ExtremeUsenet - Dutch Usenet option recommended

ExtremeUsenet is a Dutch usenet provider offering high quality usenet with excellent service!

ExtremeUsenet Features


Corporate offices
based in Holland
Tier-1 Provider
Base IP
Unlimited downloads
Start from 4 €/month
Free Trial
Maximum download speed
300 Mbit
SSL Connections
99 %
Server farms in the Netherlands
NNTP Retention
1,500 days
Shared account
Yes (Account sharing is available on all packages)

Extremeusenet is a Dutch-based Usenet provider

ExtremeUsenet is located in Holland and uses Dutch Usenet servers (BaseIP reseller - NL backend company). Security and online privacy are very respected in The Netherlands. There are many BaseIP resellers, most of them low cost. ExtremeUsenet is not the least expensive but its Usenet access works reasonably well with a good level of technical support. ExtremeUsenet seems not to have any obvious flaws: the speed matches the price, the binary retention is as promised and the support up to standard. Their team have created a good service and the rates are similar to other Usenet Low Cost services (bargain price, but acceptable quality).

ExtremeUsenet will be useful for many different kinds of Usenet users:

For just Usenet access - ExtremeUsenet is a TOP choice if just unlimited Usenet (No add-ons - No extra features) is your top priority, then a Dutch location can be beneficial. Dutch users can easily configure SpotNet 2.0 with ExtremeUsenet.

Access Usenet at low cost - ExtremeUsenet offers unlimited Usenet access as low as 4€/Month !. Their price plans are based on your linespeed, so you never pay for stuff you don't need!. What’s more you can reduce the cost:

Take out a longer subscription - more than a month. Best of all is a yearly subscription. Annual subscriptions that cost less than 12 consecutive months.

All plans offered by ExtremeUsenet can be shared, reducing the price. You can use the account from multiple IP addresses, but you can’t exceed the maximum number of simultaneous connections. If the maximum number of connections if 8, you and your buddy each get to use 4.

Discount Plans: ExtremeUsenet also offer an unusual package (Discount Packages) which offers access at certain times (The time options are: 0:00 to 12:00, or 02:00 to 14:00, or 04:00 to 16:00, with GMT+1.) with significant reductions: 12MB at only €2.50 !

ExtremeUsenet Usenet review

ExtremeUsenet Alternatives

Other Usenet providers based in Europe which are good alternatives to ExtremeUsenet are:

  • Eweka: For a similar price you get much higher retention rates, Speeds up to 300 Mbit/s and a free trial (Unlimited downloads over 7 days). Eweka payment options include PayPal