UsenetServer review

USENETSERVER review 2023

UsenetServer offers a comprehensive USENET solution. Simple and straightforward. UsenetServer Free Trial + Low-priced Unlimited packages + Premium service features.

UsenetServer Features

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Corporate offices
based in US
Tier-1 Provider
Unlimited downloads. Their unlimited plan does not have a transfer limit, nor does it have a speed limit.
$14.95/month or $95.40/year
Free Trial
Maximum download speed
No speed caps
SSL Connections
99 %
Servers in both the US and Europe
NNTP Retention
5,480 days
Shared account


UsenetServer gives you the opportunity to try out their service, a 14 day - 10 GB free Usenet trial. This way you can check out and decide if you want to stay with one of the top Usenet provider.


After the trial period, you'll receive same benefits as the plan chosen for the trial + Unlimited Download. The deals of UsenerServer are very good: 14.95 dollars for monthly service or 95.40 dollars for yearly service. The price breaks down to a bargain amount of 7.95 dollars every month if you opt for the yearly package. 

One year at only $95.40 which comes out to $7.95 per month. Compared to its competitors, UsenetServer is miles ahead with this newsgroup offer.

Best Unlimited Newsgroup Deal

UsenetServer is the better way to get cheap Unlimited USENET access. UsenetServer offers three packages for their customers to choose from. The packages are based on the duration of subscription. The final and the best plan is their 12 month subscription. The price comes out for the lifetime of your account.

One year at only $95.40 which comes out to $7.95 per month - Save 60%

UsenetServer Usernet plans

Prices: Choose a yearly UsenetServer subscription for discounts ☛ GET USENETSERVER DISCOUNT ☚

A Premium Newsgroup Access

UsenetServer is a popular Usenet provider. UsenetServer offers a fast, secure service for one of the best prices on the market. UsenetServer offers not only a low cost access to USENET but also a very high quality of service. UsenetServer has lots of advantages including:

☞ Direct Tier-1 USENET access

UsenetServer is a US based Tier 1 USENET service provider. UsenetServer owns 100% of their servers based out of the United States and Europe. When you connect to their servers, you’re plugged directly into their backbone which includes multiple redundant server farms throughout North America and Europe as well as a massive, multi-petabyte newsfeed.

☞ High Retention

Every day, a huge amount of data being added to Usenet servers. In fact, there is so much new data that it can't all be stored forever. On each Usenet server the Newsmaster will determine the retention. Binary retention is the duration for which files are available on servers, after being uploaded.

UsenetServer offers 5,480 days of binary retention, with over 100,000 discussion Newsgroups. Nobody offers more retention. That means UsenetServer subscribers can access binaries that were added to USENET newsgroups up to 15 years ago. UsenetServer offers full speed delivery of even the oldest articles. Full Binary Retention is across all newsgroups (text and binary newsgroups).

It’s also important to note that UsenetServer’s retention is spooling. UsenetServer also increases their retention every single day. Additional storage is also regularly added to grow retention day by day so no articles are expired from their servers.

☞ Speed

Speed is one of the most key features you should look for in a Usenet service. Usenet uses a client and server architecture. So Usenet downloads maintain a consistent download speed.

The 2 server locations ( USA – NL ), with up to 1GB/s download speeds, from UsenetServer will let you use the maximum of your bandwidth. Although you only get up to 20 connections with your account, this should be plenty for most users to utilize their full ISP bandwidth. 

For users with good Internet speeds, the server location is the most important aspect. You might get faster download speeds from a server that is geographically closer to you. To deliver your Usenet content quickly, server farms are located in the US and Europe with a secure network backbone. 

Another important aspect is simultaneous connections. To get the fastest connection possible, only use as many connections as necessary to maximize your bandwidth. The default number of connections is 10. UsenetServer delivers unlimited data access with 20 concurrent SSL connections.

We tested UsenetServer via Hyperoptic 1Gb Fibre Connection, the highest-speed available in the UK. Speeds were excellent as well, we were consistently able to download binaries at 800Mbps.

☞ Completion

Completion is an important factor to consider. Completeness is the number of articles and files that a certain Usenet server will have compared to the number of articles and files available.

UsenetServer is based in the USA and follows DMCA notice. However we were impressed with UsenetServer’s high completion rates. Its completion level for the most recent posts is very good. I never had any completion issues with them. The combination of UsenetServer with good NZB sites and/or automation tools will give you very high completion. The best way to improve article completion is by using download automation tools. Automation tools allow users to grab binary article sets as soon as they are posted to a newsgroup. Skip the stress of incomplete transfers, files are automatically downloaded. UsenetServer is compatible with all popular Usenet automation apps: Sonarr, Radarr, CouchPotato, Watcher and SickRage.

☞ Security and privacy 

UsenetServer provides encrypted connections using 256-bit SSL (latest SSL encryption technology), preventing your ISP from seeing what newsgroups and articles you are viewing.

UsenetServer does not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from or what you put in news articles that you post.

However UsenetServer doesn’t offer Bitcoin as a payment option. Only a few Usenet providers accept Bitcoin.

UsenetServer has some other appealing features:

☞ NZB search engine

One special feature of UsenetServer is the “global search”. UsenetServer uses Global Search, an NZB search engine similar to Binsearch - with excellent results. Global Search feature is a nice addition. The service actually allows you to search all the binary newsgroups across their full range of binary retention, and find binaries, generate NZBs and download them with the Newsreader of your choice. UsenetServer doesn’t have its own Newsreader but you can use free Usenet binary downloader such as SABnzbd or NZBGet. We recommend SABnzbd, a free option that runs in your browser and is easy to set up.

UsenetServer’s Global Search allows users to quickly and easily search the binary newsgroups for articles that match their search keyword criteria, select the desired results and then generate a custom NZB file to download the binary articles. With Global Search, you can also filter articles by post age, post date and poster name. UsenetServer’s Global Search is available to all UsenetServer users.

☞ Zero-log VPN

The VPN is included free with the yearly plan. The VPN that you get is PrivadoVPN, which has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV, and Android TV. PrivadoVPN gives you the ability to protect your computer and users identity while online by giving you a new anonymous IP address. It also protects you while using Wi-Fi hotspots.

Frequently Asked Questions for UsenetServer

  • Is UsenetServer The Best ?

UsenetServer is one of the biggest names in Usenet. UsenetServer is definitely one of the best providers out there. I've been using UsenetServer for years, and I found that their connections are reliable.

  • UsenetServer - $7.95/mo Special Discount - A Good Choice?

With high retention, multiple server locations, 99% completion rates, and Unlimited access, UsenetServer is a premium service at $7.95/mo - Special Discount.

  • Is UsenetServer safe to use?

When it comes to privacy concerns, UsenetServer is a reliable choice. Here are the reasons why:

  1. You have the option to encrypt your connection with 256-bit SSL. This is the same encryption used on online banking sites or by payment processors such as Paypal, so this provides you with pretty strong protection.

  2. No logs of what users download are being kept.

  3. Based on how Usenet is structured, Usenet is very safe to use.

  • How to Setup SABnzbd with Usenetserver?

UsenetServer doesn’t have its own newsreader software, so you’ll need to source your own. Popular free options include SABnzbd and NZBGet. UsenetServer works well with SABnzbd. Sabnzbd is very simple to use. In these guides, you’ll be able to start using SABnzbd with UsenetServer.

If you are looking for the Usenet Server settings for SabNzbd, here they are: on the following ports 443 or 563. Usenetserver has some alternative server options: and . The same ports will apply to these servers. Enter those information into your newsreader and you’re ready to go!.

  • Alternative to UsenetServer?

A very similar service that I would also rate as one of the top Usenet providers is Newshosting. The most significant difference is that Newshosting is pricier ($8.33/mo), but you do get a free full-featured Usenet client.

UsenetServer Quick Summary

  • Price: Special discount package for NGPro visitors - $7.95 per month (60% off regular price)

  • 14-day free trial

  • 5,480+ days retention

  • 99% completion

  • Tier-1 Usenet backbone

  • US and EU servers

  • Unlimited downloads

  • No block packages are available

  • Unlimited speed

  • Multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers

  • 20 concurrent SSL connections

  • 256-bit SSL encryption

  • Free Global Search function

  • 110,000 global discussion groups

  • Zero-log VPN

  • UsenetServer accepts credit card and PayPal, but not bitcoin or other third-party payment gateways.

  • UsenetServer offers 24/7 customer support via email

UsenetServer Usenet review

Conclusion: Final words on UsenetServer

USENETSERVER - THE EASIEST USENET PROVIDER? With their competitive pricing and fast speeds, unlimited access, great retention and unique features and services (Usenet search + VPN), it is easy to see why UsenetServer would be a top choice for all users. If you are not convinced yet, UsenetServer will offer you a 14 day/10 GB free trial.