Guide to the Usenet for Noobs

Usenet is an excellent place for finding, sharing and downloading files. Currently, Usenet is the best platform for file sharing out there. More and more people discover the advantages of using Usenet. Usenet has a lot of possibilities that you can discover:

Usenet is a great source to download files. Usenet providers store petabytes (that’s millions of gigabytes) of data and files which anyone can download.

It's secure and (almost) anonymous. Usenet providers use SSL encryption. High anonymity since there are No Logs, no monitoring and SSL comes for free.

Usenet is known for its extremely high speed: Usenet uses the full bandwidth of your internet connection.

Downloading files on Usenet is extremely easy. It is possible to download files by just a single click. Downloading from Usenet today is easier than ever before.

To get started with Usenet, the first thing you need is a reliable Usenet service provider. Choosing the right Usenet provider is key to having a positive experience.

So many people make the mistake of finding the cheapest Usenet plan and then don't understand why the files aren't complete or why unlimited plans have restrictions (fair use policy)

The ideal Usenet provider is the one who offers:

SSL encryption.

A good number of connections (30+).

Impressive retention. Retention is the length of time the Usenet server retains the binary files. Some providers have only 100 day retention, whereas top Usenet providers have almost 4,200.

Unlimited traffic. Some Usenet providers have 'invisible cap' to unlimited plans, avoid them.

Multiple locations for servers. Premium Usenet Service Providers have newsgroup servers in the United States and Europe. The closer you are to a server, the faster the connection will be.

Free newsreader - Most Usenet providers also offer their own newsreader client to their users. 

Good price - Usenet is not available for free – thankfully – since payment has allowed the development of a very interesting network.

Newshosting – Best Usenet provider for beginners

For the best Usenet Experience we recommend Newshosting. Newshosting is a popular Usenet solution that is ideal for those who don’t have previous experience with Usenet:

Newshosting offers the highest retention in the industry which exceeds 4,200+ days. Most companies are still offering 1,500 or less and some are still limited to 100…or even 10 days.

Unlimited Downloads + Uncapped speeds.

Newshosting has servers in the USA and Europe so you can expect high speed.

Free newsreader with integrated search. NH newsreader is a nice option, especially for beginners.

If you are new to Usenet you can also get a free trial and see if it fits you.

Newshosting does not keep any logs of your download activity when connected to their Usenet servers.

Free zero-log VPN account

The next thing you’ll need is a newsreader. A newsreader is a standard application for downloading files directly from newsgroups.

I've been using Newshosting for years and Newshosting provides their users a free Newsreader client so the rest of the tutorial will assume you’ve chosen them. In case you decide to use a Newsreader rather than the one offered by Newshosting, see our Usenet newsreader software recommendations.

Once you've signed up for any of Newshosting's Usenet access plans, you'll get an email with the link to download a free copy (Mac, Windows or Linux versions all available) of their Newsreader. You can also download a copy through your Newshosting account control panel. There is nothing to configure (Pre-configured with your connection information on Newshosting) — just login and begin your Usenet experience.

Newshosting Newsreader 2.8.10

That's it! Now just leave Newshosting's newsreader running, and we'll start to explore Usenet. 

NZBGeek - NZB for everyone (not just geeks)

In order to download movies through Usenet, you will need NZB Sites. NZB Sites usenet Indexers keep a large database of NZB files and makes them easily searchable. NZB files contain no actual files, only information about where and from whom to download the files. 

TIP: Every indexer has a different database, so it is good to have more than one. For beginners, we recommend NZBGeek

It’s a very reliable index and it has never let me down.  It offers a premium account that is more than enough for most users for 10$/year.

NZBGeek is one of the more popular hand indexes. Hand indexes are, as the name suggests, easier to use as they have already been sorted and often categorized to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Many files are posted to Usenet with "Scrambled" & "Obfuscated" names. These obfuscated files can only be accessed via the use of a Usenet indexer like NZBGeek. Only paid indexers can unscramble Usenet’s hidden files.

In the tutorial below, I’ll be showing you how to grab your NZB File from NZBGeek

Search for content on NZBGeek

search nzbgeek

Download an NZB file - Click the cloud icon to start your NZB download. cloud icon

Now you can give this NZB file you have to Newshosting Newsreader and it will download everything automatically, and even decompress and repair it when needed.

Newshosting newsreader obfuscated files

As you can see above, the video files are downloading at a speed of 39 MB/s which is 312 Mbps. NZB files make accessing files on Usenet extremely easy. Usenet is private, secure, and as fast as your broadband connection can handle.