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☛ If you are looking for the simplest, most efficient solution for accessing and searching for articles on Usenet, try EWEKA. EWEKA offers the best retention and completion rates on the market with no speed limits.

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You can sign up for EWEKA here. If you want a strong all-rounder of a Usenet service, then look no further than this provider. You won’t get any better for speed or completion if you buy Eweka USENET.

☛ This service includes everything:

  • Very high retention with complete article availability on every newsgroup. EVERY binary and text newsgroup on Eweka has 5600+ days of retention, giving you access to BILLIONS of more posts than over USENET providers. Higher the retention period, the easier the finding of the content.

  • Exceptionnal completion rates. During our testing, Eweka delivered comparably high completion rates. I recommend Eweka for anyone that doesn't want to worry about completion. Currently I' m using eweka with a 99% completion which is pretty excellent!.

  • Unlimited downloads with uncapped speeds.

  • Free newsreader with search. Search, preview, and download with a free copy of Newslazer. Full NZB-import functionality is also included.

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Best USENET providers of 2023

Top 10 Usenet Providers for 2023 - at a glance Newshosting - Eweka - Easynews - UsenetServer - Vipernews - UsenetExpress - Newsgroupdirect - TweakNews - Newsdemon - Usenetbucket

What are the best Usenet providers?  

USENET is a wonderful service for finding and downloading files. A major attraction of USENET is the incredible diversity and volume of content that is available. Usenet users love this platform because of the vast amount of anonymity it offers, along with the huge selection of Newsgroups available on it.

The first thing to consider, is signing up with a Usenet provider. If you are downloading files off of Usenet, the most important factors in selecting the best newsgroup server provider are:

  • Cost may be also a factor. Depending on the plans and their benefits, prices will fluctuate. We got some Usenet deals for our readers. Today's best Usenet deal: NGProvider visitors get up to 58% off for life on Newshosting’s Unlimited plan

  • Impressive retention. Retention is the length of time the Usenet server retains the binary files. Some providers offer retention periods of 1,500 days, whereas top Usenet providers have almost 5,400. So the more retention you get, the larger the file archive you can browse through.

  • Multiple locations for servers. Premium Usenet Service Providers have newsgroup servers in the United States and Europe. The closer you are to a server, the faster the connection will be.

Looking for the best Usenet provider ?. NGProvider help you find the best Usenet providers in the US and Europe.

↓↓↓↓ USENET providers listed above provide exceptional service, competitive pricing and we believe everything you would be looking for in a service provider ↓↓↓↓


Newshosting is the best USENET Provider of 2023 since it is the only one that offers USENET and a Newsreader of this high quality.

Access to Usenet: A strong all-rounder of a Usenet service, Newshosting has the largest Usenet archive available from any provider (5,390 Days of Retention and growing), Newshosting offers free 256-bit SSL encryption that ensures your data will never be shared outside (100 SSL connections), Newshosting operates multiple US and European server farms for fast speeds globally (1 server in The Netherlands and 1 in the USA). You can enjoy unlimited Usenet and Newsreader from just $8.33 a month.

➜ Free Newsreader, perfectly adapted to download binary files: NZB, NZBLnk, search engine, updated Newsgroups with headers, automatic search. Newshosting Newsreader fully supports NZB and NZBLnk (NZB Links)

Newshosting also gives a Zero Log VPN service that users can hide behind safely. The VPN is provided by PrivadoVPN.

Why is Newshosting the best Usenet provider in 2023?

Newshosting is the best USENET service provider 2023 because it suits all USENET users whatever their download methods. Whatever you need, Newshosting will work for you!

  1. Downloading files from USENET has never been easier with NewsHosting Newsreader. I'm using Newshosting 3.2.4 to download from USENET indexing sites like NZBGeek - NZBPlanet

  2. There are no limits on speed or data with Newshosting. The unlimited package is trully unlimited. No hidden barriers, NO INVISIBLE CAPS.

  3. Best Usenet retention - Newshosting current offers a FULL binary retention of over 5,390 days and Newshosting is one of the few USENET providers who continue to grow retention daily. 💯 FULL RETENTION - The retention comes with a very high level of completion rate.

  4. Fastest Download Speeds - Newshosting has excellent NNTP connection speeds. Newshosting also gives 100 SSL connections. We have tested the Special Lifetime Discounts on a Fiber connection (Hyperoptic). The speed from which we could download files from all the Newshosting servers (NL Server + US Server) was similar to the maximum speed of our own internet connection, which is 1 GB/s. 

  5.  A provider with a high completion rate will enable you to access almost every article out there.

☆ Today, Newshosting is the leading USENET Access providers in the world. Newshosting offers the best binary retention rates with fast download speed and reliable service ☆.



Eweka is our favourite Dutch Newsgroup provider. Based out of the Netherlands, Eweka is one of the best Usenet providers you can spend your money on. If you need a provider based in The Netherlands then Eweka will be perfect for you!

▶ Eweka is our favourite Dutch USENET Service Provider thanks to:

➜ Free trial (Discount After Trial: 27%): 7 days with with unlimited downloads, unlimited download speeds, and a free newsreader. If you decide to stay on after the trial period, you'll get a 27% lifetime discount automatically applied to your account. START FREE TRIAL

➜ Eweka has the best completion rates in the industry. Eweka is under the NTD-behavioural code and not the DMCA, meaning we were generally able to find posts on their servers not found elsewhere. We also reached the promised completion with each download.

➜ Eweka offers 5,390 days of binary retention (triple that of other Dutch or German USENET Service Providers). It’s also important to note that Eweka’s retention is spooling. Retention is increasing day by day.

Eweka's High-Speed package includes:

  • Unlimited USENET at 1 GB/s for only €7/month if you pay for an annual plan.
  • Eweka operates its own servers. No outsourcing, full idependent newsfeed.
  • Eweka is the leader in binary retention across all European USENET providers.
  • Eweka offers a 7-day free trial for its High-Speed plan. TEST EWEKA
  • Eweka now offers its subscribers the NewsLazer USENET browser absolutely free.

Eweka is our choice for "Best European USENET 2023" based on the level of completion and binary retention rates ☆.



Easynews is the most under-estimated USENET server. Its technical capabilities and its offers are high quality. As a result: their most complete package is more expensive than the average but you get your money's worth. Easynews is for people that want to make the most of USENET !

The most important tool from Easynews is that they offer three ways to access Newsgroups:

Webinterface - Easynews’ web-based USENET 3.0 (includes an NZB search engine, a zip manager and an image viewer) that lets you access the UENET network from your browser using the HTTPS protocol. The web interface is totally ergonomic and easy to use. The search engine on this web interface is the best of all the NZB search engines

Easynews also has unlimited access to Newsgroups in NNTP mode (via newsreader). This is the classic way, with an address and newsreader.

Easynews is also available for tablets and smartphones. Using a web interface on the tablet is amazing. With Easynews, you are able to search and access USENET directly from your mobile device without the need of any third-party software or applications. This can be accomplished by simply logging into your Easynews account from any device with a web browser.


☆ If you really need extremely easy use, signup for Easynews



UsenetServer is one of the best providers you can get. UsenetServer refers to itself as America's #1 Usenet provider. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it has unlimited access with SSL included at $95.40/year with 4,800 days of binary retention. 💯 FULL RETENTION. The retention comes with a very high level of completion rate. It is the best possible price for USENET access at this speed . This pricing makes UsenetServer one leader when it comes to "bang for the buck" in the USENET industry. UsenetServer lets you download everything you need for one simple rate of $95.40/year.

Also, if you prefer to test drive the service first, UsenetServer is offering a 14 day/10 GB free trial for all their plans. ☛ TEST USENETSERVER

UsenetServer has two interesting options:

  1. Global Search 2.0 is an NZB search engine. Practical since the NZB search engines don't search for 4,800 days retention anymore! The internal search engine from UsenetServer lets you search for 4,800 days retention. And to create as many NZB as you need.
  2. A VPN is included for free with the annual package.
☆ Best Cheap USENET Provider ☆. At the price of $95.40 for unlimited use with SSL, UsenetServer is a very good deal.



Vipernews is a Dutch USENET provider, Vipernews is a fully independent and redundant USENET platform. Vipernews is one of the few remaining independent usenet providers. Vipernews is following the NTD take-down regime. Vipernews is one of the cheaper Dutch News Service Providers thanks to: Good all-round service for a low price

Their fair rates based on your connection speed. The price is calculated according to the speed - Unlimited Mbit 3,99 €/monthly or 43,09 €/annually - 50 Mbit 2,99 €/monthly or 32,29 €/annually - 10 Mbit 1,99 €/monthly or 21.24 €/annually.

Usenet packages can be shared. You are allowed to share your account with one friend or family member.

All unlimited USENET plans include a 7-day money-back guarantee ☛ TEST VIPERNEWS

One of the few Usenet providers that accepts anonymous Bitcoin payments for Usenet access.

The advantage of Vipernews is the range of USENET packages. Vipernews offers flatrate and block packages. So Vipernews is good for lots of different kinds of USENET users: Vintages, Veterans, Occasionals and Powers.

We recommend Vipernews if you need a Dutch Newsgroup Service provider to access USENET for a low price with 1,500 days of binary retention and 99%+ completion rates.

While the retention period isn’t the best at 1,500 days. Speed, excellents pricing, and a 99.5% completion rate make Vipernews an excellent option, especially for the European Usenet fan.

☆ Just cheap USENET access all year round ☆



UsenetExpress is a USENET service provider based in the USA. UsenetExpress is classed as a Tier 1 provider, this means they own and provide their own network.

A short overview of UsenetExpress:

  • Server URL is:
  • Retention: 3,000 days.
  • Completion: 99%+. With this high completion rate, UsenetExpress supports more than 110,000 Newsgroups.
  • A full year of access costs only $90
  • Servers: U.S. & Europe
  • Explicitly states that they absolutely do not log.
  • 50 connections by default
  • UsenetExpress members can connect using 256-bit SSL (TLS 1 or 2) at no additional cost
  • Accepts CC, PayPal. Bitcoin, Bank Transfers.
  • Uploading allowed.
  • 30 day free trial (generous). TEST USENETEXPRESS
  • VPN incuded - It is a real advantage to have a VPN since it allows users to have USENET as a primary source for files, but to make use of another network if necessary. In our case, UsenetExpress VPN could be using for torrenting. USENET is better than torrents but the latter can be used if necessary.



Newsgroupdirect has been around for a good number of years and is a well-reputed USENET service provider. Newsgroupdirect is one of the oldest USENET resellers in the industry – Newsgroupdirect is a reseller of UsenetExpress. It is a fast and reliable provider, especially if you are in the USA (Newsgroupdirect offers US and EU servers and provides access to 110,000 newsgroups):

Newsgroupdirect provides a wide range of packages to meet a variety of budgets. Newsgroupdirect has two categories of pricing plans – Unlimited downloads and block downloads (all supporting up to 100 connections). The yearly package is the best you can get at this platform. The yearly package will cost you $75 per year. If you are interested in block accounts then prices range from $5 for 50 GB to $45 for 2000 GB. All block plans permit account-sharing and remain active as long as download is still within plan limit; it does not expire.

The reliable retention of Newsgroupdirect is 3,500+ days for binary Newsgroups. This isn't the biggest retention limit on the market, but nor is it the smallest. This makes Newsgroupdirect a competitive and robust provider in the market. Newsgroupdirect also has a 99.9%+ completion rate.

Newsgroupdirect offers 256 bit SSL encryption with their plans to make user information and downloads secure and anonymous.

Newsgroupdirect doesn’t have its own Newsreader, so you will have to use the third party newsreader with it.

Newsgroupdirect offers a variety of payment solutions which you can use to pay for your subscription. Users can pay via credit cards and PayPal. Newsgroupdirect also accepts payment in Bitcoin.

We recommend Newsgroupdirect as good service and reliable newsgroup access.



Tweaknews is a complete USENET option:

A Dutch provider: EU Based servers are not subject to US DMCA laws. Its location is important: it answers to Dutch jurisdiction, not American. I think you’ll be quite impressed by the completion rate and reliability of their servers.

Tweaknews protected the privacy and rights of their subscribers.

Tweaknews is a Tier-1 provider. They own their network (T1 USP) and therefore their own files.

Good retention: Binary retention now at 4,200 Days! 4,200 days (most usenet Service providers in Europe offer a maximum of 1,500 days retention) lets Tweaknews users search for old indexed files. 💯 FULL RETENTION. It’s also worth mentioning that Tweaknewsn has been consistently increasing their retention over the last few years

Speed: We tested Tweaknews using a Fiber connection (Hyperoptic). We were really impressed by the speeds obtained with 30 connections. I was maxing out at 70 MB/s!. 50 GB should be downloaded in no more than 10 minutes. USENET utilizes your maximum available bandwidth! One of the major benefits of USENET is speed.

Free Newsreader - UsenetWire provides you with a quick and easy way to find the content you’re looking for.

VPN included for free - Tweaknews offers a fast VPN service that can be used to secure your web connections and browser traffic. 

If you are still deliberating, Tweaknews has a free trial offer of 50 GB so you can check and get to know the service. Get a 7 day free trial with 50GB of access with UNLIMITED speeds. After your free trial, a special 42% lifetime discount will automatically be applied to your account.

Thanks to our partnership, NGProvider can offer the exclusive deal of unlimited access (4,200 days retention - 40 connections) plus Newsreader plus VPN for just 9,99 € a month or 89,99 € a year .



Newsdemon is a good quality server. Newsdemon offers two different types of packages (Unlimited and block):

Unlimited Usenet - Newsdemon offers unlimited data and also provides unlimited speed (Billed $60/Year). As part of this review we tested the UNLIMITED package on a Fiber connection (Hyperoptic) and throughout the day Newsdemon always provided us average speed 900Mb on a 1Gb connection

Block Accounts - All their block accounts offer SSL connections and 3,000+ Days Retention.

Newsdemon is offering uncensored access to more than 110.000 newsgroups. With a completeness of more than 99,5% you will always be able to download your files!. Our own experience with Newsdemon is that all files in the retention period are available (3,000+ Days Retention), and complete!. With good NZB Sites and Obfuscated files the highest available completeness is guaranteed .

Newsdemon doesn’t provide a Newsreader of its own, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Most USENET providers don’t offer a newsreader of their own but you can use free Usenet binary downloader such as SABnzbd or NZBGet.



UsenetBucket is a USENET reseller from the backbone BaseIP, which supplies a lot of USENET resellers.  Usenetbucket is one of the best budget Usenet providers in the market

UsenetBucket is one of the best BaseIP resellers for different reasons:

  1. First, they offer the best prices of all BaseIP resellers!!! If you want a Dutch USENET provider (UsenetBucket is based in Holland and uses servers from a Dutch reseller) to complete missing files or to reduce costs then get the cheapest!. And you'll get the same technical characteristics as the other BaseIP resellers.
    And the prices are based on our download speed. The faster it is the more you pay. This goes from €2.95 for the basic Bucket rate (15Mbit/s) to €12.95 for the ultimate Bucket rate at 400 MBit/s.

  2. UsenetBucket is one of the new Usenet providers that can guarantee confidentiality to its members. Usenetbucket has a series of tools to keep you anonymous:
    1. You can use different anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin. Usenetbucket is one of the few Usenet providers that accepts Bitcoin for anonymous payments.
    2. No personal info needed. Just an email address – you can enter a temporary one.
    3. No LOGS are kept, no monitoring of your activities. With UsenetBucket you are sure of USENET network neutrality.
    4. Usenetbucket is based in The Netherlands, a country that respects USENET users' rights.
☆ Great pricing, good retention and the use of the BaseIP backbone makes UsenetBucket a top high quality choice for USENET ☆.