion rate and reliability of their servers.

Tweaknews protected the privacy and rights of their subscribers.

Tweaknews is a Tier-1 provider. They own their network (T1 USP) and therefore their own files.

Good retention: Binary retention now at 3,400 Days! 3,400 days (most usenet Service providers in Europe offer a maximum of 1,500 days retention) lets Tweaknews users search for old indexed files

Speed: We tested Tweaknews using a Fiber connection (Hyperoptic). We were really impressed by the speeds obtained with 30 connections. I was maxing out at 70 MB/s!. 50 GB should be downloaded in no more than 10 minutes. Usenet utilizes your maximum available bandwidth! One of the major benefits of Usenet is speed.

Free Newsreader - UsenetWire provides you with a quick and easy way to find the content you’re looking for.

VPN included for free - Tweaknews offers a fast VPN service that can be used to secure your web connections and browser traffic. 

Thanks to our partnership, NGProvider can offer the exclusive deal of unlimited access (3,400 days retention - 40 connections) plus Newsreader plus VPN for just 9,99 € a month or 89,99 € a year.

Most complete European Usenet provider: Usenet + Newsreader + VPN

Easynews Review 2020

Easynews is the most under-estimated Usenet server. Its technical capabilities and its offers are high quality. As a result: their most complete package is more expensive than the average but you get your money's worth. Easynews is for people that want to make the most of Usenet !

The most important tool from Easynews is that they offer three ways to access newsgroups:

Webinterface Web interface (includes an NZB search engine, a zip manager and an image viewer) that lets you access the Usenet network from your browser using the HTTPS protocol. The web interface is totally ergonomic and easy to use. The search engine on this web interface is the best of all the NZB search engines

Easynews also has unlimited access to newsgroups in NNTP mode (via newsreader). This is the classic way, with an address and newsreader.

Easynews is also available for tablets and smartphones. Using a web interface on the tablet is amazing. There are also official Android apps. Easynews is the only news service provider that has compatible apps for viewing images, downloading, searching.

The best all-round Usenet server: web interface – NNTP – apps - VPN

ExtremeUsenet Review 2020

ExtremeUsenet is a Dutch Usenet provider, reseller from the BaseIP backbone. BaseIP resells its network infrastructure (Usenet servers – peering – feed) to different Usenet providers. ExtremeUsenet is the best Usenet access from this backbone.

ExtremeUsenet is one of the cheaper Dutch News Service Providers thanks to their fair rates based on your connection speed or your downloading hours.

ExtremeUsenet has a whole range of Usenet packages. This diversity is their main advantage:

  • Classic Usenet rate where the price is calculated according to the speed - so a 4 mbit package at €4/month. And the annual rate is even cheaper: €38.40!
  • Discount rates even cheaper than that: 12mbit at €2.50/month. The only condition is to use predefined hours. The time slots offered are not just a few hours per day either!
  • All Usenet packages can be shared. ALL of them, even the €2.50 rate. Sharing is limited to the number of connections. So if the packages allows 4connections then 4 different IPs can connect.
  • The advantage of ExtremeUsenet is the range of packages. ExtremeUsenet is good for lots of different kinds of Usenet users:

If you want just Usenet access, then the rates are calculated according to your connection speed. During my tests all the speeds were respected.

If you want cheap Newsgroup access without any frills: no newsreader included. No free VPN. And all packages can be shared, reducing the costs.

Its two flaws are: only 1,500 days retention and no Paypal

Conclusion: we recommend ExtremeUsenet if you need a Dutch Newsgroup Service provider to access Usenet for a low price. For example ExtremeUsenet has an original formula (Voordeel Pakketten) that gives you access at certain times (midnight to midday or 2h00 til 14h00 or 4h00 to 16h00) with an amazing discount: 12 mbit for only €2.50

Reputable EU newsgroup provider

UsenetBucket Review 2020

UsenetBucket is a Usenet reseller from the backbone BaseIP, which supplies a lot of Usenet resellers.

UsenetBucket is one of the best BaseIP resellers for different reasons:

  1. First, they offer the best prices of all BaseIP resellers!!! If you want a Dutch Usenet provider (UsenetBucket is based in Holland and uses servers from a Dutch reseller) to complete missing files or to reduce costs then get the cheapest!. And you'll get the same technical characteristics as the other BaseIP resellers.
    And the prices are based on our download speed. The faster it is the more you pay. This goes from €2.95 for the basic Bucket rate (10Mbit/s) to €12.95 for the ultimate Bucket rate at 400 MBit/s.

  2. UsenetBucket is one of the new Usenet providers that can guarantee confidentiality to its members. Usenetbucket has a series of tools to keep you anonymous:
    1. You can use different anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin
    2. No personal info needed. Just an email address – you can enter a temporary one.
    3. No LOGS are kept, no monitoring of your activities. With UsenetBucket you are sure of Usenet network neutrality.
    4. Usenetbucket is based in The Netherlands, a country that respects internet users' rights.

  3. If you are still deliberating, UsenetBucket has a free trial offer of 20 GB so you can check and get to know the service. Afterward you need to click on the Extra Bucket button in the Subscriptions tab to sign up to a paid package (Basic – Comfort – Ultimate). On the user space you will find the Promotions tab to find any discount codes (with ways to win them).

Great pricing, good retention and the use of the BaseIP backbone makes UsenetBucket a top high quality choice for Usenet.

Best Cheap Usenet Provider

UsenetExpress Review 2020

UsenetExpress is a Usenet service provider based in the USA. UsenetExpress is classed as a Tier 1 provider, this means they own and provide their own network.

A short overview of UsenetExpress:

  • Server URL is:
  • Retention: 1,100 days
  • A full year of access costs only $90
  • That's a US server, but the front page says they're going to add EU at some point.
  • Explicitly states that they absolutely do not log.
  • 50 connections by default
  • UsenetExpress members can connect using 256-bit SSL (TLS 1 or 2) at no additional cost
  • Accepts CC, PayPal. Bitcoin, Bank Transfers and other options listed as "coming soon".
  • Uploading allowed.
  • 30 day free trial (generous)
  • VPN incuded - It is a real advantage to have a VPN since it allows users to have Usenet as a primary source for files, but to make use of another network if necessary. In our case, UsenetExpress VPN could be using for torrenting. Usenet is better than torrents but the latter can be used if necessary.

At the price of $90 for unlimited use with SSL, UsenetExpress is a very good deal. Compared to its competitors, UsenetExpress is miles ahead with this newsgroup offer based on Usenet + VPN

UsenetFarm Review 2020

Usenet.Farm is a Tier-1 provider. Usenet.Farm has its own network based in The Netherlands. UsenetFarm has articles over 3,000 days old.

They have lots of things to recommend them:

  1. The prices aren't high, and both packages can be shared (15GB bloc for only €15 – unlimited access for €7.95/month).

  2. is also a good Usenet provider that respects its users' confidentiality:

    Usenet.Farm is based in The Netherlands so they are subject to NTD (Usenet.Farm manually does the takedown). There isn't an automatic takedown process: takedown happens within 5 days (Depending on the complexity of the report and the reported content the analysis may take up to five business days)

    It is possible (and you are encouraged) to pay in Bitcoin.

    No personal info needed on signup.

    Very clear Logs policy: No LOGS, no monitoring of your activities, no filter on what is posted. Usenet net neutrality is respected. is a good choice if you want a reliable, no-frills Usenet service ! It's up to you to test it out with 10GB for free (usage is not limited in this period!)

XSNews Review 2020

XSNews is a good quality server.

XSNews offers two different types of packages (Unlimited and block):

Unlimited Monthly - XSNews provides a variety of packages with download speeds starting at 8 Mbit and up to packages offering 800 Mbit. In this review, the ELITE package has been tested (1 Year - € 89.95)

As part of this review we tested the ELITE package on a Fiber connection (Hyperoptic) and throughout the day XSNews always provided us with the full 800M bit!

Block Accounts - All their block accounts offer SSL connections, 1600+ Days Retention and account sharing is allowed. This means that you can share your account with family and friends without extra charge. However Block accounts won't be allowed to post.

XSNews is offering uncensored access to more than 200.000 newsgroups

With a completeness of more than 99,5% you will always be able to download your files!. Our own experience with XSNews is that all files in the retention period are available (1,600+ Days Retention), and complete!. With good NZB Sites and Obfuscated files the highest available completeness is guaranteed .

XSNews doesn’t provide a Newsreader of its own, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Most Usenet providers don’t offer a newsreader of their own. XSNews has recommendations depending on your platform. Momentum is recommended whether you use Windows, macOS, or Linux. Momentum is fast, free and very easy to use.

if you are not sure yet if XSNews is the best fit for you XSNews offers a free trial to test there service yourself!