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Newshosting is our top recommended Usenet service provider with great Usenet features. Newshosting offers high speed, a high file retention, unlimited Usenet access with high completion rate and a free newsreader with Usenet search capability.


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Newshosting offers great Usenet features

Newhosting is a very popular USENET provider. There are many reasons to choose Newshosting. When you sign up for Newshosting, you can expect high retention rates, full Usenet newsgroup list, a free Newsreader fully compatible with all types of NZBs, a high completion rate and fast speeds.

Newshosting features

Newshosting High retention rates

☞ Retention means how long the news server keeps articles around before expiring them. Newshosting offers the highest retention period in the industry. Newshosting offers a generous 5,450 days of binary retention period to its users – that means messages are available to you for more a decade!. Newshosting continues growing their binary retention day by day. Text retention period is same as binary retention period.

☞ Newshosting also delivers the highest quality newsgroup retention, a full binary retention:

➜ No low retention: Most and most providers only provide access to recent posts. Some USENET services only offer a 100 day retention rate, so after 100 days you cannot download files any more. It means you will get access to LESS articles. If the retention is too short, you aren't going to be happy.

➜ No retention caching: Some USENET providers have some local article storage and articles outside of their own retention are pulled from a third party backbone.

➜ No popular retention: Many providers intentionally limit their retention. They do not actually keep articles for that long if they are not 'requested' by enough users on their servers in a specific point in time. If they need space, they can delete older files to make room which result in a partial binary retention. Popular retention results in missing articles in the binaries.

Newshosting Uncensored Newsgroups

☞ Newshosting offers access to more than 100,000 newsgroups and their list of uncensored newsgroups is always growing. You'll be able to find all files you're looking for and you can post to a full list of newsgroups. If you find alt.* groups missing, just contact Newshosting and let us know the name of the newsgroup you would like added. 

Newshosting Free Newsreader

☞ These days a Newsreader is absolutely essential. Newshosting offers free Newsreader to its users. Newshosting newsreader is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux users. It is important to note that not many USENET providers come up with their own newsreader. With built-in search and file previewing, you can browse, read, converse and download from USENET. Newshosting newsreader is incredibly easy to use. 

NZB Compatible?: Newshosting is fully compatible with NZB file format and its Newsreader also allow you to open and use the NZB files. Using NZBs definitely makes using Usenet easier and faster. NZB importation ability is very neccessary. NZB imports is an essential feature of Usenet's world. Users can Import NZB files and also Auto Import

Once you have found a NZB that you want to download, simply double click on. You will be presented with a dialogue box that allows you to comfirm and start the download.

If you wish, you can use the NZB auto-import. Setting up NZB auto-import in Newshosting’s client is a simple process. You designate a folder for NZB files which will be periodically monitored by the Newshosting newsreader. Anytime it finds an NZB file in the target folder it will automatically import it into the client. 

Newshosting 2.9.11

Newshosting NZB Compatibility

☞ NZBs are used to find content in the network. NZB files can be found on NZB Index sites. Newshosting Newsreader is supporting all types of NZBs (Obfuscate NZBs). NH Newsreader also supports downloading, rapid deobfuscation and unpacking NZB files with obfuscated contents.

☞ If you prefer to use a newsreader of your choice, Newshosting is also works:

➜ Newshosting can work with Spotnet 2.0

➜ Newshosting can work with NZB downloaders like NzbGet or Sabnzbd.

➜ Newshosting can work with automation tools like Sonarr, Radarr and Couchpotato

➜ Newshosting can work with Plex Media Server

Newshosting Completion

I have always good completion rates with Newshosting.

☞ The completeness of the binary groups is important. Newsgroup completion is the number of articles and files that a certain USENET server will have compared to the number of articles and files available.

☞ Stealth version of USENET improves completion rates. Stealth USENET is a more complete version of USENET. In Usenet-speak, Stealth means 'Obfuscated Usenet'.

What is obfuscated Usenet?: Many files posted to USENET nowadays have obfuscated file names. This creates a layer of protection between the content itself and unintended recipients. Obfuscation is a great way to hide content.

With Newshosting and Stealth version of Usenet we have experienced almost no issues with completion.

Newshosting Unlimited speed

☞ Newshosting offers great download speeds. Newshosting has servers in the USA and the Netherlands. Which means you will get the highest speed if you are from Europe or America. Newshosting offers very fast and very stable speeds. I never have speed issues. We averaged 55 MB/s speeds with NH Newsreader.


☞ There is also no Download limit. Newshosting also does not throttle, cap, or limit download amounts. Some USENET providers place certain limits on your usage. With Newshosting you get unlimited data transfer.

So, in summary, Newshosting can only be highly recommended